TLJ Damage Control Response

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Italianslugger : Agree 1 million percent. They shit all over everything. I can't believe some people think this is a great movie, rivaling Empire. I actually haven't met anyone that thinks this. I only know critics were saying this. People that think this movie is good are the blind SHEEP. I saw no one happy coming out of the screenings before or after mine. The more you think about the plot inconsistencies and holes as well as the lack of character development, character consistency, science/ lore(The Force) consistency, the more you realize this is shit. People that think it's good just can't think. They are blindly following. They are the kind of people that voted for Killary just because their friends/ family were and because she's a woman. Thats what kind of people think this movie is good.

Strider Raven : job well done. the carrie poppins scene broke my heart, and my interest in the future of this mess.Keep at it, Micheal

Tae Gon Lee : A respectful logical debate without ad hominem. How refreshing. Using the Star Wars analogy, you could have easily been drawn to the "dark side" and replied back with anger and insults but you used the "force" and became a stronger Jedi. lol

rosechee : A call for a new trilogy not by Disneyland certainly not by Ryan jonson. Hope they sell the picture.

zxy atiywariii : "Teenage tantrum", exactly. I wanted Kylo to be a terrifying opponent, and he could have been. Allegedly, that's what Rian was trying to set Kylo up to be, and that's why he killed off Snoke. But Kylo was like a silly ranting manchild whom I just can't take seriously as a threat. Nothing like Darth Vader or Snoke. And of course Luke would have changed, everyone changes, but not like THAT. Even when he was a naïve farm boy, he bravely faced up to the horrifying murders of his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. He stood there and refused to give in to self-pity and despair. He didn't give up then, and he wouldn't have given up when he was older and wiser. I'll never forget his compassionate tenacity as he and Obi-Wan collected the bodies of the Jawas to cremate -- rather than just leaving them there for the desert predators. That spoke to his intrinsic character. Also Finn. I know what it's like to wake up from a coma; and the last thing Finn would remember would be the fight in the forest. He wouldn't know if Rey were still alive, he wouldn't know where he was, it could have been a scene that made his character so much richer and more interesting. But he was turned into a cheap joke reminiscent of vaudeville slapstick. So many opportunities Rian just threw away.

Stephanie Janiczek’s Smuggler’s Cantina : Seriously? This was a lousy movie and a total attack on Star Wars Lore, on the Heroes journey, on Han, Leia and Luke and poor writing.

John Meyer : When a sith apprentice kills his master, it should be an extremely interesting and cunning calculation by the apprentice or a brute overpowering because the apprentice outgrows the master. TLJ was stupid for snoke dying because he couldnt sense a moving object a foot away, just wasnt paying attention. What? Idiotic writing.

Bret Harper : Ryan Johnson should be fired along with Kathleen Kennedy. Give the fans what they want or get canned. I do believe that was your job and you failed.

Gary Speer : Really enjoyed your thoughtful responses and reflections. You succinctly expose and explain mainly of the horrendously flawed premises on which this movie is built.

Adam Saunders : Well said, and I especially love your insight about Luke's death. I really have yet to see any defense of this film that is not a gross over-simplification, mockery, or out right denial of the multitude of valid critiques that have been voiced.

MerlosTheMad : 11:10 well Leia and Rey felt Luke die at the end of the film, but it's moot. The film was the greatest movie tragedy in cinema history.

CG Vallejos : The Last Jedi porn spoof actually has a better story.

Methlokaijufan97 : Man ,all I wanted was to see Luke in person fighting Kylo with his green lightsaber

Tracy Greenwood : Excellent point on the death of Luke. He was profoundly impacted by the deaths of his mentors and his father. But who gained by witnessing Luke's death. It does not move the story forward.

Mike : Some other things that are inconsistent If there are arms dealers selling weapons to both sides; then someone should have notice the volume of hardware being acquired by the FO. Why weaponize light speed? Why have dreadnaughts or starkiller bases when one can put a FTL drive on a asteroid. Asteroids moving at lightspeed will obliterate anything including planets. Why is rey mourning solo’s death, and Luke who is his best friend and went fought wars not mourning? Why aren’t we seeing this? That would have been a powerful moment to. Rey has known Han for all of two days?

