10 Ways To Tell if an Introvert Is Mad At You

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Phat Spheal : Just gonna say, I'm an Introvert and i'm always making excuses for having not replied to text messages and such, but it's not because i'm angry at people, it's just because i play video games and will ignore the alert and then just forget about it.

Angel Bulldog : I'm an extroverted introvert. I'm social when needed, but not for one minute longer than I have to be. I like people. I just like them better when they leave me the hell alone.

Max Aiello : I'm guessing about 75% of people watching this are introverts.

Animaker : No introvert answers the phone

Sandy g. : “If you tick off an introvert, you’ve made an enemy for life” #facts

Talon Greenlee : Man, I do most of this stuff even when I’m not pissed at anyone. Especially the pet thing. Playing with animals is so much simpler than dealing with humans, and much more rewarding.

Heather Allene : I honestly laughed a little too hard when the introvert angrily limped to the ambulance and slammed the doors not because it was funny but just because I could see myself being that ridiculously petty

xDemonicぇ : I like how everyone watching this video is an introvert

IMMA CREEKER BITCH : I’m only introverted around people I’m not close to. If you’re my Best Friend, I will be the loudest person ever.

Idk • : I'm so much of an introvert that I never answer calls anyway I'll only call someone if it's a real emergency

Sean You Know Who : I am an introvert and I disagree with a lot of what is presented in this video. Introverts will be silent to think through the situation. The longer they are silent or avoid you, the more they need to think through the incident or issue. Extroverts will blurt our thoughts and ideas as they come. Introverts need to work through them, organize thoughts, and logically present their perspective. Think of it this way....Ask an extrovert “Do you need me to help take care of your dog for the day?” Extroverts answer “Well, I am going to the grocery store this morning. Then I have to pick up stuff at a friends house. Oh, later I am meeting a friend for lunch. Well, I have a doctors appt in the afternoon. Oh, a plumber is suppose to come by at 4:00. I have to pick up the kids at school later. So I guess yes.” Introvert would have been silent for a minute or two as s/he thought all the same thoughts. Then said “Yes I do”. So silence and avoidance is not passive aggressive or necessarily retaliatory to another person. The introvert is working through the thoughts and emotions of the incident before moving forward with the relationship.

Crustylips McGee : Unfortunately I used to do all of this stuff all of the time. It's not because I was mad it was because I was depressed.

Goldie The Warrior : Introverts don't answer phone calls

Clarka Kento : I have to say that this is a dangerous over-generalization of introversion. I am an introvert, but I am in no way apathetic towards other people. I'm have genuine sincerity and I empathized towards people I care about or even people I don't even know.

Damira Škoko : I found my people 😄 Introvert for life!!!!!

Topher Bec : #11 introverts will plot their revenge slowly. Days, weeks or months. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Brittany Cartwright : This really isn’t accurate, primarily because the premise is false. Introvert does not equate to passive aggressive

zeinawali shaheera : This is actually pretty accurate. Wish more people would know this.

kadir u. : Suddenly everyone in the comment section is an introvert!

iClaimThisName : I'm not mad when I pay more attention to their pets than them I just love cats okay

ZariJackson : I hate the fact that I related to this too well. The whole "silent treatment" and "one word answers" is big for me because I feel as though the reason I'm upset is over something small, or I tell myself that I'm overreacting. No matter what it is. So do I bring it up and come off as whiny? Or do I just ignore it and pretend like everything is fine (and do the other things I mentioned)? It tends to put a strain on relationships too because I know they require communication but I just shut down.

Justin Bailey : I usually hit the gym when I'm pissed at someone. Bill: wow, have you been doing steroids? You got ripped quick. Me: I work out when I'm angry. Bill: ... I'm going to avoid you now.

Edward Stow : I used to think I was an extrovert. And then I encountered other people.

Stillestaatt : Damn, I know someone I want to send this to. But I'm too introverted to be open about it...

Psych2Go : Let us know what you think of this new animation style! And what other topics you would like to request!

Incadazant01 : I'm an introvert, but in a manic/depressive sort of way, where I'll be happy to hang out with people, but give me long enough in a crowd, and I'll be done, ready to disappear into my own private world.

