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Kian : 1 thumbs up = WTF

whanowa : Let me get that straight, you wanted to move to a safer place than England and picked the USA? Why not go to Syria rightaway, I heard it's nice there. I'm not saying what happened to you isn't f*cked up. Swatting is a serious problem.

Ari Petrou : So glad all safe my g see you in a couple weeks 🙏🏾

graham peebles : It should be a federal crime to prank call the police

Grotto Bear : People who think calling a swat hit is a joke deserve life in prison for attempted murder. Piece of dirt people.

Benelux supercars : it was maffia bikes who pranked you

Donut Operator : You were detained, not arrested. Also, that wasn't a swat team.

Gaming Newstand : Moved to America to be in a safer place.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

king.crazy : Go to America to be in a safer place💀

Snake7445 : 12:31 your welcome

DashCam Journals PH : Time to change your address bro. low lifes got a hold of your info. Keep safe

Hoplophobic : America in a nutshell ..... move to the uk

Vladimir Putin : First mistake you made. Moving to America to be safe.

YoongiInfiresMe : Bro, I got chills. He coulda been dead. That scared me. I hate ppl that waste the cop's and swat's time dude. I feel sorry for u bro. Hope ur fiance ok

szakeetm : The police didn’t identify themselves, just pointed the gun in the guy’s face and shouted put your hands up. From the tenants’s perspective, it’s unknown armed people in black on his domicile trying to murder him. Very unprofessional, the guy could have tried to defend himself.

Benny One : Not too late to move back...

Tony θ : I'm hoping the guy that did this plays Frogger during rush hour

Victoria : the people saying that he should sue the police department, there would be no case because the cops are doing their jobs. That’s what happens when someone “pranks” someone like that. The only thing the police can do is try and find the person who is swatting. It’s a unfortunate situation truly.

Clayton Boyd : LA cops have the worst reputation.....They are worse than the criminals.

D.M. N. : "it's just a prank, bro"


Steve Jobs : What’s happening with Ally?? Is he in custody, traveling killed??(I hope he wasn’t killed)

Reagan Brooker Beaumont : Getting swatted is so shit man, but the American police need to chill! They have controversially killed so many people, America is such a backwards country. It’s so racist and the police just are so unnecessarily aggressive, in England they are calm, they understand people’s rights etc

Ski Guy : How can someone do this? Such a disregard for human life, it wasn’t a funny prank, it was a sadistic attempt at getting famous or being cool with their friends, and not only did you risk the life of Ryan, but also risked the life of his fiancée, unborn baby, and dog, and they don’t know what’s happening or why it’s happening, what the fuck is wrong with them? What in life ever made them have to try to ruin the lives of so many people who can contribute to society?

Arendiko : swatting only happens in america........ just saying......

Liofa : That's America for you. British Police would never over react like that. Sounds like your neighbours want you out, called the Police because they don't like you living there. Time to move, sounds like a loony knows where you live.

Staulk The Fiery Youtuber : Tell the police that it was attempted murder on 911 yourself!

Black Phiniz : A officer can't break into a house they may go in to you property and that because they had a warrant or ample evidence to go into your property

Lauren Bruno : I agree. This is attempted murder. I really hope you find the person who called the police bc that child couldve easily grown up without a father. Whoever finds that to be a prank is sick in the head

B&S Food Creations : Dude litterly your profile picture is u in a pair of black shorts and no shirt with tattoos WTF

Plexiate : Can't believe people are still swatting after that murder charge on the swatter a few months back.


Karl Marx's Goldfish : stop filming around your house change what you wear

Douglas Ashworth : That’s police brutality

01DOGG01 : I wouldn't sue the cops. Can't blame them. I'd be trying to find the guy who did this though.

Jason S : Welcome to USA..... Freedom is an illusion here...unless you have ridiculous amounts of money.

Lord Nose : Bring that quick extention bra....you gangster bra...

PJ : I've been there, not with swat level, and had my house searched and tossed and put it handcuffs all over some false accusations that weren't true. I totally understand how you feel when you say you don't want to live in your own home now and feel violated! I had my 4yr old son upstairs when it happened to me and I was downstairs and opened my front door to like 6 cops with guns pointed at me and like 6 more behind them. I wasn't able to get my son who was scared shitless and I kept telling them my son was upstairs and he is 4 and he is the only other person here and not to scare him. I wanted them to let him come downstairs and also not to shoot my dog! they don't care and do whatever they want when they are in your home. they had the nerve to even question my 4yr old son out front while I was being questioned inside. I had to yell out not to talk to my son about anything without my permission since he is only 4!!!! : (. so done with California and want to move out of state and up in the hills away from all the BS now.

Rossi Doggy : I don’t find this a game or funny

TJ Lavin : I’m glad you’re ok man that’s f’d up.

Sports4life Sports4life : I live in the U.S. and I hate the police here there very violent, there rasict, and like you said one sudden move you do when the cops are around you are died

daba : Sue them

Penny Cipher : That prank is horbll

atlantis719 : You should talk to an attorney and see if there is some compensation you can get from the city for the emotional distress you and your family endured. Also, maybe start investing in some video surveillance around your house so if something like this happens again you can tell the cops to roll back your camera footage and they can see nobody was walking around the house with any kind of weapons or if there was it definitely wasn't you.

TheGebs24 : Dude gtfo of the USA!

Nathan-N14Nismo : Not a fan of yours man at all. But that’s fuked. I feel for ya man. An to those saying the cops were doing there jobs How many innocent people have they killed due to overkill an not assessing the situation first. They know damn well this crap/swatting happens so one would think they’d have a plan so they don’t kill innocent people. If they had half a brain they’d look who lives there an do 3 minuets research as to what’s goin on. Fuk Merica police. Glad I’m in Australia.

B V : Only someone willing to kill people would do something so disgusting, potentially killing anyone in the house or even the unborn baby through stress to the mother. Pure evil. They should be hunted down like a person with multiple attempted murders and locked away. They are a danger to life. This is no prank, people don't go round thrusting knives at people shouting it's a prank. And even that is safer because at least one person knows there is no harm intended.

gordon hotchkiss : I think it is sick and I hope they catch the person and I am holding back my words on that one, because whoever did it not only put your life in danger but your fiances and unborn baby. Itd is just sick and disgusting. I was completely appalled by it.

Rafael dk : F THE POLICE 🖕🏼

TheRoyalCoconut : This is just wasting police time, when they could be a RLY threat going on