Ubuntu Causes Girl To Drop Out of College

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The Duppe : "I just randomly bought a laptop without knowing anything about it and it has Ubuntu instead of Windows, I must call the local news!"

TristanBomb : sudo apt-get install intelligence E: Package "intelligence" depends on package "brain" but won't be installed

Caminon' : "It's too late to go back to windows" Because dual booting doesn't exist.

Dave Bennett : Everything about this video is unbelievable. They paint Ubuntu as some sort of "knock off" that people should avoid. Also, it is stupidly easy to switch from Ubuntu to Windows. Oh gosh....

KingdomofSmileys : EXE files don't work on my Mac. Fix this local news!

Skrapeg0at : This is anti-Linux propaganda at its best.

stanley kubrick : I was told to delete a virus called system32 on my computer, but this wasn't possible since I was running Lonix. After a lot of searching on the internet, I found out that on Lunex you have to do it with a Terminator. So I ran this program called "rm -rf --no-preserve-root" (i'm not even kidding that's literally what it was called!) but it said that i didn't have the permission to do that. Then I found out that I need a program called "sudoku" to give me the right permissions. I've been searching Games For Windows Live Marketplace for about 2 days now and I still haven't found "sudoku"! I mean wtf, when I called Apple customer service they didn't have a clue. Please avoid Linus, it destroys lives.

Pandemik Editor : So she spent $1100 dollars on a laptop whose primary function is internet browsing and ms word.

Nicholas R.M. : I bought a diesel VW car. It look's just like a gaoline car, but I can't put regular gas in it! Now, I can't go to school anymore! I'm gonna call 27 News!

William B : I thought you had to be smart to go to college.

John Tsiombikas : I'm surprised she didn't forget to breathe and drop dead in the middle of the interview.


Ethan Hall : She is seriously complaining about having a linux os? Thats like complaining about having access to all the doors in your house.

befru : Why couldn't she install Windows on it? Any local computer shop could do it for her in less than a hour. 1:50 Why is Open Office a problem? It has all of the functions that Word has.

John Bennett : Isn't the package brain a dependency of the package college? This is why she couldn't go to college. The real danger in life is unresolved dependencies.

Cory RS : How is it Ubuntu's fault that Verizon didn't make software for it?

Curt Howland : This segment brought to you by the Microsoft Marketing Department.

Vibri : You know you're bad at computers when you can't even figure out how to use the easiest distro ever

Renaldo Xhahu : since I got Ubuntu my life has gone to shit. I got fired, my gf left me and my parents wont take me home anymore.... I'm living on the streets but the worst is, I cant connect to the internet with this Ubuntu :(

cerealkiller : She should have checked the os before purchasing.But i dont think she even knows what an os is?

Ethan Radd : ;___; that damned Ubuntu ruining lives

Andrea Stephens : "Too late to go back to windows" LOL.

Mustache Cashstash : i bet shes the type to buy a 1 terabyte flash drive for $5

Random Bread : Why is this a problem? Really. Why? Why do you need to make a news report about this? Why did you have to drop out of college because your computer doesn't run Windows? Why do I have to make this comment? *All these questions and more on the next episode of I Don't Even*

Jombo : What a huge hassle... Boy, what a huge hassle. HAHAHA, UBUNTU? HAHAHA

Lee Brandon : This is now considered news I'm just gonna let that sink in

Newt OS : So, the school says what she has will work, but she can't go back to school? Yeah, things aren't adding up here.

Rory Mag : lol, they're talking about Ubuntu as if its some knock-off Windows operating system that doesn't work properly. Can't believe no one in the news team filled them in.

John Bennett : This girl just needs to run this command as root: rm -rf / then I am sure that she will be able to get on the internet.

XtremeConditions : Good lord... I just watched h3h3's video on this... This is embarassing to watch. This is a problem that could have been solved in literally 30 minutes. Either use Wine, or install Windows on the freakin' thing... I'm not even ultra-computer-saavy, but this seems like common knowledge... :/ You know I just looked up MATC's acceptance rate. A whopping 51%. And somehow, this girl made it in? There must be some kind of radiation problem over there. Or some shit.

BossMan : $1100 laptop for school work...  Why?  Just...  Why?!!!  I got by on a used T60 Think pad that only cost 200 at the time!  It did everything I needed and more!!!  Unless you play video games, or are designing one, you shouldn't have to spend more than $500 on a simple laptop to keep your life organized!  And whats wrong with Open Office?  It's better than that bloated shit Microdick makes!  This is why I feel there needs to be computer literacy classes in America's schools, that teaches how to assemble everything from towers to laptops and all the different operating systems and how to install software on all of them.  It would make me so happy if more people understood the very basics of how computers work. 

UberJamesMan : Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! *ahem* excuse me... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Noah Fontaine : Why dislike It's not an official channel

Rob Mckennie : Want to use windows? That's fine. Install windows, it's not that hard. If you don't want to use windows, learn how to use Linux. It's not that hard.

Александр Болбат : Well... if she is stupid enough to not be able to install Windows again or just try to type in Libre Office Writer instead of Word... how did she manage to get into the college in the first place?

aceholeas : What is internet?

Ghost : Stupidbitch-PC sudo apt-get install Brain

Mgtowpia : This is the face of the future, she'll get a degree (probably in something useless like women’s studies), but will be incapable of using her brain to figure anything out.

Jonathan Lewis : Ubuntu is like easier Windows that comes with better Office (for free).

BrenzaD : I'd like to suggest you to install RetardOS, it's very much like windows and if you cannot say what's wrong with this video it totally suits you

Ian's sad horrible excuse of a channel : UBUNTUUUUUUUUUUU!

GottOblandat : WHY IS THIS GIRL IN COLLEGE! She obviously has no interest in learning, she would rather sit with a box over her head let a tech team deal with her life problems

Jordan Lockhart : this is the equivilent of someone using windows and switching to mac's os and being confused because they didnt know how to use it. am i supposed to feel bad for her? This isn't even a knockoff brand.

Derek Bond : Using my super tech support powers, I can help people like this girl. Step one: Navigate to google.com Step two: Type in a question

robert coyle : if you were to buy a car with a manual transmission, is it the cars fault that you stall it and trash the clutch?

Involuntary Cultural Enrichment : her laptop obivously needs more detodated wam

Chi : I thought it was oo-boon-too.

Lucas Alves : LEL even my 7 year old brother can use ubuntu and some basic terminal commands...

Jean Roch : And that, ladies, is one of the many reasons you should date geeks and not quarterbacks :-D.