Redesigning the (crooked) Spotify logo • Visual Arts - Graphic Design
Graphic designer redesigns the Spotify logo

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📚 ‘Steal like an artist’ - This is the book that opened my mind to being 100% creative. Get it here - ✏️SUBMIT REBRAND IDEAS: 🔥LOGO DESIGN TIPS + MORE FUN STUFF 🎬 MORE DESIGN RELATED VIDEOS Redesigning the Spotify Logo was a great idea for a logo design video submitted over at What do you think of these logos? I tackle the challenge of creating some new options and have made a poll so you can vote for your favourite logo option. This project is an 'unsolicited rebrand' so all just for some YouTube fun - not affiliated with the company at all 🙃 What do you think of the logo designs? Vote in the POLL! If you enjoy watching the logo design process from start to finish, then be sure to check out my other episodes! Visit my channel and watch the ones that you like the look of 😀 Developing ideas right through to 5 new Spotify logo options which you can vote on, I show you the complete logo design process from start to finish. If you like watching the logo design process then I hope you’ll enjoy this! #logodesign #graphicdesign #rebrandeverything Description may include affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I'll never link to a product I don't use or recommend 👍 If you use discord check out these design channels: Westlogo - Nitro Design - DesignDrop - Add me on the usual socials: