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Night Scape : Sooo fucked up bro. Can’t imagine how sick the person who does this kind of stuff has to be. Love bro glad you’re good ❤️

Ari Petrou : So glad all safe my g see you in a couple weeks 🙏🏾

whanowa : Let me get that straight, you wanted to move to a safer place than England and picked the USA? Why not go to Syria rightaway, I heard it's nice there. I'm not saying what happened to you isn't f*cked up. Swatting is a serious problem.

king.crazy : Go to America to be in a safer place💀

Abdullah Shaikh : Your wife could have lost the baby from stress this makes me sick

TJ Lavin : I’m glad you’re ok man that’s f’d up.

Adolf Hitler : all police are armed

Braunstein Bears : People who think calling a swat hit is a joke deserve life in prison for attempted murder. Piece of dirt people.

C’est Moi : Welcome to the United Police State of America mate, nobody is free in America.

Gaming Newstand : Moved to America to be in a safer place.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Benelux supercars : it was maffia bikes who pranked you

Josh DeCremer : Man anyone who says the police went to far are actually retarded, they just did their job. And yes swatting people is mega screwed up and the person who did it should be jailed, but the police aren’t to blame here.

c c : Thank god you weren’t black, they would’ve shot you for holding your phone lol. Glad you’re ok!

JumpyGames : The police did nothing wrong they weren't gonna shoot your fiance they thought she was the victim. It sounded like you were angry at the police that was trying to keep your fiance and child safe.

Christian23 : Mate, you have to understand that when someone calls in police to your house for... lets say a "hostage situation". Police don't take that lightly, the're thinking you have someone hostage. So they don't care who you are, what your wife is doing. Your dog. Ect. They care about getting people out of that house to take down the suspect. Deep down police really care. So don't throw hate on LAPD for doing their job. It sucks that sick people do this shit for lols. Its disgusting. But please don't get mad at the Police, its not their fault.


Brenden Risser : I really don't understand why you are saying it's the police/swatting team's fault. They were doing there job, and if there is a threat they are going to confront it.

Wayne : People doing this shit should be jailed for a mandatory 10 years. no early release.

Hoplophobic : America in a nutshell ..... move to the uk

Dookie Boot : They pulled the guns out. Why not the tasers

Kian Oliver : 1 thumbs up = WTF

Snake7445 : 12:31 your welcome

Sports4life Sports4life : I live in the U.S. and I hate the police here there very violent, there rasict, and like you said one sudden move you do when the cops are around you are died

B&S Food Creations : Dude litterly your profile picture is u in a pair of black shorts and no shirt with tattoos WTF

Rafael dk : F THE POLICE 🖕🏼

Benny One : Not too late to move back...

YoongiInfiresMe : Bro, I got chills. He coulda been dead. That scared me. I hate ppl that waste the cop's and swat's time dude. I feel sorry for u bro. Hope ur fiance ok

YTAirhead : this is why it's scary to become a livestreamer or vlogger you gotta be super careful with information

froto baggins : welcome to the police state. sad isn't it? the police are just a bunch of tools. they clearly know what swatting its yet continue to allow themselves to be used as a tool as they violate everyone's rights. one anonymous call and they will kill anyone.

Quijybo Janklebits : I hope you sue the cops

01DOGG01 : I wouldn't sue the cops. Can't blame them. I'd be trying to find the guy who did this though.

Marcel Sakas : Omg bro .. im glad that’s youre ok

Esha Xoxo : Whoever did that went way to far...


dickos : Ryan...stop pissing people off in the USA you will be deported mate!

DashCam Journals PH : Time to change your address bro. low lifes got a hold of your info. Keep safe

Donut Operator : You were detained, not arrested. Also, that wasn't a swat team.

Hcreighton : Wtf... who tf did this

Chriz Sea. : Who was the individual that called this in?!? That's the real question.

Ski Guy : How can someone do this? Such a disregard for human life, it wasn’t a funny prank, it was a sadistic attempt at getting famous or being cool with their friends, and not only did you risk the life of Ryan, but also risked the life of his fiancée, unborn baby, and dog, and they don’t know what’s happening or why it’s happening, what the fuck is wrong with them? What in life ever made them have to try to ruin the lives of so many people who can contribute to society?

Mike Fede : This is crazy bro!

Faded Paws Gaming : I don't understand what people gain from getting people swatted or potentially get someone killed. It's just really a messed up thing that people don't understand would could actually happen with just the slightest movements of a prank could go to a cop killing some innocent person.

jake : Have epic is evening bmx session on own ramp!

Gamer Boss361 : What music did u use in the backround

daba : Sue them

Agent47 : First mistake you made. Moving to America to be safe.

David hughesberg : Get on with it

Tony 109 : I'm hoping the guy that did this plays Frogger during rush hour

Staulk The Fiery Youtuber : Tell the police that it was attempted murder on 911 yourself!

Jay Walker : You better sue them big money..send your kid to college...you have to.