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Da Nintendude : Allow me, a Waluigi fan, to explain why i love Waluigi. First of all, I'm throwing what I just said out of the window. Forget I said I'm a Waluigi fan. I'm most likely not like the majority of Waluigi fans at all. My love for Waluigi's character started when I was young. When I was a kid, Wario & Waluigi were my favorite Mario characters. It eventually turned into just Wario, but I still very much liked Waluigi. I always thought Waluigi was really cool. He and Wario were great characters and I came up with many ideas for games featuring the two. But how exactly did I grow to like him as much as I do now? We'll have to look at my childhood for that. Contrary what I said earlier, Yoshi was actually my original favorite Mario character. It was like this for a long time, but it eventually changed. I'd likely pinpoint that time to when I was 6 years old, and I got Super Mario 64 DS. In the game, you start as Yoshi. I was super happy about that... I loved Yoshi. When I eventually unlocked Wario, I wondered... "where is Waluigi?". This started a long mission. A mission to find Waluigi once and for all. For years me, and my friend (let's call him Brad) searched for Waluigi. We looked at all the clues. It started with the stuff we could find... The white door, the purple bunny in the manual... and then it shifted to the internet with the Black Box on the file select. Brad moved away in 3rd Grade, but our search for Waluigi didn't end. We spoke on the phone for hours every now and then, talking about our search for Waluigi. Talking about the internet rumors we found. It brought me to the L is Real 2401 mystery, and so much more. One day I was writing down all the comparisons from the White Door, and Waluigi. Comparing the location of the door, Waluigi's connection to Boos, etc. Not too long afterwards I discovered WwwWario, and his Full Analysis on Waluigi in Mario 64 DS. It opened my eyes. Waluigi wasn't in plain sight. He was hidden behind very complicated and extreme measures. I truly believed that the Arceus2401 mystery was real. I called Brad for the first time in a while, and told him about the video. This sparked our imaginations even more, and the hunt for Waluigi continued. This long trek endured until late 2013. I remember a vacation me and my family went on, where we stayed with some people my dad knew, and me and a kid a few years younger than me continued to look for Waluigi together, and solve L is Real in general. A month or 2 later, WwwWario made a video that explained that the Arceus2401 idea was most likely faked, and Waluigi definitely wasn't in Super Mario 64 DS. I was upset for awhile, and accepted my fate, but looking back at it... it's one of my favorite memories. An experience I probably will never have with any other game. Waluigi symbolized my childhood, and the never-ending mystery and search that brought me and Brad together. I haven't talked to Brad in years, but whenever I think about him, I think about our times trying to crack the code. It was probably around 2014 that I started to really like Waluigi. I was aware of some of the memes about Waluigi, mainly the "Carol of Waa" from BitF's YouTube channel. Despite the memes I had seen, Waluigi wasn't a meme character to me. In my mind, he was a misunderstood, sad, yet cool dude. He was insecure, and always lost. He just wanted to win. I longed for a Waluigi game, and even made a very complicated, likely overly-dark game idea & story for him. I posted that I wanted a Waluigi game to the 2014 E3 community on Miiverse, and someone responded, saying Waluigi was gross and stupid, and didn't deserve a game. With his complaints in mind, I formed the story, and it still exists in my mind to this day. I won't get into the story here, but it explains Waluigi's insecurities... why he feels like everyone is cheating, and it originally explained why he was so skinny and "ugly" (but I have since scrapped that idea). This is about the time that I really started wanting Waluigi representation. I saw him as a genuinely interesting character, and saw that he was the only of the 4 Mario "bros" that hadn't gotten a game yet. Fast Forward to about 2016 or 2017. I started seeing more Waluigi memes. Being a Waluigi fan, I enjoyed them, and found them fairly good. As time went on, I saw more memes, but overall, it didn't really change my view on Waluigi. I still liked him for his character, not for the memes. Back in 2014 when Waluigi was shown as an assist trophy, I was upset, but not too bummed. I never expected him to ever make it into Smash in the first place. Zoom to 2018, around E3, I was a bit upset about all the attention Waluigi was getting from Mario Tennis Aces, because all his attention was mostly memey stuff. But I saw him as genuinely having a chance of making it into Ultimate. He was much more popular than he was around Smash 4, and I had realized his potential as being a representative of the Mario Sports and spin-offs... Utilizing Party Dice, Karts, Tennis & Golf, etc. Then I saw him as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate. Here is exactly what I said when I saw him "Ha ha.... deconfirmed... that's sad." I was laughing because so many people expected him to get in. I saw a chance, but I still never expected him to show up. I was mostly joking around... I didn't realize people were so serious about Waluigi getting into it. The "that's sad" was in reference to myself.... Because of the part of me that wanted to see him in. Then came the storm. Everyone was upset that Waluigi wasn't in. What was originally amusement turned into anger. I learned that most Waluigi fans like him only because of his meme potential, and I feel like a lot of people who started to expect him only wanted him in because they enjoy Waluigi memes. I started to have a tough time finding people who liked Waluigi for who he was, and not for his memes. Now, everything I see about Waluigi is a meme. I rarely see any actual appreciation. Then the whole "harrassment" thing happened. Supposedly it was only 2 people making very offensive jokes, but it led to everyone getting really mad at Waluigi fans. I saw so many people say they hoped Waluigi would never be in Smash because of how terrible they are... I felt so isolated... Of course, Waluigi support continues, and I see memes or jokes about him not getting into Smash Daily. I also see people who think he actually has a chance of getting in as a playable fighter. Let me finish this off by saying... I am ashamed of what Waluigi has become. I love Waluigi as a character. Although I enjoy the memes, they have gotten out of control, and I don't like them anymore. Like most memes, they grow stale to me after I see them everywhere. Although I am trying to respect the mainly meme-loving portion of the Waluigi fanbase, I still love him for who he is, and what impact he has had on my life. Waluigi never wins, he is sad, but he is also cool, confident, and funny. Him and Wario are still my favorite Mario Characters. Although I like Wario more, Waluigi really needs to star in his own game sometime. Waluigi symbolizes my childhood, and is a big part of my memories. Live on Waluigi.

