10 Ways To Tell if an Introvert Is Mad At You

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Karin • : I'm so much of an introvert that I never answer calls anyway I'll only call someone if it's a real emergency

Nezolika// Nessie : Yeeaaahhh *they’re mad at me.*

Eli Smirnov : INTJ are an exception. we dont avoid conflicts. we just wait for a better opportunity, to deliver maximum damage. of course all the drama is sacrificed, which sucks, but the results will be above average, mekeehehehehehehehheh.

Dream Wish : *No, I’m not depressed, I just want to be alone.*

Goldenashes : I saw the title and was like "Ok lets see if im pissed at someone"

Phat Spheal : Just gonna say, I'm an Introvert and i'm always making excuses for having not replied to text messages and such, but it's not because i'm angry at people, it's just because i play video games and will ignore the alert and then just forget about it.

The Chosen One : All of these are true for me especially number 9. I've always loved animals more than humans.

abigail Williams : And when we've reached our limit it is not pretty honey

abigail Williams : Where all my introverts at?

Chen's face, yeah, what is my life : Shhh stop giving us away 😂

Damira Škoko : I found my people 😄 Introvert for life!!!!!

Backon Lazer : Yea, this is unfortunately true =/ My friend once borrowed my eraser without my permission and passed it around the class. When I got it back it was full of holes. I was furious on the inside and immediately started the one word answers, excuses and isolation treatment. I guess it was a little bit silly, but I had been tolerating his nonsense for a long time.

Jinshields : I tend to be really sarcastic when I mad. Sometimes to the point I might be mean.

Raichaelrocks : More people need to understand this. People also confuse 'Shutting down' as 'Giving attitude' even though you become emotionless

loco wolfe 1 : My recommended list is REALLY concerning me

Psych2Go : Let us know what you think of this new animation style! And what other topics you would like to request!

WhiteWolfTheJess : I’m going to send this to my friend.... she doesn’t understand the short sentences or the random anger 😑

Enya Reitz : Okay, being an introvert is NOT cool. Those 7000+ comments that are saying how introverted they are? Well, then where are the extroverts? 1. Not answering text messages or calls because you are doing something does NOT make you introverted. It means that you are actually busy. When people call me 'social', I simply tell them that I didn't have any friends until 4th grade. I have 'friends' who my mom befriended so that they would say hi to me sometimes but I dive so deep into my work and I've hung out with anyone at all once this whole school year. And well, no, not everything from this video is true. Sure, I make more excuses, I refuse help, I bottle up my anger, but I don't really dive deep into my work and I do not relate to other introverts more.... Other introverts annoy me, because, well, no one talks about anything interesting. Sure, as an introvert I SHOULD despise socialisation and reject every aspect of society but when all of you friends just complain about their awkward encounters somewhere deep down you tell yourself "I have had worse...". One of my 'introverted' friends was spamming me in text asking me to tell her something, and when I left her on read, she went off so much on me and yeah, I was pissed at her because I have told her that I didn't want to talk about it, or at least not now, and no, not countless times, once, which should be enough times for a person to understand. I stopped talking to her. Yep, you got that part right. Her two cats were cute though, it was just very awkward. 2. Disliking people doesn't make you introverted, it makes you..... not like them. Disliking socialisation, however, does make you an introvert. It's pretty normal that you hate everyone at school because it is literally hell, but if you fake ANY friendships with ANYone, that makes you not introverted. 3. Disliking small dense spaces doesn't make you an introvert. That's being claustrophobic. Look it up. I dislike being in the same room as others. I either run to my elevator after school to avoid being in it with other people that live on my block, or I walk as slow as humanly possible to let them go first. I plug in my headphones without music playing to pretend I didn't hear something, I'm sorry, but you disliking tiny spaces does not secure your placement as an introvert.

Preston Garvey : It's sad that I can relate to this so much. Edit: At least it's not raining.

kiacantu : I don't like hugs and I prefer to work and be alone

Mayayaya : This is me even when someone doesn't piss me off

TayoPop : Im so introverted I don't even hang out with my dog

Squiggly Waffles : I relate to all these. I’ve even backhanded people that pushed me too far.

epicXbunnyXjawz : This video is completely false. I know introverts and extroverts that do this...not trying to sound sexist as it's based off of personal experience but extroverted or introverted woman seem to do this...once again person experience.

Xium'IN' Xium'OUT' : I guess my mom pissed me the hell off for a few years now damn.....

Hendry Ramadhan : Have you ever have introverted friend while yourself is an introvert? Its actually pain in the ass and i begin to hate introvert a.k.a myself 😂 But usually everythings gonna be alright and all is well 😅

Amady Chan : Oh no, my secrets are revealed

Sparkblade 0 : My Mom got mad at me because I replied to her with a extremely bored "sure" while she was talking.

-_Flor_- : why are you so opsessed with introverts

Happy life Productions : I just know I'm an introvert. How? Uhhh, yeah um, sooooooo, ok sorry gtg sorry idk byeee *disappears into the darkness (aka my happy place)*

Elva Light : 1. They don't talk to you much 2. they avoid you 3. you wake up and both your legs are broken

Keira_ Bookworm : Who here is an introvert with anxiety?

KawaiiBatgirl : This is definitely accurate

Zykieran Portis : I'm an ambivert, so I can mostly relate to this

Ms. Loki : 11. We give the death stare.

Jalynette : if I don't like someone I just ignore everything they say and act like they don't exist until they get the message. 😬

Josh Matternn : Me at everyone

Dakota Deputy : I'm an introvert and if you pissed me off. I do the exact same thing. If im in a group with a few people. and an other person comes by. I LEAVE ASAP XD lol. i just don't want to hear his/her voice then. It takes my energy away. o_o

TheTemporaryChannel // TTC : I do most of these without being mad.

Ectos : Lol just relized how much i say that i have a lot to do when i reality i have nothing to do but just do it so i could avoid people lol

Panda Car : I don’t answer calls anyways...I hate them


WeirdMamaModTwin : My life in a nutshell.

*Candy * : Our strats! Nuuu!

pintobeanpintobean : I have 3 introverts upset with me now. Oh well....

Stormie Bishop : i just realized .... I AM a introvert .... :D

Fridersino18 : what's the name of the song?

Diency : Simply so accurate

Jazz Rosier : I need to send this to all my friends/family 😂

New Yorki : Oh my god o do all of these things and I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t the only one