10 Ways To Tell if an Introvert Is Mad At You

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Phat Spheal : Just gonna say, I'm an Introvert and i'm always making excuses for having not replied to text messages and such, but it's not because i'm angry at people, it's just because i play video games and will ignore the alert and then just forget about it.

NataliePlaysGamez : They don't want to be *infected* by your presence Edit: WAIT WTH??? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 221 LIKES!!

Madelyne : JUST TO BE CLEAR, an introvert prefers to be themselves in a small group of friends or family where they feel comfortable. This is not 100% accurate the introvert will get angry or tell you how they feel if they are close to you. anyways, have a nice day

PonyPawGirl : I didn't know I could be THAT easily analyzed...

PixiePlayz : My friend who I'm mad at sent this to me... *Busted...*

Idk • : I'm so much of an introvert that I never answer calls anyway I'll only call someone if it's a real emergency

Benthe Loves Animation : 95% here is probably introvert. I'm introvert too anyways-

Sophie : That one about the anger layering up inside you. That so true I’ve kept my anger inside me for 11 years and I still haven’t popped

Irrelevant Donkey123 : I’m sorry but looking at the thumbnail the caption was going to be “Do broccolis have feelings?”

Of The Falls : As an introvert, I’d like to point out that the behavior described in this video is unhealthy and should only last a short amount of time before they find a way to solve or discuss the issue. If someone traps you in a long string of cold-shouldered silence or passive aggressive behavior, they are not an introvert, they’re an asshole.

Damira Škoko : I found my people 😄 Introvert for life!!!!!

「Raman」 M。 : I always ignore messages, especially phone calls when my grandma calls me i just ignore it, its not like i hate them, i just don't want to talk them, even doorbells i just pretend that im not hearing it, does that make any sense?

christian youtubeian : Stop exposing me

CBV : This just sounds like depression

Jesse James Atencio : Wonderful. I’m an introvert and happened to stumble on the least accurate video about introverts. Pretty much all of the video’s identifying marks of introverts being angry at you are things that introverts are disposed to do even when we’re happy and not angry with anybody, and a major reason we do many of these things is to manage social stress. They’re like some of the biggest quirks that define us. You must really suck at reading introverted people. Or maybe you were traumatically bullied by introverts or mean something entirely different when you say “introvert”. Here are some details about the specific things you mention: 1. “one word responses”: I often use one word responses when I’m comfortable with someone, and usually not when I’m not as comfortable with you. Typically, social interactions with people Im not comfortable with are exhausting, because I feel I have to meet some standard when I’d rather be alone or quiet or in my head - i feel like i can’t use one word answers even though that’s what my natural desire might be sometimes. If I’m okay being around you and being quiet, you’re someone I like a fuckload. And I tend to tell people when they upset me, unless it’s a total stranger where confrontation would be more exhausting. I’m kind of like the family cunt who’s sometimes a bit too honest. My extrovert bff, however, does the passive aggressive thing all day long. 2. “ignoring”: I ignore calls and texts all the time, usually just because I want to be alone or not chat. My texting response rate blows. And it sometimes gets worse if I’m comfortable with you, because then I assume you already know I like to spend so much time with myself. When I’m mad, I usually send mildly cunty texts that just basically express that i don’t wanna deal with you (the other day my bff asked me to read her texts with her bf and determine whether she or her bf were in the right. she got upset when i said she was in the wrong and i just said she shouldn’t ask me if she didn’t want the truth - convo successfully ended). 3. “avoiding the situation”: okay, fair. i do this a fuckload. particularly with awkward social situations. but again, it’s about stress in general. it’s not somehow a sign that i’m angry. you go on to say that we fake being happy just to leave behind the people we’re pissed at. i force polite responses in basically every social situation where i’m not comfortable. it’s not bc i’m mad. i just don’t wanna be around people and it would’ve rude to not be polite with them, not to mention that sometimes i like seeing people even though it takes a toll on me when i have too much. 4. “blowing up”: i don’t do the blowing up thing typically. and when i do, it’s usually bc somebody i know continues to do something i’ve told them to stop doing. like i said, i often am a bit direct to a fault 5. “refusing help”: i refuse help when i’m not comfortable. and i have to be REALLY comfortable to accept help. i don’t even feel that comfortable with my bff most times. i very very rarely have felt comfortable enough. this isn’t something that indicates anger. 6. “apathy”: i often do resort to apathetic behaviors and thoughts, but not due to anger specifically: again, it’s due to stress. if i’m stuck in a situation that’s super awkward or stressful, like being around my friend while her and her bf argue, i might shut down a bit. i’m don’t need to be mad, i just need to yearn for an escape from the stress. 7. “escaping into work”: ??? that’s like... some of the most introvert paradise shit! introverts love to lose themselves in things: for some it’s books, for others it’s work, for yet others it’s video games. i love doing all of them. but i typically only lose myself in work when i’m happy and doing okay. oh and i have a long history of canceling due to too much work. again, it wasn’t due to anger, it was basically always due to me stressing out about work and not having good work management skills. it’s all stress related though... 8. “avoiding face to face”: i almost ALWAYS want to avoid social contact face to face. that’s like... a huge aspect of being introverted... and, to beat the same dead horse for the nth time, it’s always bc of the stress it involves. even when its drinks with friends and there’s no fight going on, i have to mentally prepare. and, honestly, i’m always very tempted to just stay home - that feels so good! also, if i don’t know you well, i make excuses for my response rate and not being able to call, and i often try harder to be more responsive - that’s so i don’t give others the impression that i want them to stop talking to me, and bc i want them in my life. once i feel comfortable enough, i stop the excuses - but my response and phone call answering rate is still generally shite. working on it, but my close friends seem to understand that it’s not about anger, it’s about my (in)ability to deal w social stress. 9. “pets”: really?! there’s no mystery here: animals don’t demand conversation (like you say), it’s socially acceptable to ignore them, and they’re cute. idc how much i enjoy your company, i’ll love your pet more. and for introverts, they’re so much less stressful (usually) than humans. idk, i feel like the nonverbal communication is so calming with pets. and since introverts find social interaction stressful, then of course contact with creatures that do not trigger any of those stressors are going to be godsends! 10. “the introvert wants to be alone”: okay. you should’ve said that first. then i could’ve stopped watching a long time ago. introverts are people who have dispositions to want to be alone - and regardless of any anger towards specific people. i’m on good terms with all my friends now, and yet the first thing i wanna do after work is go home ALONE, eat dinner ALONE, and play video games ALONE. that’s what we ARE man... i think you need to do your research