KazukiriMishamiota : I feel like you're misinterpreting introvert here for socially awkward and shy. I'm very much an introvert - I prefer solitude and I find interacting with people to be exhausting, especially if there's more than two or three people at the same time, and yet.... not even one of these describes me. I do internalize a lot of my feelings, but I work through them. I don't just bottle them all up until I explode. Doing that isn't healthy and it hurts both you and the people you may care about. While talking to others about your feelings can help in certain circumstances, sometimes doing research and reflecting on how you feel and why you feel that way works even better than talking to others at relieving pent up negative emotions. One thing that I find to be particularly cathartic in cases where you're furious with someone (especially in instances where telling someone exactly how you feel is guaranteed to make the situation spiral out of control) is to visualize that person while you're alone and "talk" to them. Push out every last bit of vitriol you have in you and throw it at your visualization. While it may not solve how you feel, it'll relieve some of that tension and help you get to a point where you can respond to the person calmly and rationally about what happened and why it wasn't okay. I don't like confrontation, but thinking that you can avoid it forever just isn't very pragmatic.

Sylver Wolf : Hello fellow introverts 👋😁

Chris Ferrero : I'm an introvert and I talk on the phone a lot to different people, business wise and social wise. I'm very well spoken and have probably better social skills than most people I know yet I use my energy wisely and avoid wasting time with small talk and pointless socializing.

iClaimThisName : Honestly, who calls an ambulance when they sprain their ankle? I just suck it up... just me?

Mark Brown : I've learned to deal with anger more openly. Only because people don't understand us introverts, usually. I don't want to lose my freinds (I only have a couple) so I spit it out. I HATE it though. It's so tiring trying to explain to extroverts why I never want to socialize. Everything in this video has truth to it. I'm glad I finally understand why I am this way.

Makayla Dickens : Don’t infect me with your presence. 😂😂😂😂😂😂me

Erikai Carman : Im an introvert. All of these, arent just quirky normal behavior. All of these behaviors are incredibly childish and shouldnt be something that people are okay with as they can cause a lot of pain for others. Dont accept sickness, fight it

Dandelion Sky : I wish my friends watched this so they know when I hate them 😂

Jalynette : if I don't like someone I just ignore everything they say and act like they don't exist until they get the message. 😬

Bronwyn Faisst : these are all signs of rudeness & selfishness if you ask me!! & I'm not saying introverts are rude & selfish, I'm saying anyone who only interacts with someone when it suits them, is rude & selfish, especially if they expect that someone to be there for them when they actually want them around

Joshy Paza : I’m an introvert and an extrovert at the same time

Jess : I’m mad that this video basically described all my traits

Finn Fox : If you're that kind of Typ, get some help. And I mean that. Introvertedness is in the videos here always so ... strange and exaggerated. Introverted are turtles and extroverted loud monkeys. Too much introversion, as shown here, often goes along with symptoms like depression. So really seriously mined, look for help.

Mayayaya : This is me even when someone doesn't piss me off

Tony Payson : Is that you've ticked them off, or is it something else. A lot of this list seems to be focused on how introverts cope and not much on what triggered the behavior to begin with. As an introvert, it sounds like that I might be pissed at one person which is true in most cases. But I find that I have been carrying this behavior around with me for as long as I can remember, I just finally came to a point in my life where I don't feel like hiding it or make excuses for it. I want to be left alone. A lot. Nothing personal, other human beings annoy me. If that comes across as being "ticked off" then...sorry?

Fluffy Gamer1912 : I’m a introvert, and I *love* spending time alone :)

AlphaDogIII Studio : Any introvert watching this video just so you don't do it so you won't get annoyed.

Galactic SPEG : My life in a nutshell.

Reza The Rizzler : I absolutely HATE talking on the phone :)

jassi singh : Believe me an introvert is best lover and more romantic then u think.Most of them are successful and deep thinker as well 😄👆

Gabby L : I just realized how rude I am......

davekaza : As an Introvert, although these are things that introverts do, I disagree that any of these things *mean* an introvert is mad at *you.* They may be mad at someone else or at a situation that has nothing to do with you. Or they may not be *mad* at you, but rather that you exhaust them socially, or they are otherwise already socially exhausted, and introverts need time *away from people* to recharge their social batteries.

Maja Malicka : You've described me perfectly and that scares me

Nezolika// Nessie : Yeeaaahhh *they’re mad at me.*