Reagan was giving a speech in West Berlin when a balloon popped very loudly

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This was after Reagan was shot in an attempt on his life a mere 2 months after the beginning of his first term. Reagan's response to the popping sound was: "Missed me"

Comments from Youtube

Max Maker : What a great response.

Steverooni C : Brilliant sense of humor.

TacoSteven : This is a couple weeks after he had been actually shot. Stone cold.

Terry Henning : Now THAT was damn funny! I never have seen this before! Quick wit for sure!

John Doe : Why am I, as an Australian, proud to be American after watching this? This man is a national treasure.

Angel Razo : Reagan was such badass.

airlockengage : That's the sort of humor that you get from a generation raised on westerns.

Esteban Cebreros : One of the great tongue-in-cheek moments by President Reagan or any world leader.

Huskie : i was so expecting him to duck super quickly , this was so much better xD

Communism With Giggles : You can even see Reagan trying not to smile after making such a remark

HeavyMetalMech : The Man, The Legend. Proud To Have Served Under You Mr. President.

Jonathan Gorr : That's the American spirit we all remember and love.


Cameron Bell : What a great personality

Neker's Shitposts : what a legend

Dot McDotterson : The greatest thing about this is there was absolutely zero flinch.

Raj R. : Reddit sent me here. Absolutely wonderful to watch!

Burt Gummerfan : Ronaldus Magnus! This was just two months after being shot.

Jody Conrad : Truly remarkable President, such a wonderful soul.

W1NSLOW : Now that's what i call a President

David Wokojance : I'm a Democrat, but that was a badass line.

d tczyk : Ronald Reagan? The actor??

Max M : That is a hilarious response and also balls of steel because every president faces genuine risk of being shot whenever they're out in public like that.

J Meredith : What a guy . . . truly, one of a kind. (Much love and appreciation for you, President Reagan. RIP)

Al Kz : That’s my president.

The Cereal Guy : 16 comments and 1.1 million views

Aспид Cтаревич : Missed me. Лучший на моей памяти избранный президент. (Кеннеди не застал, был в от`езде)

Ken_Ken 20 : Ok pretty cool

Omar Rodriguez : okay this is epic

Alexis Dejesus : Hilarious 😂😂

Chrischan74 : A legend, really miss him.

Johan Herrenberg : WOW

mr. Vander : Reddit squad coming through..

Steve Kiray : In spite of all the negative naysayers, I was proud to serve under him, highly respected all that he stood for and feel he was one of our greatest Presidents!

Tyler : I've watched this 20some times.. this is great

Truth Sayer : He was such an honorable man and President. 👏👏

TheWelshManc : Reagan's humour was the best

Energyturtle : Balls the size of watermelons

Yonnick Hackshaw : Most bad ass response I ever heard

Mars Lee : Damn, he's fast!! Brilliant

zeNUKEify : Wow. Massive respect

Baar Bear : That's classic Reagan humor! ;D

Benny Kwok : Ronald Reagan the OG 😎 Ps Someone should make a thug life vid of this.

Michael Amankwaa : Legend

Ric Stlu : Bad-ass level: Jedi

Rick123691 : Thank you GOD, For eight years AMERICA was amazing with this Man at the helm !

Preeti Agarwal : That was a great punch line

James Schoaf : Mike Rowe sent me here, thank you Mr. Reagan.

Eden yeet : Then when he was shot he started laughing. One bloody good president.