TheGoatboyblue : Bang on the money man. Well said.

Super Channel Awesome Time : Weird, youtube is asking me what I though of the video; on my home page.

Gerry Blue : "People" defending TLJ, please just stop, don't do this to yourselves, this movie was, besides plain bad film-making, full of inconsistencies and 'gotchas', there's no way to defend it other than maybe it's cinematography and music.

The Fanch : Disney aims to destroy the franchises they now own. Marvel is sinking, Star Wars is already deceased and Fox will be butchered soon. Still, I find your lack of faith in Disney disturbing. Your opinion is insignificant compared to the power of the Mouse. I have you now. What? :o)

TallBob1962 : Man, great points. Can you imagine an emotional scene where Luke relates witnessing those three deaths to Rey? TLJ could have been the most epic Star Wars ever - instead its an empty shell of a movie and literally shits on Star Wars. There is no hope.

Star Wars Fan : Keep up the great points Michael! Long time fans would love to gush about these new movies, but these movies are very disappointing. This is not what I expected after the prequels and finding out Luke, Leia, and Han were going to be involved.

American Born Patriot. : Personally, I regard what the hacks did is vandalizing Luke Skywalker by inserting these uncharacteristic traits upon him. Is it different from Frodo Baggins submission and surrendering to temptation and giving up on his mission?

Stay Calm : You've been making excellent & concise points in your videos. I hope more people continue to voice their opinions on how destructive and divisive, whether carelessly or intentionally (I believe the latter), this movie really is to fans. Thanks!

gavin ramtohal : Good video. I think the problem is you are debating with people that are irrational about star wars and are unable to see the flaws in the films because they are so emotionally biased. We are talking about hardcore fans that go to star wars rallies and cry like toddlers. You can't reason with the hardcore fans because they only want to hear that the film is great. Hence the quality of the film is not important to them and they will defend the indefensible.

Jared Davies : Well said Michael. I completely agree with you.

The Wealth Tree : Another well communicated explanation of your views, which I share. Thank you for the vid

Asbury Arts : Yes.

Shoaib Ghory : Very nice and to the point analysis....not emotionally heated or filled with hate....shear objective analysis....i myself do not like fall into the category of fan boy or irrational supporter of George Lucas....neither am I a white American or a westener but I liked Luke's character all the same because of his good nature his morals his resolve for standing up for his friends and family and not abandoning them. I like him for his optimistic view for his father. All of those established facts were negated in one stroke of writing of a single movie with may less than 15 mins of screen time for this character.

Silence DoGood : I can't respond to all of this now, as I'm on my way out the door, but I'll at least post my thoughts on Kylo Ren. From Leia we know the following about Ben Solo (a.k.a. Kylo Ren): “That he was born with equal potential for good or evil.” Ben has been manipulated by Snoke essentially since the womb. Picture this. Your legendary parents ship you off to be raised by your single uncle. From a kid’s perspective this necessarily creates abandonment issues. Luke may be a Galactic hero but since Jedi aren’t allowed attachments, he couldn’t possibly know the first thing about raising a kid. Then your new mentor/father figure, and arguably the most renowned Jedi legend, contemplates killing you while you sleep! In the meantime, there’s another powerful figure manipulating and offering you an alternative way out. Is this not the ideal recipe for a messed up individual? Kylo had no option but to become a villain. That being said, he has equal potential for good and evil so he continues to struggle all the time. I don’t call that indecisiveness. I say that he is constantly experiencing an inner tug-of-war. Kylo wants to serve the Dark Side and be just like his grandfather Vader. His beliefs are rooted in the Dark Side, so he thinks of himself as a man who is always right. He figures his actions will ultimately put an end to all the conflict in the Galaxy. After all, isn't that what Vader started that Kylo now wants to finish? However, since there’s still light left in Ben, he’s continually faced with that inner conflict. Kylo thought that killing Han would tip his inner scale toward the Dark Side and make himself more powerful than ever. That’s how committed he is to ‘the cause’, but we know the deed has in fact left him split to the core. Personally, I find the inner struggle of such a villain a lot more interesting than a straight up one-dimensional bad guy.

