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Comments from Youtube

graham peebles : It should be a federal crime to prank call the police

Grotto Bear : People who think calling a swat hit is a joke deserve life in prison for attempted murder. Piece of dirt people.

Ari Petrou : So glad all safe my g see you in a couple weeks 🙏🏾

Snake7445 : 12:31 your welcome

Ju Joe : Imagine if he didnt see the cop cars and went out there with a knife thinking someone was trying to break in. They would have shot him on sight because he would have matched the description. Things like this piss me off.

Jason S : Welcome to USA..... Freedom is an illusion here...unless you have ridiculous amounts of money.

RetroPunk Gaming : Moved to America to be in a safer place.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

whanowa : Let me get that straight, you wanted to move to a safer place than England and picked the USA? Why not go to Syria rightaway, I heard it's nice there. I'm not saying what happened to you isn't f*cked up. Swatting is a serious problem.

atlantis719 : You should talk to an attorney and see if there is some compensation you can get from the city for the emotional distress you and your family endured. Also, maybe start investing in some video surveillance around your house so if something like this happens again you can tell the cops to roll back your camera footage and they can see nobody was walking around the house with any kind of weapons or if there was it definitely wasn't you.

YoongiInfiresMe : Bro, I got chills. He coulda been dead. That scared me. I hate ppl that waste the cop's and swat's time dude. I feel sorry for u bro. Hope ur fiance ok

Lauren Bruno : I agree. This is attempted murder. I really hope you find the person who called the police bc that child couldve easily grown up without a father. Whoever finds that to be a prank is sick in the head

Clayton Boyd : LA cops have the worst reputation.....They are worse than the criminals.

fortnite_katie_roses_123 : THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL love ur vids xx

Shottix Games : I know I'm late. But if someone in the UK called in that someone had a gun then they would send out a armed response unit. I doubt it with a knife but 100% with a gun they would. It still wouldn't be the same level as the USA though. Stay safe Ryan.

Hoplophobic : America in a nutshell ..... move to the uk

Numptee : Dude I've only just started watching your shit a day ago after finding Ally a few days before....swatting is MESSED UP. People who sit in front of computers too much and are detached from reality...not realising what could actually happen from their actions.....utter coward fools. Much love from Oz, stoked to find some Pommy guys doing cool shit on YT.

Ski Guy : How can someone do this? Such a disregard for human life, it wasn’t a funny prank, it was a sadistic attempt at getting famous or being cool with their friends, and not only did you risk the life of Ryan, but also risked the life of his fiancée, unborn baby, and dog, and they don’t know what’s happening or why it’s happening, what the fuck is wrong with them? What in life ever made them have to try to ruin the lives of so many people who can contribute to society?

fuckitdoit : Sounds like your mate at mafia bikes has been making some phone calls!

Callum Kirk : Madness and certifam can I have a shout out plz If you do them

Nines : Gta 5, 5 Star Wanting By Police😂😂😂

Victoria : the people saying that he should sue the police department, there would be no case because the cops are doing their jobs. That’s what happens when someone “pranks” someone like that. The only thing the police can do is try and find the person who is swatting. It’s a unfortunate situation truly.

leah jade : I have subscribed I love you so much ur the best youtuber ever

Oskar Klonowski : It Was Obviously MAFIABIKES 😂😂

Wølfy_ Beats : “I moved to America to be in a safer place” PEOPLE OWN GUNNSSSSS

Cool Waters : Bring that quick extention bra....you gangster bra...

Daniel Johnson : What if they broke down the door and you were packing your bag and they thought you were pulling out a gun and killed you

McBobberTon : "These guys aren't here to ride the ramp" 😂😂😂😂

TJ Lavin : I’m glad you’re ok man that’s f’d up.

TY - : I'm hoping the guy that did this plays Frogger during rush hour

UKz Romulus : Wait until your hit with UK armed police SCO19 haha

jake : Have epic is evening bmx session on own ramp!

Joe Brown : The uk has like mp5 tazers and pistols still bad

Thomas Arndt : I don't understand why police show up. All the calls to 911 are traced right away. Hmm... let's see, we're getting a call of a guy at a house in California but the call is coming from across the country... cops shouldn't even show up.

RyZe Flamez : A YouTuber called Jack Doherty keeps getting swated by a kid calling the police as a joke I just isn’t funny

Dante Granito : Why didn't you sue that guy for doing that to you bro #certi fam


IG: _ad.3124_ : What a time to plug 😂😂


Davi Bs : Bota legenda em Português

Staulk The Fiery Youtuber : Tell the police that it was attempted murder on 911 yourself!

Jellybean : Moving to America to feel safer? 🤣

Chriz Sea. : Who was the individual that called this in?!? That's the real question.

Jordan Fisher : Literally one of the only channels i keep up with, i wish i can get the opportunity to meet you man. You're real af

CaelebH06 : Gee I am so glad you are still here thanks for YouTubing

Matthew Gage : Make a shoe collection video!

Aiden Furr : Hope you are ok love you and vlogs

mustang tank : If that happened to me I would die from a hart attack

MiiSKaii : People are just mad because your successful... people are dumb

Adam Kirk : WTF who would do that thats messed up