A New Devil’s In Town | High Noon 2018 Reveal Trailer - League of Legends
A New Devils In Town Say What you will about League of legends but their animation department is truly something else 034

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Devils live among us. High Noon Lucian, High Noon Thresh, and High Noon Urgot give hell on August 30, 2018.


DerKomment Z : That Lucian skin is sick

Dr. Royalty : *0:08* genuinely thought that was Rammus.

Mahogany : Red Dead Redemption 2 looks pretty good

Senpie Haven : Is that *Ghost Rider* Thresh

Andra : ok.....riot's balance team is on drugs........but......cinematic team,they know what they are doing


Altiverse : ITS HIIIIIIGH NOOOOOON Oops wrong game

Cosmic Tuxedo : D L U C I A N....The D's silent.

Rivini : _"We have new skins coming out for two AD champs and our beloved Thresh. A preview trailer of high quality and production must be made."_ - Riot Games, League of AD

DammitSinged : _"This lane aint big enough for the two of us."_ **A Summoner has disconnected**

Mücahit Kaplan : 0:25 when Lucian and Rhast use fusion

Tomás Fernandes : Hype for Red Dead Redemption 2

Brian : django

John L : It's twelve o'clock.

Ian Lim : The Good - High Noon Lucian The Bad - High Noon Thresh The Ugly - High Noon Urgot

Angel Daniel Ortiz : las mejores skins que han sacado y con diferencia

Yerfz : Lucian must be careful to fight thresh the thresh might be FULL CRIT WITH LETHALITY

Yahya Zouine : lucian = lucifer 😈😲

Paetalle : It looks like brand was possessing lucien at the end

2x Tofu : *Animation Team* = really working hard, look at those animations *Balance Team* = really working hard, look at those heimer botlanes

HashX3 : Where the Star Guarding Urgot. Nobody want the High Noon Urgot

ZK 950 : Lucian: Devil May Cry w/out Sword Thresh: Ghost Rider w/out Bike Urgot: Eh... Ugly w/out Guardian Skin?

Gold Pride : 0:30 ,that's for not giving Urgot his Star Guardian skin

Teis Rasmussen : F*** your skins, give us balance and a stable meta for more then a week.. Get ready for the Lucian, Urgot and Thresh buffs 👌

Mako Mankanshoku : The Good = Lucian The Bad = Tresh The Ugly = Urgot I see you Riot I see you.

Resh : If you guys bring back sumoners call THAT.WOULD.BE.AMAZING.

niizzy a : Riot: Let's spend months doing a cinematic for the upcoming skins! Use all our resources in this! Someone in the team: But sir, we need to balance the game and nerf Zoe, Urgot, Kayn and a lot of others... Riot: You're fired.

ZarfoxHD : when will they come its august 30 and 17:02 already

Potato Undercover : Never expected to see Harvey Dent here.

Ozarazil : OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!!! I LOVE THAT DJANGO FACE!!!! HE LOOKS LIKE DJANGO!!!!! excetp for the whole "im a half demon" part....

WTF YouTube : I love how they forgot Urgot and at the last moment they realized so they just made the logo be dragged by his chains

Gintoki Sakata : Lucian as May Weather wearing some cowboy outfit HAHAHAHAHA

현진김 : Highnoon more like Nightbringer Lucian Ghost Rider Thresh and Riot Balance Team(Urgot)

AceAuthority : *_When you see your lane opponent before minions spawn in_*

Katarina Micic : High noon urgot huh....U disappoint me riot...WHERE IS MY BEAUTIFUL STAR GUARDIAN URGOT

JoeySTRIKE : Yall remember McCree? This is him now. Feel old yet?

MR pointer : nobudy ask for high noon urgot we need star guardian urgot or kda urgot plz riot

ARI GAMING : I was really looking forward to this Lucainxbrand skin very clean

iNightTiger : It’s high no... *gets headshot*

aryajeraled : Harold do you like the new Kayn skin? You are a noob darling. I CAN DREAM HAROLD!

Luis Avecilla : Lmao, They took the Overwatch Halloween skin and made it their own T_T OMG IM DYING!! lol Btw i am a huge league player not an overwatch player but i have seen the Overwatch skins and legit looks 99% the same

WickedWitcher01 : Who remembers Darkwatch on PS2? No? Just me? That's... that's cool.

Anirudh Ganesh : This is actually similar to prince of persia two thrones

2x Tofu : Finally my baby Urgot is getting a skin

Miguel Crispin : Darkwatch version 2018 ._.

Tardar Sauce : Well, well would you look at the time... *_IT'S HIGH NOOON_*

Dark Spin : SO TF x BRAND Basically,...... THERE LOVE CHILD MADE THIS

Joshua Chong : 0:19 turn up the volume. I love the sinister sound effect.

MEMES NEVER DIE , MEMES ARE LEGENDS : No more family friendly Nunu? rip Disney land