Point Blank : Indecision is the problem with the whole movie. Luke leaves a map to be found but dont want to be found. Kylo wants to let the past go but dont let it go. Holdo want to keep Poe out of it but likes Poe. Rose says sacrafice is wrong but Holdo and Luke sacrafice themselves. The movie is just one big clusterf**k of indecisions.

Harris Caldwelly : preach!👍

andy nowicki : "Indecision is not interesting" ...Hamlet?

Khonsura G.K.Ofei : Good rebuttal!

tre welder : I saw it once in IMAX 3D I was blasted and thought it was good...but I am a super fan so it was most likely garbage and it's the only film I saw once in the theaters.

Marmocet : Episode VII is as bad as episode VIII in my opinion. They're both riven with all kinds of problems, like relying repeatedly on highly improbable coincidence (for example, BB8 wanders off into a vast desert world and just happens to stumble upon Rey, then Finn crash lands on some random spot on the same planet, survives, wanders off into its vast wastelands and also just happens to stumble into Rey), gaping plot holes, a protagonist who violates established laws of the fictional universe, a plot that is driven at times by characters doing completely nonsensical things (why did Phasma drop the shield when she could have just said "no"?), and an obvious shoe-horning in of social justice propaganda (Men are dumb! The white ones are evil too! Go diversity! Girl power!).

AGENT LOGIC : One thing i do notice, even though i agree almost 100% with all videos including yours is the fact that i cant believe how gullible and naive allot of us are when it comes to snoke , im one of the few who believes snoke isnt done yet. Its hollywood!! Cliffhangers play a role in movies . I believe its obvious that snoke knew kylos intentions and maybe used it to push kylo to grow up and accept his fate snoke is to old to powerfull to fall for that betrayel . Same goes to Reys parents whos to say kylo didnt lied to her just to get her to join his side? ..thats why im not going to jump the gun on those two ideas . If none of the two are are answerd in 9 then i can say in Darth trumps words disney and rian realy fucked up major big league . Its just to stupid and makes no sense if it werent true its a marketing tactic to piss people off but not being clear on why but no matter how many fans are pissed and swear up and down they wont go see 9 i believe curiosity kills the cat. People still will hold on to hope that 9 will say who snoke is and was and who are reys parents at least . If disney is smart they will take advantage of those two since they already fucked up the rest of the story and are getting major backlash daily for their choices, if not,.... then i would say that disney and lucas film realy screwed 40 years of star wars in less than 4.

Brian Hartman : I don't think you're right about Kylo Ren not being ascendant. Sure, he's not a great leader. That's not the point, though. He's ascending. He's risen to the level of Supreme Leader and killed the last person who held that title. That's all you need to have to be ascendant. You can say that he could've earned it more, but that's another discussion.

TopShonuff : I blame it on Kathleen Kennedy. Everything goes through her or she'll fire you. Already fired 4 or 5 Directors already.

QuentinLars : it's interesting... the passion with which you speak seems to echo the amount of influence the Star Wars saga has had on you like so many of us... for me it's the principles of the Force and it's connection to all life and living beings... this can only extend further to the fans of this series who are also part of that life force.... I feel that it is because of this sense of being included in something much bigger than anyone can imagine that there has been so much controversy surrounding the latest entries into the franchise.... JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson have definitely missed the point of this... they only see it as A: a platform from which to broadcast their sense of unfairness towards women B: A means to contend with their own dysfunctional relationships with themselves and most likely... their own parental influences and C: A chance to play with more expensive toys and playsets than they had as children... bear in mind... these guys are creating Star Wars stories that take them back to their own childhoods not as Star Wars stories that are written to take the fans forward into the deeper more interesting development of well established characters and the introduction of new and or younger characters to pursue their own "heroes journeys" which Rey was conveniently denied in both 7 and 8.... What I feel is most disappointing to the fans is the complete disregard and lack of respect to the franchise... though... some of this was Lucas' own doing with his digital tampering of the original trilogy and with his Jar Jar fart and sight gag moments.... Star Wars is about friendship, mentoring, trust, taking chances and finding ones place in the world... all of which is painfully absent from 7 and 8.... the younger audiences aren't going to get this... the SJW's who have no regard for themselves won't care that this is absent and would rather have their discordant fantasies thrust onto the big screen even if they don't make any sense or have no value in real society and the damaged children like JJ and Rian are going to be surprised that fans actually want strong role models who have earned their place in life will actually have something beneficial to pass onto a younger generation of future heroes.... Rian wants people to be inspired to "go into their backyards and play with their space ship toys"... he wants Star Wars to be "fun and funny" he is a disturbed little man and it is clear that his conflicts with adult role models extends to his other film Looper where the child is powerful and misunderstood but needs to die and has only a broken down single mother to fend for him and the hero has to kill himself in order to save him.... this was not a wise choice for a Star Wars movie... they might as well have gotten Woody Allen for all it's dysfunctional interactions.... and then there's Katherine "The Force is Female" Kennedy.... this is her jab at all the male hero movies she had to endure as an executive secretary under Steven Spielberg for all those years... and so she's going to iceberg the Lucasfilm Titanic for all it's worth just to say she did it her way! Sad to say... we (the fans) are going to have to jump ship on this one because... Disney....

