United Airlines Boeing 747-400 Full Flight | San Francisco to London Heathrow | UA901 (with ATC)

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Nathan cj2016 : I'm going To attempt to watch the whole thing no skipping

Dana Steele : Not bad for a 27 year old bird. Queen of the skies, yeah I would have to agree.

Cory Brayshaw : Such a shame these beasts will be gone from both the United and Delta fleet. Literally weeks left :(

The Jetsetter : I will actually be heading to LHR next next week specifically to catch what will probably be the only UA 744 I ever see. Wish me luck!

Rad Hit : Another 787 flight would be cool... Just a suggestion! 😊😊

MyDrive Media : SUBSCRIBED purely based on your want, desire and ability to film the entire flight. Now this is a review! Well done.

Rodney Morgan Brown : No more United 747's. They have now all been moth balled or sold to 3rd party carriers.

Devesh Shastri : Details of meals and drinks would be lovely.... Just a suggestion. BTW your videos are great. 🙂🙋

seoceancrosser : Started out to watch the whole thing, didn't make it to security. Oh well. 🙁

Rob Murray : This is amazing, flying has always been one of the highlights of any or my holidays!

Alan 1 : Excellent Video. The Heat coming from my S7 Edge after watching the full video!! Thank you for sharing.

Trone Hunter : The Best momment : Taxiing with ATC *-* Thank you so much again fantastic work :)

Scooby Carr : United Airlines might have retired the 747-400 from O'Hare Airport ORD in Chicago but they still base this airplane from SFO and LAX.

Elissa boo : it started at 20:16

Rob Xones : This is the coolest channel of all time I swear to Jesus Christ

danny1966 : I am watching this for 11hours in the background while also watching TV. My own in-flight entertainment. :) Great video! I like full flight videos. I find them so relaxing. :)

Primo Apuzzo : Love this. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to upload this to YouTube, though......

911gp : 10:36:09 You're welcome

Dave White : Anyway to see a flight over Nova Scotia?

[WARIOR]Gamer/xDDDD : Warum fliegen Sie so oft ?

Brandon Smith : Has any airlines offer u a free ticket for doing infight reviews cuz I always wanted to see a full flight from lax to Sydney Australia cuz it will bring back memories when I did that long haul to Sydney

Jose Geraldo Reis Goncalves : Agora tem que fazer um vídeo no Airbus a380.

braddyboy82 : Love this video, I've watched it about six times now. So awesome. I love the part in the middle and then at about 8 hours in its pretty cool too.

Sergey Ryltsov : Wow!!! Very good!!!!!!!!!

Mark S : you should consider panning the camera around to get the real flight experience. There is no point in filming the wing for 10 hours. I think filming the cabin and the passengers is more interesting than staring at the wing non-stop. Yes, any vantage point for 10 hours is boring, but you should mix it up 50/50. Because in reality, nobody looks out the window for 10 hours non-stop so it is not really a true inflight experience. Not a criticism, just a suggestion for the future.

Comedy Cricketer : Takeoff is at 1:15:12 you're welcome

Hermitcrab 91 : You could see my house from up there. It's one of the ones in Oxfordshire.

TechAviationFan : Hi inflight Video! Again, EXCELLENT video! I've been waiting for these full flight videos for the longest. I tracked you for the departure with ATC. Fly the LONGEST route in the world from Auckland to Doha, 17 HOURS! Happy 4th of July! I flew from New York-JFK to Punta Cana last week. I recorded this flight with my GoPro Hero 5 Black camera. Well, I didn't record the full full flight with it. The sounds are quite low on the camera. Overall, it's a great camera! And I'm going from Punta Cana to New York-JFK tomorrow after a fantastic vacation so far. I'm Delta #790 if you want to track me! 🏖️🗽 -Sorry if this is too long, lol...

Aarav Patel : I traveled on the 747-400 once. It was on Virgin Atlantic's London-Newark route.

LittlePunkMC 1234 : Holy crap 11 hours I'm gonna sleep xD

[ADM] DJMega : HUAU!!! top1 exellent video. 3HD

Peter Jacobs : I guess you can't film going through passport control. :-)

MAVERICK 42 : 200Gb MicroSD card i didn't even know they existed. Also how do you capture live ATC do you use Liveatc.net or something else?

xxCrZy_DaBzxx : you deserve 1 mil subscribers u are the best and i wish u all the best luck for the future!

Peter Griffin : Thanks for the awesome upload bud.

Nicu Je87 : i love the queen......sure of the sky.😉😉😉😉😂😂

OneLegendTV : Did you seriously hold a camera for 11 hours?!

Jeff da gamer Mintah : did United drag you off as a treat?

Phillip Siviter : It’s been a while since I did SFO to LHR - that was also United but in a 777 same route too. Thanks for sharing - looking forward to doing more long haul flights with you.

Danny Eyheralde : is there a LHR-SFO version?


Mohammad Taha Irfan : Amazing skies at 06:29:10

Bruno Oliveira : A heart on 1:22:37

Bruno Oliveira : Oh man! I LOVE USA!!!! It's such a beautiful country....

jujumediazone : 43:14 closing doors. 50:00 welcome aboard pre-video

Joe Pasquarello : I want my 11 hours back!

AH M : I think this is the first video from it's kind !! I personally usually record departures, landings and interesting scenes during the flight......Good job and would love to see more videos like that....

James Assad : I'm at hour 10 and on the verge of retina burnout, not sure if I'm gonna make it another hour. MUST.....KEEP.....WATCHING>>>>>

listerone : I wish I had known that half the video was gonna be getting to the check-in counter.

BIG BEAR : A beautiful United Airlines flight without any bumped passengers or broken teeth.