Hardcore Anal Hydrogen "Jean-Pierre" (2018, Apathia Records)

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Order "Hypercut" : http://apathia.link/hah Bandcamp : https://hardcoreanalhydrogen.bandcamp.com/album/hypercut « A gigantic piece of art here to mess with what’s left of your brain after an afternoon at the mall with the kids. » Video created with artificial intelligence images by neural style transfert + optical flow and Deep dream. Read more about it : http://hardcoreanalhydrogen.com/video-et-intelligence-artificielle Hardcore Anal Hydrogen : Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hardcoreanalhydrogen Twitter : https://twitter.com/hardcoreanal Apathia Records : Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ApathiaRecords Website : http://www.apathiarecords.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/apathiarecords Twitter : https://twitter.com/ApathiaRecords

Comments from Youtube

Vazgen Khachaturian : should have let the AI write the music as well

Snowdrop_ : my favourite is that weird part

U FUKIN WOT M8 : Is this what torturing a Korean child sounds like?

2guys1tv : hein ?

Daztan el mago : CONCHESUMADRE pal pico :O

My Stupid Opinion : Damn... if this is what it’s really like on drugs, I may have to finally partake!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Abel Gray : Reminds me of Melt Banana

Антонио Максимович : Под кислотой это будет очушенно, главное не загнаться случайно:))

Meaches Peaches : this is what happens when we let AI write music. they're gonna wipe us out maaaaan

lgtwzrd : If Artificial Intelligence is THAT angry already, I don't want to know what will happen when it becomes self aware.

d-prim : This is the best thing that happened in 2018. Out of all things in general.

JamLpOtHeAd : FAaaaaaaaaaaK! :O <3

The Game Bros with Sirhc and Ar0n : Thanks HAH, now we don't need to try LSD because you've shown us what it would be like :P

ofsinope : Amazing.

Doug Gale : Set the playback quality to maximum, the video quality is excellent.

Lucie : Voilà un clip qu'il est bien

Cary Friedman : Nice Melody. Kind of hard to slow dance to.. but maybe its just me.

DrooL : So, the guy who edited this, any word?

Frantz Balinski : J'ai juste regardé les images sans le son (désolé, mais le hard/trash/metal c'est pas vraiment ce que j'écoute... mais bon, bref ! C'est pas grave). Cette vidéo est à tomber le cul par terre. L'outil utilisé (IA) est hallucinant, même si ça demande vraiment une grosse config de ouf en matos (j'ai lu la page web associée). o_O <( _J'en veux encore !_ ) En tout cas, ça m'a inspiré aussi, je me demande ce qu'on pourrait obtenir avec des parties des tableaux de Jérôme Bosch en guise de motif. Vu que ses peintures sont déjà bien tripantes... ça devrait donner des résultats assez dingue.

James M : Did he say "Pew pew pew p pew" or "Pew p p p pew pew" in the second line? I need to no this or else I can't put the rest of the song into context.

Boris B : Best solo ever, best french experimental band ever!

kermheat : Parfait & Perfect !!!!

Sinkadus : Sounds like Dodonpachi true last boss theme

Маленький Кит : Mum, I don't think that it was flour...

jankinflames : it's almost like there is a touch of jean michel jarre in the second half of this tune... gr8 artjob!

TommyKnow : Probably the best use of style transfer I've seen yet. Would be interested to know your process, and how you separated the background and foreground

DevilMan1977 : He sounds kind of like the chick from Melt Banana! Lol

ssd 3d works : joli rendu ^^, son de cochon, c'est cool faut continuer de bourrer

ofsinope : Post lyrics please

My Stupid Opinion : 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻

Josh Hall : single greatest thing ever made!

MecTb KpeBeTku : Годноту завезли наконец-то. Лойс кто с БТ

mc_ChiNook_BeliAl : Shiiiiiiiit

David Elderkin : will you be doing anymore AI music videos? I loved this!!

SUICIDAL SUICIDAL : Droooooooooooooooogue !

Lone Wolf : A SCANNER DARKLY......

Conqueror Worm : worship the glitch

Lee Mason : This is a masterpiece. No two ways about it.

Guy Simple : Just got a flashback from a recent trip.

Nicolas frax : jvous aime comme gotainer c'est dire si cest de l'amour

Lockheed Lee : No more ACID. I think I'm having a bad trip

CharliFight : Mais oui c'est clair!

DolbFAG : AI is love, AI is love

DEAD PSYCHOS : Best video!!!

Miklós Sörös : Gratulálok! Újszerű, izgalmas, profi!

Gurux Music : Very original, I love it

jboyce1976 : This is amazing

Prophet Zarquon : The vocals sound more like Hardcore Anal _Helium._

DevilMan1977 : Super fun effects for the video! The singer sounds like he's been taking lessons from Melt Banana which I'm ok with. Something about this also reminds me of Vein