Coraline Pitch Meeting

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Elliott the Animator : It’s weird how believable it is that they’re two different people but are technically the same, just feels like he’s not alone in these lol

Random Person : "talking cats are tight" Ryan, I didn't knew you were into that.

Nyshyn : This movie seriously messed me up as a kid, couldn't sleep in my own bed for a month. Perfect timing because my mom had just decided to take on the night shift 😣

Jacob Fly Heppner : Do a picth meeting for venom

Erik Bearman : Is it hard to see with buttons for eyes? Actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience!

Tridib Banerjee : who's to say how many eyeballs humans have? - LMAO

Nick Craig : "...Anyway her parents have buttons sewn into their eyes..." *The moment he realizes that he just greenlit a horror film disguised as a family-children's movie*

EclecticPkm : Please Pitch *Taken Series*

Mostafa Khaled : Ryan can you make a pitch meeting for "Pitch Meeting"?

Jayden Marvel : 4:07 that reaction is priceless

JT 91 : Who knows how many eyes humans have? *Biologists*

Darck Clay : I remember watching this movie as a kid and later as a teen... Both times I was terrified af!

Talos o : now that i looked back at this movie,this was my reaction the whole time: “th-th-this is a kids movie?”

Tamera Farly : My nephew is 6 and he loves watching this movie at my house. So, I brought him his own copy to take home and later that day my sister called me and said: "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Jamie Rawson : "what sort of horrible things happened to you as a kid" no no no it's what sort of horrible things happened to Neil gaiman as a kid.

iskander Vigoa : "daddy is gonna call u back, ok cindy?"😂😂😂😂😂

Random Guy : 1.Pitch Meeting 2.Honest Trailers 3.Hishe 4.Cinemasins 5.ArtSpear Entertainment Can i get a ❤ ScreenRant

Jorge Blancarte : This movie frickin scared me

TT27 : Unexpected one this is

Becky The Epic Nerd : 4:08 perfectly sums up how I felt watching this movie at the age of 8. I couldn't sleep for a while...

Chris Waugh : Holy sh!t this was hysterical! These Pitch Meetings keep getting better and better! I wonder if it's difficult... Or perhaps...

Shadowfox HD : Can you do a jumanji and jumanji welcome to the jungle pitch meeting please That would be tight!

FqrGaming : Tbh I was expecting Venom pitch meeting

Chapstick's Gummy Leach : I honestly didn't care about being first I love Coraline so I clicked

adoredpariah : Ryan - **Stares in open mouthed horror** Other Ryan - "Did you hear what I said?"

Philips Rhoguns : The Xmen franchise Make pitches with them

Nikki M. Solis : 3:42 "Super easy, barely an inconvenience."


Jayden Marvel : Talking cats are TIGHT

ThisRComics : hey make one of this about the teenage mutant ninja turtles pitch

Soul of Death24 : Venom pitch meeting let's gooooooo!!!!!

NinjaBearFilms : Please do the Highlander Franchise. It would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Nova LiThePear : do a pitch for GRAVITY FALLS!!!!

Rachie And The Waves : 0:20 Well, there goes my head-canon of Film Executive Guy and Screenwriter Guy being married

The Gaming Water blaster : Do a Riverdale pitch meeting please

Veronica Sawyer : Can you do Heathers pitch meeting

Anything. Lucy : Could you do the Brave Little Toaster please?

aya weil : I still have nightmares from this movie👁⚫️

Combat King 0 : 3:22 - "If you find our eyes, you'll free arseholes."

Kevin Black : Ryan: Hey, daddy's gonna be making a kids movie. Also ryan: the parents are gonna have buttons for eyes Also ryan: Im gonna have to call you back Lol, and I thought you were gonna be predictable this time. Glad Im wrong 😂😂😂

ricky spanish : Coraline is Tyte! Hold on that doesn't sound right

Ari H. : I love this! I laughed so hard 😆

Spencer Runion : I imagine it would be difficult to work in the phrase "super easy; barely an inconvenience" into every episode.

Kidlike101 : Cindy, The real victim here.

Jake Jacoby : First.

Big Bang Theory bro 333 : where's the pitch meeting for shrek and bee movie

Francis Pineda : Dang, the fact that they made a Pitch Meeting about Coraline is so random

Angelita Ellison : OMG I started watching this movie with my son at a public event in a library. He had to leave the room and has never seen the entire film. It is a horrifying movie for kids.

hegmonster : 3:13 New Favorite line: "Oh, why are you like this!?"

HALO20601 : In the words of Nostalgia Critic. "A Family Picture."