End of Band of Brothers
Ending to One of the Greatest Shows Ever

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440,000+ views. thank you all who have viewed, commented, and rated. your support for these and all those who serve in the military means more then anyone can imagine. This is the end of band of brothers. Including the interviews with the veterans that the story follows. This video contains copyright material that is being used under the FAIR USE provisions of International Law. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.


Shannon : "I cherish the memories of a question my grandson asked me the other day when he said, 'Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" Me: "Don't cry...." "...Grandpa said 'No… but I served in a company of heroes." Me: *Cries alot*

John Smith : They're all leaving us now. This great generation. They will be missed.

BlazeiFreakZ : Grandson: "Grandpa were you a hero in the war?" Grandpa said "NO, but I served in a company of heroes."

TheSysifos : 1 year ago we lost William Guarnere, may he rest in peace.

Leon Delvechio Ramirez : Bull looks like a badass with that cigar

BPG Productions : RIP to those who left us recently: Frank Perconte Earl "One Lung " McClung Edward "Babe" Heffron

Taylor Ahern : Thank you Easy Company, thank you. You band of brothers, you noble heroes. Thank you.

Karma Chamelion : My grandfather, now 94 and strong as can be, tells me stories often about the war...The main lesson to be learned is that nothing like it should ever happen again.

protacio juanito Corate : The best of the best war movies I have seen.  I salute you all Band of Brothers !  God bless you all.  I was a baby during the war.

Wayne Jones : Magnificent. The ending is magnificent as well. 

JamesDeanFifties : Amazing... The last quote from Winters (Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" Grandpa said: "No... but I served in a company of heroes." was very strong and truthful. And the last scene is also "the final chapter of the heroes"... We'll remember them - forever. One of the best series ever!

Gene G : How can you not like this?  These men were indeed the greatest generation

Martin Latour : Such an amazing series. I watch it at least once a year. Winters' closing sentence always gets me. Truly a company of heroes. RIP to all who have served and fallen during the biggest of wars. 

metalrulesforrever : man i kind of find this sad though i should be happy for them going home. i just feel like how after seeing and doing what they did in the war how do you come back from that? it must be really hard. i find even more saddened that all the world war 2 vets will die in my lifetime. i hope we start realizing that the greatest generation will disappear so we must learn their stories and learn the lessons from them. 

Bjørn Gjøvik : I still remember the first time I saw the first episode... I saw the first episode late one evening, and didn`t stop until I had seen all the episodes during that night. This series is a brilliant piece of movie history I think, and I consider it as the very best ever produced. I cried many times, and this movie left me with an enormous respect for those who fought during those times. My grandfather was a saboteur in Norway during WW2, but I didn`t know about it until 2008 when my grandmother whispered in my ear, and said that he didn`t like that I talked to much about WW2. It turns out that he been captured by the germans late 1944 and sent to a camp in Norway and was tortured and held captive under pretty tough conditions, as you might imagine. He is now 95 years old, sitting in his retirement home with grandma, both pretty healthy and totally clear. I later took a chance, and asked him if he was willing to talk a littlebit about his experience and contribution. He said he had to think about it, because he wasn`t sure if he was able to it. He had seen too much, he said.. I did ask my grandma too, and she has told me more and more through the years. Also about my grandpa`s part of the war, and several times we have shed tears. All of this has made extremely proud of my grandparents, but also given me a better understanding of what they did and the sacfices they made. Not just them but everyone who participated in WW2. I owe it to this series.. It is something very special this series..

Ray Dziadzio : Major Winters was s great man and Band of Brothers were the best stories about a fantastic group men.

LazyScoutJace : That last quote... :'|

Melvin Leppla : I served twenty years in the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman. I still to this day remember each and every Marine I had the privilege of serving with and meeting. I may have forgotten some of their names, but never their faces and the moments we all shared as a unit. It is an unbreakable bond that is only broken by death. I'm almost 58 years old, and it still brings tears to my eyes and my heart yearns to be with my brothers again, even for just a moment. These proud gentlemen couldn't have said it any more eloquently.

Robert Parry : for those who dont know Bill Guarnere died 8th of march this year. RIP Wild Bill

Defias Bandit : I remember when I was young and listened to all the stories my old grandad used to tell me about the war, he was a Spitfire pilot for the RAF. I used to look at all his medals and letters he had, including some Egyptian photos of his Dad as an Officer during WW1.  The ending of band of brothers always upset me, in a nice way, as I always thought that's how my grandad was like with his friends. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to joined the Armed Forces because of a deaf ear (i was absolutely gutted), but i have incredible respect for all Armed Forces and jealousy of the kinships they create. 