#1 Marmaduke Fan : I love that you say "Why" as "Wha?"

luke gibson : This sounds like a criminal investigation. Next we'll have the FBI trying to find out why Waluigi isn't in Smash.

SuperGoker64 : One more well-made video added to my Waluigi playlist *;)*

Toast : Wait... This isn't hentai haven...

Pixel Game Squad : Great video! Really made us feel even more bad for Waluigi :(

General _wonder 2 : this is amazing.

Pioxys : So in reality the one who started the Waluigi movement.... was *WALUIGI HIMSELF!* Well the man voicing Waluigi (and others), but you get what I mean. This surprisingly all make sense now. He just wants to be loved. Especially knowing the fact that he loves Daisy, but she despise him in the party games. I know how you feel Waluigi.... We all do.

Garrett Oliva : You can't pinpoint Waluigi's origin, it'd be like trying to find out how god came into existence! Well...actually it's exactly that. Justice for WAA

Aster : waaaing in Spanish intensifies

MainLineEngine112 : This was absolutely beautiful. I teared up at the end. #Justice4Waluigi #SexyPurpleMan #MoreThanAMeme

Kurt Benjamin : This video is so highly produced for the size of your channel! You deserve more subs, this video is golden, hopefully it sheds some light on the people that are frustrated from all the waluigi support

Kid Bulblin : wahh 😢

Suz Krayz : I thought this was a joke. I didn't know so many people were actually into Waluigi

James Deubelbeiss : wtf I love waluigi now

2017-2018'Charle Weeb brown 2017-2018 シャルル・ブラウン : Walugi is God

Lil Cheesestick : 911 subscribers

Beam3178 : Someone get this man more subscribers, STAT

Caleb Brown : Why the hell do you only have 800 subs??? U DESERVE MORE WAAAAH

Biora : Wow that's deep af

Fnaf lover 68 : Waluigi deserves to be in smash

mark hastings : I never seen such dedication to learn about the WAH. Good job man

SourSardine : I can’t believe how deep this gets... A+ give my compliments to the chief

NSan : These are MANLY TEARS!

Henriko Magnifico : Waluigi is like a more extreme version of Wario, therefor he's more popular than Wario. He is, in fact, the true opponent to Mario's popularity (same how Luigi is more popular than Mario)

Yoshi HD : i wanted waluigi since brawl. i havent been asking him for the memes, i want him because he needs to be in it, despite this i didnt harass sakurai bc im not an asshole.

Move Over Kids! : Dude, I love this video! I'm not a huge channel but I do interviews with collectors and youtubers. Would you consider do one with me?

Pricilla Tamayo : #letwaluigismash #justiceforwaluigi

Ryu Murasora : The only man behind the Waluigi movement is Waluigi himself

smoothmedia : If this isn't the most viewed video on YouTube it's only because everybody else cheated. Waa

Leviathan TQ : Very touching and well made.

MLG NIC117 : When people started hating waluigi, they awoke the sleeping giant, the waluigi fan base

Nintendoguy21 : i just wanted to say this but it was actually like 3 people who harassed sakurai great video btw

Sneaky Goomba Gamer : That ending made me cry, Waluigi os someone who wanted to feel appreciated, and I'm glad you can see that now. Waluigi never has gotten the chance to shine, and that is why I think we fans want him to get in Smash, has his own game, and etc. Thank you.

ALSW : Muy buen video :D

Barry Bat : Jesus was also hated when he was around

Umeko : A Waluigi centered game where you have to cheat to win sounds like an interesting concept actually

Jam-frog35 : You basically sum it up the reason why I liked Waluigi

mrm64 : You honestly touched my heart with this video. Sadly, people have been labeling every fan of Walugi a keyboard warrior who harasses Sakurai on a daily basis. Clearly it is untrue, as you can see from the people you met. Waluigi really does represent the underdog.

Abdul Abochamh : Waluigi represents part of me. the loser side that's why he is my favorite Nintendo character not the memes

Alfredo Rodriguez : Wow, that was an awesome video. I love when you went in depth with Waluigi at the end of the video. It was refreshing as opposed to all the memes of him. I’m all for a good meme but I do like a serious tone too

Strange man behind the CVS : I think the fact that waluigi was the person that started a waluigi movement is too perfect


Squidzilla : So, what I gathered from this video is CHARLES MARTINET FOR SMASH. CHARLES MARTINET FOR SMASH.

Emerald_Erin : Bless, you. Bless, this. I like Waluigi because of the underdog story because I also sometimes think I'm a underdog.

Theoddballguy : 😂 “masahiro sakurai THE DEVELOPER of the smash brother series” sakurai is the creator of smash there’s many more developer he’s not THE developer.

Cpt Charisma : This was like a straight up documentary, you should make more vidoes in this style.

Teleporting TNT27 : I didn't know you were Shelock Holmes

Universal Sketch : Waluigi should be the last new character and his reveal would be him crashing the party right before release it would be very fitting for his character and almost a callback to his first appearance in Mario tennis

Földi Viktória : Waluigi = bayonetta echo