Reagan was giving a speech in West Berlin when a balloon popped very loudly

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Max Maker : What a great response.

NickMotown : Same man who told all the doctors in the room after he got shot - “I hope you’re all Republicans.” 😂😂

TacoSteven : This is a couple weeks after he had been actually shot. Stone cold.

Haitian Xu : +99 charisma +99 sneak +99 hairline

Steverooni C : Brilliant sense of humor.

John Doe : Why am I, as an Australian, proud to be American after watching this? This man is a national treasure.

Terry Henning : Now THAT was damn funny! I never have seen this before! Quick wit for sure!

airlockengage : That's the sort of humor that you get from a generation raised on westerns.

Angel Razo : Reagan was such badass.

David Wokojance : I'm a Democrat, but that was a badass line.

Huskie : i was so expecting him to duck super quickly , this was so much better xD

Communism With Giggles : You can even see Reagan trying not to smile after making such a remark

Jonathan Gorr : That's the American spirit we all remember and love.

Esteban Cebreros : One of the great tongue-in-cheek moments by President Reagan or any world leader.


HeavyMetalMech : The Man, The Legend. Proud To Have Served Under You Mr. President.

d tczyk : Ronald Reagan? The actor??

Brennen Green : The single greatest president in the history of the United States

Burt Gummerfan : Ronaldus Magnus! This was just two months after being shot.

Cameron Bell : What a great personality

Max M : That is a hilarious response and also balls of steel because every president faces genuine risk of being shot whenever they're out in public like that.

Neker's Shitposts : what a legend

Anthony Hopson : He always had a way with words. The left condemn him because he wasn't perfect but who is? He wanted to improve life for the American People and have our great country respected on the world stage. Of course when Obutthead came along being a powerful country was somehow a sin. I'm glad we have Trump. Sure he's not perfect but who is? He wants to improve life for the American People and have our great country be respected on the world stage again.

Dingle Dangle : Remember democrats hated Reagan more than Trump, they hated his cowboy attitude

W1NSLOW : Now that's what i call a President

Jody Conrad : Truly remarkable President, such a wonderful soul.

Al Kz : That’s my president.

The Cereal Guy : 16 comments and 1.1 million views

mr. Vander : Reddit squad coming through..

Jozef-D : Balls the size of watermelons

Ki-Sean Excell : Ha, even as a liberal I died laughing at this. What a wit this guy had.

Omar Rodriguez : okay this is epic

Aспид Cтаревич : Missed me. Лучший на моей памяти избранный президент. (Кеннеди не застал, был в от`езде)

Dot McDotterson : The greatest thing about this is there was absolutely zero flinch.

TheWelshManc : Reagan's humour was the best

Tyler : I've watched this 20some times.. this is great

zeNUKEify : Wow. Massive respect

Matthew Ray : I miss when presidents we're dry and boring

Yonnick Hackshaw : Most bad ass response I ever heard

Chrischan74 : A legend, really miss him.

Michael Amankwaa : Legend

Liew Zi Yang : America......Miss me

Steve Kiray : In spite of all the negative naysayers, I was proud to serve under him, highly respected all that he stood for and feel he was one of our greatest Presidents!

Mars Lee : Damn, he's fast!! Brilliant

J Meredith : What a guy . . . truly, one of a kind. (Much love and appreciation for you, President Reagan. RIP)

Ric Stlu : Bad-ass level: Jedi

Ken_Ken 20 : Ok pretty cool

Baar Bear : That's classic Reagan humor! ;D

Truth Sayer : He was such an honorable man and President. 👏👏

Queso dip : Trump woulda caught the bullet with his teeth