Best of Full Metal Jacket - Boot Camp/Basic Training

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Ben Wasserman : Rest in Peace R. Lee Ermey :(

Benjámin Kurilla : - Private! I didn't see you at camouflage training yesterday! - Thank you Sir!

M Gosby : Tremendous actor. Will be impossible to forget him, no matter what those 1.5K commies who clicked thumbs down think about it.

Nickle Mouth : "I didn't know they stacked shit that high"

The Ugly Barnacle : And to think almost all of R. Lee Ermey's colorful lines in this film were ad-libbed and not scripted in any way.

Tim Armbruster : Funfact: Gunnery Seargant Hartman served in the USMC and worked as a drill instructor. This us where he got all his insults from

Dr. Jennifer Jewell PhD/Earthquake Chaser : RIP Gunny Much Love ❤️

TheSilent Avenger : "Texas? Only steers and Queers come from Texas, and you don't look like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down doesn't it" 😂😂

MR BLEACH : I just blew my own mind, Pyle was very good shot, could've been a sniper? and that's what killed most of them at the end...

Exploring PH with Eugene Manalese : "you're so ugly you can be a modern art masterpiece" hahahhaha funniest part lol

Vincent Barksdale : Just imagine if this movie was made in 2017. I can hear the SJWs crying about it now.

thomas smith : The PC world would go insane if they watched this movie. LMAO

Tony No Boloni : Rest in peace Gunny You will be missed

What Burns My Bacon : There is no humanly way I could keep a straight face.

Gregsterstyle's Corner 1994 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey who passed away this morning from pneumonia.

Luketheduke : R.I.P Gunny. Don't be too hard on the angels up there.

kyle 14 : It's sad Sergeant Hartman dies.

Andrew Taylor : Donald Trump should name Sergeant Hartman as his Secretary of State.

Navaros : How am I just realizing how funny this is now

High Altitude Productions : 6:30 Doesn't matter how tough you think you are, that kind of punishment will break you down in no time.

Dylan Callender : "finger-banging ol Mary Jane rottencrotch" gets me every time😂😂😂

Darude Sandstorm : Never forget, Marines die, that's what we're here for. But the Marine corps lives forever, so you live forever! RIP Gunny.

Robert Johnson : Dude should have won an oscar for this role. Top notch insults

Hustle Man : For everybody saying you couldn't have kept a straight face trust me you would have out of fear.

CLIn7 l33tW00d : I don't know how many recruits were under R. Lee Ermey in the film, but let's say 30. Out of 30, one killed himself. That makes it a 3% casualty rate. I bet if they put special snowflakes that are milennials through a camp like that today, casualty rate would be over 90%.

Sharar Ahmed : RIP RONALD

SouthCalifas619 : wonder if any marine has commited suicide during boot camp before

Ju's Outdoors : 6:19 And a meme was born

Jeremy Stephenson : "5'9", I DIDN'T KNOW THEY STACKED SHIT THAT HIGH!" Damn, I love this movie!

kittensofdeath : 9:20 Top 10 saddest anime deaths

Tallacus : Hats off to R. Lee Ermy, Vietnam Vet, real life Drill Instructor, actor and beloved father and grandfather, they say other then the love he had for his family his only other love was the Marine corps, Semper Fi Sergeant Ermy, truly a great American

SomeGuyYeah007 : As a side note, my old high school hired a former Drill Sergent as an in school driving instructor as part of an after school program. I still remember his name: Mr. Blair. To say Mr. Blair was intense and intimidating would be an understatement. He was a large man and seemed to be made entirely of muscle and tendon. He always had a look on his face like he was thinking about punching you and he walked really fast with a sense of purpose even if it was for only a few feet. He always liked to compare the roads to the battlefield. One day he asked me a question about some road rule and I didn't know the answer. This is almost word for word (he was kind of hard to forget) for the following exchange: Mr. Blair: "So, okay, you're dead. You don't know the answer and you were out on the road, screwed up because you weren't paying attention, got into an accident, and now they are scraping your brains off the asphalt. The streets are like a warzone; one mistake can kill you." Me: "I wouldn't say they are that similar..." Mr. Blair: "Excuse me? Please repeat yourself. I want to make sure what you said was as stupid as I thought it was." Me: "Um. I am just saying that driving to the mall isn't exactly storming the beaches of Normandy. It's not that dangerous." Mr. Blair: "Okay. It was even stupider than I thought. Listen, you are controlling a chunk of metal that can weigh over two tons and reach speeds in excess of 120mph. Not that dangerous? It can collide into another chunk of metal that can weigh over two tons and reach speeds in excess of 120mph. Not that dangerous? You can hit a person walking down the street and break their arm or their leg or their back or their neck or crush their skull or cave their ribcage or tear their head from their body. Not that dangerous? If you hit a wall or another car you can get into an accident that if your parents are lucky they will still be able to get an open casket. Not that dangerous?! Explain yourself!" Me: "Uh..." Mr. Blair: "Uh? That is all you have to say? Uh? I thought so. You see that is your problem. You THINK you know how the world works, so you don't listen. You go throughout life blissfully unaware of how close you are to the gruesome realities of this world on a daily basis. You need someone to ram some sense into your head because you obviously will never learn it on your own. You don't know shit about shit and I am someone who knows shit about shit, so shut your mouth, listen, and I will teach you."

K9uKNIT : I would pay the drill sergeant to insult me😂😂

Dan Kidd : When Pyle is getting the blanket party with the soap--D'Onfrino's acting is too good-his cries and moans and asking 'why?' have always disturbed me to the the core, so to speak. It is like a concentrated summary in cruel nature of man, of evil. Sad. Sickening. Real.

MailmanwhohappensToBeAMilkman : 1:49 I am dead !!!

koushik raja : Vincent D'nofrio is a terrific actor, but man he's trying soo hard not to laugh lol

30secondstomarsMBH : I think this is without a doubt one of the funniest if not THE funniest performance in human history. Like, you CANNOT watch this and not laugh till you cry.

Abood Alshawaf : Never gets old!!!

Ratkill9000 : Rest in Peace Gunny

Niko Bellic : This movie ended after Hartman died

Joseph Harris : If anyone wants to know why Vincent D'Onofrio was a good Kingpin on the Netflix show of Daredevil, look no further than the bathroom scene here as Pyles on Full Metal Jacket. That scene alone explains why Vincent D'Onofrio was casted as the Kingpin for that show!

xNAJAFx : To bad Pyle lost it. He was making progress. I would love to see him make it as a sniper.

Dorian Gray : I had to give this a 👎 because this is such an Iconic scene in the movie that the quick edits and small cuts of some parts that were important was unnecessary to cut out and honestly ruined the greatness of the best scene in the Movie!¡

Metal-Thrashing-Mad : REST IN PEACE LEE!!!!!

Abby Mitchell : The boot camp scenes were the first things I ever saw from this movie when I was younger, so for years I thought this was a comedy film. I was way off.

The One Man Army : A Clockwork Orange is my recommendation to you, it's by the same director.

Jayfive276 : Sir! It is the Private's duty to suggest to the Senior Drill Instructor that he may have taken the wrong approach at the end there Sir!

Michael Maciejewicz : In today’s army he would be crucified for hitting people That’s all

SeanO Covers1999 : Considering how Ermey's performance was improvised(RIP), I'm surprised Pyle was the only one who couldn't keep a straight face.

TheBucketheadfan1991 : I can usually keep a straight face until he gets to Private Pyle... Did your parents have any children that lived? Sir yes sir! I bet they regret that!