Coraline Pitch Meeting
Pitch Meeting for Animated film Coraline

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Get into the spooky Halloween season with the Pitch Meeting that started Coraline! Subscribe for more Pitch Meetings: Caroline is the perfect movie for children. If your children enjoy movies where terrifying spider-needle-ladies want to rip your eyes out and replace them with buttons-- then trap your soul in their evil magic realm for so long you forget who you are. In terms of kids movies, Coraline is pretty much at the top of the list of the creepiest out there. So how did the movie come to be? Why is it is so weird and creepy? What’s up with Other Mother agreeing to vague plot device games? Or creating entities that have free will and an understanding of good and evil? To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to the hit stop-motion animation feature Coraline! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience. Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: The Emoji Movie Pitch Meeting Avengers: Infinity War Pitch Meeting Our Social Media: Our Website


JT 91 : Who knows how many eyes humans have? *Biologists*

hegmonster : 3:13 New Favorite line: "Oh, why are you like this!?"

adoredpariah : Ryan - **Stares in open mouthed horror** Other Ryan - "Did you hear what I said?"

Nick Craig : "...Anyway her parents have buttons sewn into their eyes..." *The moment he realizes that he just greenlit a horror film disguised as a family-children's movie*

Nyshyn : This movie seriously messed me up as a kid, couldn't sleep in my own bed for a month. Perfect timing because my mom had just decided to take on the night shift 😣

Erik Bearman : Is it hard to see with buttons for eyes? Actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience!

Kidlike101 : Cindy, The real victim here.

Noah Blatt : I always assumed that Other Father and Other Wybie rebeled because they were staying true to their prime function. Other Father was created to love Coraline and Other Wybie was created to be her friend.

Tamera Farly : My nephew is 6 and he loves watching this movie at my house. So, I brought him his own copy to take home and later that day my sister called me and said: "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Utkarsh Aryan : 4:07 at this moment I would have called Security

Chris Waugh : Holy sh!t this was hysterical! These Pitch Meetings keep getting better and better! I wonder if it's difficult... Or perhaps...

Becky The Epic Nerd : 4:08 perfectly sums up how I felt watching this movie at the age of 8. I couldn't sleep for a while...

Angelita Ellison : OMG I started watching this movie with my son at a public event in a library. He had to leave the room and has never seen the entire film. It is a horrifying movie for kids.

Weird Sh#t : I watched this alone when I was 5....... *wasn’t the best experience*

Nepo Nepo : These guys are productive. They've written and produced sooooo many movies together they make it look super easy, barely an inconvenience.

danteelite : You should totally do one for How I Met Your Mother lol Great show, but crazy premise and loads of stuff that seems insane or makes no sense lol especially the ending.

Jacob Triplett : So I've just recently found these. This one is by far my favorite so far. It had me dying.

Tridib Banerjee : who's to say how many eyeballs humans have? - LMAO

HALO20601 : In the words of Nostalgia Critic. "A Family Picture."

Li ThePear : do a pitch for GRAVITY FALLS!!!!

My Mila Lyf Lala : nemo, dory, moana, sharks tale, bugs life

Emily Geier : Who’s to say how many eyes humans have? Biologists. No one knows...

Big Bang Theory bro 333 : where's the pitch meeting for shrek and bee movie

Keyan Stoney : This movie actually scared me but I couldn’t stop watching. Also can you do more where the head of the studio gets scared or reacts

Herowebcomics : This was so fun! And shockingly accurate!

Samuel The Wannabe : Do a doctor who pitch meeting!

aya weil : I still have nightmares from this movie👁⚫️

Astoria : I remember walking in to the movie theater with my mom, both of us thinking it was gonna be a sweet innocent child movie.....we were wrong

Mystical Keyblade : Ryan: talking cats are tight! Me: Me: Ryan, are you into bagging kitties?

Ari H. : I love this! I laughed so hard 😆

Devin Gallagher : I absolutely love Coraline and even I have to admit this was pretty spot on

Lady Yaya : "Ooooh, why are you like this?" 😂😭💀

Krysten55 : Omg. Ryan's reaction to Ryan explaining to him about the Other Mother turning into a giant spider and chasing Coraline... XD

Eden : Pleas do a pitch meeting for Rango! I never understood that movie.

iskander Vigoa : "daddy is gonna call u back, ok cindy?"😂😂😂😂😂

jamesedjones : Absolutely love it when the producer plays the voice of reason in these.


Kino : The lack of lack of inconvinece is inconvenient for my enjoyment

ThisRComics : hey make one of this about the teenage mutant ninja turtles pitch

Talos o : now that i looked back at this movie,this was my reaction the whole time: “th-th-this is a kids movie?”

Papillon Effect : The left one song in. I have the soundtrack, it's only one that's not ambiance. I figured "Other Father Song" was like an Easter egg. I didn't realize TMBG made a whole soundtrack that got lost.

David Mackay : Is this the actual pitch? It sounds legit

Holly Eaton : Do a pitch meeting for Blade Runner 2049!

Him With The Hair : Been watching a lot of these and was thinking how tiring it must be to keep making the same jokes all the time, even if they're still funny, but then I realized it's super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Jacob Fly Heppner : Do a picth meeting for venom

Veronica Sawyer : Can you do Heathers pitch meeting

Bruce Simmons : OMG, the funniest one you've done to date! It so helps if you have not seen the movie... almost spewed my coffee all over the place.

TRAM PHAN : Lol Can you make a pitch meeting on YouTube