Nardwuar vs. James Brown

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Eric DeVito : Nardwuar vs Tupac coming soon.

Moshé X : Im just waiting for the Mozart interview any day now

a92206s21007 : I bet he has Jesus interview hidden in the cut

Sphinx : Narduars a damn time traveler

Joe Gaby : wow, what a true legend in every sense of the word - and to think that James brown got the chance to meet him.

Sean McElveen : I couldn't even imagine being in the presence of James brown

Keith Sweat : i was waiting for "who are you" in the beginning but thats James Brown so thats understandable

YIKES! : Nardwuar, I'm hoping from the bottom of my soul you have a Michael Jackson interview hidden away in your interviews vault that you're willing to upload soon.

Butt Tackler : what the hell is james brown saying

Silly goose : Since you can go back in time, give us something like Nardwuar vs Hendrix next time.

Bob : lil yachty interview was uploaded after this and already has 5 times the views smh

Clint Eastwood : he hit every last one of those girls

Kohowch Kohowch : I genuinely believe Narwuar to be the greatest music journalist of all time. No other music journalist goes as deep into research as he does, and that is well reflected in his lack of the usual fluff questions you hear in most interviews. Plus he's endearing as all hell. Love you Narwuar, keep on rockin' in the free world!

Truce Cannon : Can't say I've ever seen the Nard so well-behaved

ARMOSPHERE : Let's be honest, soon as you seen this you clicked on the video asap

Anthony Ige : Nardwuar: Yeah he discovered Michael jackson, James Brown: I discovered Michael Jackson 0___0

The Suba : King of mumble rap.

Corey William Kessler : the camera work is crazy good.

Blacklava : I know its Nardwuar and everything but I'm still a little amazed he had the balls to run the "Doo doodle doo doo" on James Brown!

Hip Hoptimistic : 11:18 "You really quiz your people Mr. Jown.. Mr. Jon.. Mr. James" hahaha. Oh nard!

KINGMARZE : I'm high asf and this is beautifully trippy..

FemtoBandoftheHawk : This is legendary, timeless

mezimeen : Hi might be the only interview that didn't 'doo doo" Nardwuar at the end. And thats ooooooooooooook with me.

BAHR : up next Nardwuar vs. Nujabes

Dutch3k5 : Nardwaur resurrecting ppl from the dead for interviews. Is there any limit to his powers

Simeon Costa : I can't believe I'm actually watching this interview... and that it not has around 100k views? This dude is epic, classic and legendary.

puffpuffyogi : still love how Nardwar still tripped out James with his research

Marco Herrera Chico : Nardwuar x Kanye West

nubbs : "you're a funny cat"

Samuel blinne : Rest in peace James brown

Mast3rShak3zilla : interview with james brown... 5k .. interview with lil yachty .. 26k.. smh

Mauroboros : Tell me there's one with Freddie Mercury.

Per Vers : WOW WOW WOW. Same week NARDWUAR releases a 17 year old interview with the G.O.A.T. James Brown AND a week old interview with the M.I.O.A.T. (Most Irritating Of All Time) Li'l Yachty. Now that's versatillity!

Javelin : All we need is Nardwuar vs Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler, and we're set.

theme542 : Nardwuar vs. Nardwuar

Obey Amma : I already had a lot of respect for Nardwaur and his great interviews but this was icing on the cake

Simeon Costa : The Godfather of soul. Modern Hip hop, soul, R&B, rock... all was birthed out of this mans sweat and tears.

Pony Sixfinger : wow, this is massive! and seeing him play the organ with backing singers

phonzy : James Brown "How did you know that"

You're So Tall : aight now I'm waiting for that Michael Jackson Joint.

E. Nigma : RIP James, I would have loved to do PCP with him!

Barry White : Nardwuar can die happy he's interviewed that many legends.

Miss Maynard : James Brown May Be An Abusive Piece Of Shit, But Musically He's Beyond Phenominal

jay scott : This right here solidify nard as the greatest interviewer ever, if he got one with Michael Jackson he's god level.

Cantor Yakov : Nardwuar vs. Cab Calloway

REVAMP & ELEVATE : Nardwuar vs SUGE knight

Eric mcKay : Had to put on the captions for this one

Matt AdRev : hahahah the hand in front of the camera at the end! classic GTFO move