vryc : Good vid. It's interesting that while our universe may ultimately be a nihilistic one, the Star Wars universe is not and what's more, people like Luke Skywalker *know* that it's not. There is purpose and meaning and the continuation of the self beyond death, etc. in the GFFA. Because of this understanding that Luke has (and MANY other characters have and that they can demonstrate through various ways and means to others) Luke's actions and current state as set about by this new trilogy of films makes no sense. It is nonsense from the perspective of Luke's character.

A. Bailey : What a meandering mess of a movie from a story telling perspective- no continuity- disappointing esp from a writer who called himself a fan - hmmmm

Thomas Anderson : YT search this for my in depth remarks 'Doing the Luke' by Real Neo (HD)1080p

faeton54 : Camera shaiking is not good, you need somfing hold your smartphone stil.

YehThatRocks! : The Jedi use the force for knowledge and defence, never to attack. Luke couldn't attack Kylo whilst retaining his principles.... just saying... TLJ still sucks.

MartyMonster : It just occurred to me, Rian Johnson made a stand alone film.

Nebadon Adams : I feel like scenes that should've been longer weren't and that scenes that should've been shorter were, in fact, much too long. Also, if Kylo wants to "end the Sith and the Jedi..." why does he care if the Resistance wins ore loses, or if Hux leads or he does? He's behaving exactly like a Sith, using his rage to fuel his power...which is still not enough. I think, that what I like about Kylo is that I can identify with his motivation better than any of the other characters. He seems the most human of all the actors in this whole gimpshow. But the end started with The Force Awakens...which, instead of expanding, Disney/Lucasfilm decided to contract. Rian Johnson shrunk the galaxy even further...which is why they are quick to talk of a "New Trilogy." I think Rian Johnson is fine...I'd like to see a different cut of the movie. Also, I wish that Rey wasn't written the way she is...or acted the way she is...but that was all established by JJ, long ago. A note on Snoke's remark about "curs," if a cur is treated too badly, it may bite the hand that feeds. There are many ways to go...but they must do it in a bold manner and commit. Rian Johnson could not commit to his movie is lukewarm or "meh." Also, a few shots could explain the influence of the Dark Side on Luke...but we get nothing. And EVERYONE is so mean to Rey. I don't get it. I mean, they all love her, but as far as story is one seems to care that when she wanted to see the was all a Hall of illusion...and a reference to the occult. There is a darkness at the heart of this movie...but it has to do with the noncommittal nature of nihilism and post-modern thought. But not everyone has given themselves over to nihilism just yet.

Draka Von : According to The Last SJW; female Jedi (Vaginedi) don't even need ships now. They can just buzz around space with their infinitely amazing female force powers. I'm just waiting for the next dumpster fire of a Disney SJWars flick, where Rey goes hyperspace in her skinny naked androgynistic body just by femininisticly wanting to. No ship or anything built by stinking MEN! Just because the force is female. Amazing!!! Can't wait to NOT SEE IT.

JRPGFan20000 : Don't confuse mysterious with complex. Luke went from a whiny teenager on a desert planet to a whiny old man on an ocean planet. After 20 years of Star Wars, from the EU, to the Prequels, to TCW cartoon. He's the worst Jedi I have ever seen in Star Wars.