United Airlines Boeing 747-400 Full Flight | San Francisco to London Heathrow | UA901 (with ATC)

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Kevin KRREC : I’ll watch this when I go to Japan on December 28 in airport while waiting for my flight [JL746-767 JAL Sky Wider Economy Class Seat 55G Japan Airline at Ninoy Aquino International Airport] thanks. I subscribed. Edit: Saving offline… liked video. Edit no.2: I’m watching this, I’m at hour 11. I watched a GTA V video for 12 hours, I completed it. Edit no.3: Done watching! :)

The Jetsetter : I will actually be heading to LHR next next week specifically to catch what will probably be the only UA 744 I ever see. Wish me luck!

MyDrive Media : SUBSCRIBED purely based on your want, desire and ability to film the entire flight. Now this is a review! Well done.

Rad Hit : Another 787 flight would be cool... Just a suggestion! 😊😊

Rodney Morgan Brown : No more United 747's. They have now all been moth balled or sold to 3rd party carriers.

Rob Murray : This is amazing, flying has always been one of the highlights of any or my holidays!

seoceancrosser : Started out to watch the whole thing, didn't make it to security. Oh well. 🙁

Dana Steele : Not bad for a 27 year old bird. Queen of the skies, yeah I would have to agree.

Trone Hunter : The Best momment : Taxiing with ATC *-* Thank you so much again fantastic work :)

Devesh Shastri : Details of meals and drinks would be lovely.... Just a suggestion. BTW your videos are great. 🙂🙋

Scooby Carr : United Airlines might have retired the 747-400 from O'Hare Airport ORD in Chicago but they still base this airplane from SFO and LAX.

911gp : 10:36:09 You're welcome

Alan 1 : Excellent Video. The Heat coming from my S7 Edge after watching the full video!! Thank you for sharing.

Cory Brayshaw : Such a shame these beasts will be gone from both the United and Delta fleet. Literally weeks left :(

stephanie mellon : That time of night to chill and fall asleep to a long haul 😀hopefully before the snores begin lol was unwell during Christmas Eve/Christmas Day so while everyone was enjoying dinner I was in bed trying to relax and take my mind off being unwell by using the long hauls thank you for being my company during that time

danny1966 : I am watching this for 11hours in the background while also watching TV. My own in-flight entertainment. :) Great video! I like full flight videos. I find them so relaxing. :)

ElysiumDelta787 : I did it, whole 11 hour video! Amazing queen 👍

Paul Pirnus : Jesus!! Am i imagining things or does the flight have no IFE screens??

[WARIOR]Gamer/xDDDD : Warum fliegen Sie so oft ?

Brandon Smith : Has any airlines offer u a free ticket for doing infight reviews cuz I always wanted to see a full flight from lax to Sydney Australia cuz it will bring back memories when I did that long haul to Sydney

japanjack62 : Flying today isn't as fun as it used to be.. the planes are now too crowded, and most people dress like bums, esp in business and first.. you should never wear shorts or flip flops when flying, in case of a fire, you'll need as much of your skin covered as possible

Elissa boo : it started at 20:16

Nathan cj2016 : I'm going To attempt to watch the whole thing no skipping

braddyboy82 : Love this video, I've watched it about six times now. So awesome. I love the part in the middle and then at about 8 hours in its pretty cool too.

Sergey Ryltsov : Wow!!! Very good!!!!!!!!!

Joseph G. Hotto : What am I doing with my life?

Syed Hoque : 787s fly faster and further than 747s.

stephanie mellon : Time for bed, with my favourite channel on😁

stephanie mellon : Another night another flight 😁

stephanie mellon : Woo hoo flight time again 😀 as always thank you for being my evening companion I do watch the new videos but I love my long hauls so much 😀

stephanie mellon : So just watched from the start and saw the Golden Gate Bridge, my geography isn’t very good so apologies to anyone I offend, is San Francisco a island?

Rob Xones : This is the coolest channel of all time I swear to Jesus Christ

Primo Apuzzo : Love this. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to upload this to YouTube, though......

TheLegend 420 : No words. So awesome. Thanks for filming everything!

stephanie mellon : My now nightly snore “blocker “ lol but love these videos so much the sound of the engine helps me sleep great but also love visually during the day 😁

Dave White : Anyway to see a flight over Nova Scotia?

Rafa Vidal : I used to watch almost all your videos. I Love aviation world and be inflight long or short times gives me some Peace of mind... its like meditation. Right now i am watching your vídeo SFO-LHR and seems to be around 6hrs inflight since it started :)

MATT Gibson : Any plans to do DOH-AKL worlds longest flight or DXB-AKL the 2nd longest flight in the world

Jose Geraldo Reis Goncalves : Agora tem que fazer um vídeo no Airbus a380.

Comedy Cricketer : Takeoff is at 1:15:12 you're welcome

Mark S : you should consider panning the camera around to get the real flight experience. There is no point in filming the wing for 10 hours. I think filming the cabin and the passengers is more interesting than staring at the wing non-stop. Yes, any vantage point for 10 hours is boring, but you should mix it up 50/50. Because in reality, nobody looks out the window for 10 hours non-stop so it is not really a true inflight experience. Not a criticism, just a suggestion for the future.

Anthony Kernich : RIP to United's 747's

Blake Steele : 11 hour video. I was expecting a porn movie....lol

Aarav Patel : I traveled on the 747-400 once. It was on Virgin Atlantic's London-Newark route.

LittlePunkMC 1234 : Holy crap 11 hours I'm gonna sleep xD

Matthew the Meatball : You could see my house from up there. It's one of the ones in Oxfordshire.

Player DJMega : HUAU!!! top1 exellent video. 3HD

TechAviationFan : Hi inflight Video! Again, EXCELLENT video! I've been waiting for these full flight videos for the longest. I tracked you for the departure with ATC. Fly the LONGEST route in the world from Auckland to Doha, 17 HOURS! Happy 4th of July! I flew from New York-JFK to Punta Cana last week. I recorded this flight with my GoPro Hero 5 Black camera. Well, I didn't record the full full flight with it. The sounds are quite low on the camera. Overall, it's a great camera! And I'm going from Punta Cana to New York-JFK tomorrow after a fantastic vacation so far. I'm Delta #790 if you want to track me! 🏖️🗽 -Sorry if this is too long, lol...

Peter Jacobs : I guess you can't film going through passport control. :-)

MAVERICK 42 : 200Gb MicroSD card i didn't even know they existed. Also how do you capture live ATC do you use Liveatc.net or something else?