A New Devil’s In Town | High Noon 2018 Reveal Trailer - League of Legends

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Shauna Vayne : *Animation Team* = really working hard, look at those animations *Balance Team* = really working hard, look at those heimer botlanes

DerKomment Z : That Lucian skin is sick

Dr. Royal : *0:08* genuinely thought that was Rammus.

Mahogany : Red Dead Redemption 2 looks pretty good

Rivini : _"We have new skins coming out for two AD champs and our beloved Thresh. A preview trailer of high quality and production must be made."_ - Riot Games, League of AD



SweetHaven : Is that *Ghost Rider* Thresh

Altiverse : ITS HIIIIIIGH NOOOOOON Oops wrong game

Cosmic Tuxedo : D L U C I A N....The D's silent.

Veridian : Looks like we're getting Sheriff Samuel L. Jackson

HashX4 : Where the Star Guarding Urgot. Nobody want the High Noon Urgot

John L : It's twelve o'clock.

Mücahit Kaplan : 0:25 when Lucian and Rhast use fusion

Vormas Gaming : Hype for Red Dead Redemption 2

Shauna Vayne : Finally my baby Urgot is getting a skin

Brian : django


Kilos : *Nightbringer Lucian

Yerfz : Lucian must be careful to fight thresh the thresh might be FULL CRIT WITH LETHALITY

Paetalle : It looks like brand was possessing lucien at the end

ZarfoxHD : when will they come its august 30 and 17:02 already

dbsrbso : I’m on thresh’s side

Eric Pabon : have not played in about a year. i just re downloaded it. its good to be back

iNightTiger : It’s high no... *gets headshot*

Potato Undercover : Never expected to see Harvey Dent here.

Name Name : Why exactly is Thresh getting a high noon skin?

Joevin Chen : Its the 30th where my skins at?

Eguito Adonis Montoya : Me ocurre este problema: Cuándo comienza la pantalla de carga se queda en 100% el ping baja y sube entre 60 y 80(normalmente) hasta que hacen remake, me cada que intento jugar y termino con leaverbuster(ya he tenido 20 colas de baja prioridad) y es una molestia. Todo comenzó a partir de la actual actualización

UnPhayzable : This animation is so clean though

Antonio Gragasin : Dam that skin is beautiful even though I'm kinda ify about it being high noon and not nightbringer dam it is still so beautiful don't care if it's kinda nightbringer it's still a beautiful skin

Psycho Kern : I don't see the High Noon Urgot in the video...Why is he not in here?

JoeySTRIKE : Yall remember McCree? This is him now. Feel old yet?

LAVA FALCON : Can you rework Mordekaiser? Keep his abilities, but Change them up a bit, if you need more explaning, go to mid Mordekaiser's video and see what i want for him

Veridian : *_I'm Dirty Dan_*

Thebestresh : If you guys bring back sumoners call THAT.WOULD.BE.AMAZING.

lucky luke AV : Lucian need a horse, thinking about hecarim

Tom's World : Only skins or skins and new Champion???

D-Va Ali : Since when did McCree join league?

Kermit The Toad : Infernal Rammus leaked at 0:08

Dr. Gaming : How has nobody pointed out that this literally is a mcree skin in overwatch

MADE AND CHINA : *High Noon VerSus Blood Moon*

ehideFTW : lucian and brand did a fusion dance ,i see

Warlly Emanoel : Skin’s Lucian and thresh.

Andra : ok.....riot's balance team is on drugs........but......cinematic team,they know what they are doing

mouhamed sayed : when it will release i cant buy it 👍

Zero Hikari : Bringing ropes into a gun fight. Thresh already lost.

Kenny Rogers : Dark souls?

Yahya Zouine : lucian = lucifer I see hmmmmmm

DammitSinged : _"This lane aint big enough for the two of us."_ **A Summoner has disconnected**