Ollie : This made me cry :,)

Krpa : Grandpa,were u a hero in war? Grandpa said no,but i served in conpany of heroes. Only a real hero speak that way. 

KingJericho : "Grandpa, were you a hero of war?" "No, because I served in a company of heroes" These brave men shall be remembered for their valiant service to the world

theriotmaker27 : I wish i could personally thank all of these guys for there sacrifices, forget athletes forget celebrities, these guys are the real heroes.

sk8cynic : RIP Wild Bill Guarnere, who died this past Saturday (March 8, 2014), Babe Heffron (December 1, 2013), and Frank Perconte (October 24, 2013).

Hjd Jjk : A really touching end to what was one of the best mini-series I ever watched...

Ted Hoeborn : God bless all those men. But I can't help but think that so many of them still around today see what we have become and think, "why?"

Jack Novak : The tears run down my face, speaks what is in my heart!!

Watchyertopknot AhhhGrizz : The Greatest Generation...Period.

Petromax : This makes me cry every time I Watch it, its so moving to Watch the old heros being so Humble. This series inspired me to start reeacting and I worked my way up, I now serve as a platoon leader, at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in, 101st ABD, 506th PIR, 1st Battalion, Baker Company, 2nd Platoon. And im proud to get the chance to make sure younger people get to see the bravest and most heroic generation of times.

johngregoryhouse : Loved the series. Sad the America they fought for is over.

KickedMangoStudios : One of the most treasured DVDs in my collection. I protect that box with my life. I actually bought the series on a whim after seeing short clips on Youtube and, from the moment the opening sequence started on Episode 1, I was just..captivated. And I'm not even American. But I can certainly appreciate the sacrifice of Easy Company. I'm in tears right now. Every single time I watch this, I end up in tears. Long live the Brothers of Easy Company.

christophe heylen : I cry everytime..

Atlases Art : The movie is about the 2ND battalion of the 506th parachute infantry regiment which doesn't exist anymore but I served with the 1St battalion 506th Infantry in Korea and Iraq from 03' to 05' and upon returning to the states, I met Dick Winters as he and a few other men of the 506th welcomed us home...a warm, easy soul, with a gentle voice and the firm handshake of a military man....Currahee to my brothers of days past, your memory and work is cherished and never forgotten....STANDS ALONE BROTHERS

gbujarhead : I did not know the names of most of the Marines I fought with in 1968.  Them boys was my brothers.  Semper Fidelis.

Quarz_dk : I don't claim to know what it is like to be at war, but what i have learned, from this series and a lot of others, is that wars forge bonds between men, and these bonds are unbreakable. But i guess since i am not a soldier i will never experience that.

Sean Jenkins : we have lost so many ww2 vets, we really need to recognize them more often

gbujarhead : When I shook hands with Raymond G. Davis, I did not know the circumstances of his Medal of Honor.  I have few regrets in my life, one of which is that when I shook Gen Davis' hand, I did not know those circumstances.  Today I know.  Semper Fidelis.

Cali Curmudgeon : Sadly, of all the real life men interviewed at the end, I think only Sgt. Donald Malarkey (now 93 years old) is still alive now (July 2014).

Jonah Miller : As a veteran myself, this always gets me. I was never a hero. But I did serve with them.

talons claw : Brothers are not someone who you are related by blood, it's earned by the hardship, friendship, and battles you go through. And True heros are not those who want to be depicted as heroes. Heroes are those who died or are unknown because heroism comes in all forms. Semper fi Easy company it's time you take it easy

Craig McIntosh : Beautiful, heart wrenching movie.

Otis Almatsier : I wonder where are the hearts of 27 people who dislike this clip..

T Harrow : So moving. Always makes me tear up. May God bless them for ever and eternity.

Siili Simo : Rest in peace every human who had to see war.

rbryant100 : This scene always brings a tear to my eyes. Great group of men and soldiers.

Ray Dziadzio : Our government has betrayed this Band of Brothers and the Greatest Generation. It is looking more and more like something has to give. I know were I will stand when the time comes.

michael sabella : They stood together but alone... GoD Bless you Men of Easy Company. The World owes you a dept of gratitude which can never be paid.......I WILL NEVER forget.....

Dyingember : These man made the today's USA , these man just ···marvelous.