Dungeons & Dragons: Military Edition

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Jacob Babb : In the military every roll a recruit makes is a nat 1.

Nevin Whitlock : As a Vet I 100% approve of everything that just transpired here

robin no u : "Did your ears go blind?" 100% sure my drill Sargent said that before

Josh Palmer : "The constant referring to yourself as 'I' has sent the drill instructor into a violent rage" oh god the memories, this was great hahahaha

Giannis Koutinas : "Were you instructed, to get dressed?" That's the army in one phrase.

Bloodthirstier : Army, infantry branch. This is not realistic at all. The players can speak in coherent sentences

Khyber : As I learned to play DnD in the Marines, my journey has come full circle. Btw, fairly accurate depiction of my boot camp experience, including the flying metal trash cans and the mistake of referring to yourself as "I".

cmm07r : "Im not sure whats going on" welcome to boot camp hell week.

Matthew Salem : "wait, I didn't say that in character." oh the fear in his eyes, you've got them now chaz!

Vaporo : Sarah's reaction to rolling that 1 is priceless.

MrCMaccc : I know this probably was a one of because of Veteran's day... but could you please continue this one? I'd like to see how Sarah (not sure how she spells it) attitude changes after getting clunked by a trash bin

Disemvowel : This is revenge for the redneck gangsters stuff! As an active duty service member, thank you for this. You guys are awesome.

Heather-Lynne Van Wilde : As a veteran of the Chair Force, with a Marine father, this was just freaking amazing.

Victor H : 800mg Motrin = Healing potion Reflector belt = Protection Aura Rip It energy drink can = Scroll of Stamina IV bag = Resurrection spell

Shane Legendre : Ok as a vet i appreciate your sentiments, thank you. To the person who wrote the drill instuctor... Give them a 3 day pass. To the players... Extra duty. THE SIDEWALK HAD BETTER SHINE! So i can see my face in the reflection. Get to work recruits.

Daniel Valley : When he said "We're gonna stop here for tonight." I was like hell ya! Episode 2!

Seth Cuvvs : Active duty Navy Sailor here, just wanted to say thank you for your support I love your channel

GeneticColossus : Hey guys over at Mann Shorts, thanks for the shout out to us acting members!

Jordan Jameson : As an Active Duty Marine, I love it. These videos always crack me up. Great job. Thank you.

Dorvolod : "A Fort Save? To get dressed?" Totally gonna steal this for the next time I DM. 😁

Alberto Saldana : Being a Marine, this is by far my favorite!!!!! The self references of “I” is super accurate and damn near lost it!!

EroticWhale : If I had to describe my basic experience I would say imagine you came to your local meet up spot with your character sheet decked out. You played countless games to develop and build stats and make your character the best they can be. Suddenly though the GM decided for shits and giggles to hand out all new level 1 character sheets to the entire team with 0's across the entire stats board. This was basic in a nutshell....

EvilMrSpoc : I was really hoping to see everyone’s ‘war face’.

Matt Nichols : Holy shit that was accurate... You guys must have a Marine adviser in the background lol

brian behave : Nat 1??? The first sign of the apocalypse is upon us!!!

RDK 619 : Oh no no you would die. My DM says that a lot. XD

Federico Biassini : Vet here, great job! Do you guys know people in DOD/ been service members yourself? Because that was pretty on point!

Daniel Giglio : First day PT session.... your shower of the day was the sweat you made with all the PT you did. AND THEN YOU STILL HAD TO SET UP A NIGHT WATCH. God I miss Basic so much. I feel this is actually DM's revenge on Florida Sessions.

Daniel Vedberg Sekulic : "Did i smell BRAINS! AND ACEDEMICAL KNOWLEGDE YOUR A MARINE NOT AN AIRFORCE PANSY. NOW ILL TEACH YOU HOW TO DIVIDE BY ZERO EINSTEIN" Only thing i remember of Boot Camps first month.

Marcinogen D : So you finally figured out how to keep the players in check😉

Thomas Wilfong : Pretty sure dnd military edition is warhammer.

MrWTF1984 : I like how every roll is to save the players from the Drill Instructor, who is a constant undefeatable combatant.

D Enhanced : Man, that support group is really doing wonders for our GM. He seems to be in a much more tolerant state! Glad he got the relaxation he needed.

grkrage85 : I'm a big fan and deployed currently. so happy i got to see this. please do army next. i would love to see some motor pool monday shenanigans lol. I'd be glad to tell u whatever u need to know for that one

Sandman : You take a knife hand to the throat and are unconscious...

Kenny Harper : 5 years in the army, Thank you guys. everyone in my squad was dying!

Jacob Lovell : I know it’s a long shot and no one thinks about the US COAST GUARD but I’d love for y’all to do that branch next. Thanks

sirachxi : Again thank you to all our veterans and active duty members of the military for all you have and will do for this nation and it's people. On the video, was that Sarah's first 1 in history?

Joshuwa Bolton : This was epic. Thank you for the entertainment and your support. Only thing missing was issuing canyons as snacks. ;) Also happy belated birthday all you devil dogs!

Ethan Snyder : Thank you for actually being mostly accurate with this. Beautifully done

zack johnson : Happy Veterans you to all my brothers and sisters

vennom14 : Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha! As a Marine Corps Veteran, this is accurate. "Did you say that out loud?" Yup.

Cernumospete : Daaaaaang, anybody told Sahra that the green camo suit brings out her blue eyes so fkken nicely that they shine?

Richie Biay : Its 1am here in the Philippines and I have Judo training tomorrow just 1 more vid before sleeping hehehe

jkay3161 : this was great as a veteran i want to say thank you for this and for the support you show all military past and present

Rejor111 : Lol that was funny. My Chief wasn't like that, but there was still a lot of yelling. Probably one of the best things was graduation. So many emotions. I want someone to flub up the marching order, or one of the characters walks on grass.

Elijah McStotts : This was a shockingly accurate representation of my time at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Loved it. Hope more is actually to follow.

xXcegertoXx gaming : Sending y'all a mighty fine hooah!! from fort hood. Love you vids thanks for the support

Battlebrotherb : Good episode and it's on the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 coincidence I think probably.

Anthony Norman : And this is how the DM gets revenge!!! 😂😂😂