Psych2Go : Let us know what you think of this new animation style! And what other topics you would like to request!

Nick : Don't know why this video made laugh. Anyone else?


Ginger Ninja : I'm an introvert and this is very true..

Pausenbrot : But that‘s how I am literally all the time without being mad at anyone

CyborgDraws : I'm not mad when I pay more attention to their pets than them I just love cats okay

I'm still here? : You are spot on, but I do a lot of these things even when I'm not mad, I'm easily overloaded. How I live in society is really just mind boggling, but one thing is for sure, if I didn't have my husband I wouldn't be living a great life. I can only work 2-3 days a week before I start reaching that point at my retail job and no if I call in because of being overloaded they will not consider it a fair reason to call out for that day... shitty huh? I'm lucky I can even work, but I tried and it paid off. I did it because I'd feel bad solely relying on my husband when he's already doing so much. Being introverted is like a curse in American society, they expect you to be extroverted and how introverts still exist in this country I'll never know... oh wait... food stamps and other programs exist. Being extroverted has way more benefits to survival. Introverts are fucked in the beginning unless you acquire a job good for introverts or you're born rich. Not very often does this happen might I add. I've thought of suicide many times due to being way overloaded throughout my life. None of my family understood why I had it so difficult, they eventually gave up on me, thinking I'm just half assing everything. That meant sending me off to the homeless shelter and to this day for very good reason I'm convinced it is a curse to be introverted even if there are some pros to it. It's natures own "fuck you" gene, but I do love being alone most the time I must say, most Americans are two faced and fake as hell a.k.a. not worth anyone's time. *(Dogs and cats are a godsend).* (Really any pet is for introverts) Thanks I just needed to vent, I'm sure this will get lost in a sea of comments anyways.

N Yamate : Lol I feel bad for a pink box guy 😂😂

Visual Mind : Omg this is so stupid. Why don't you just tell me what's wrong or that you need some time alone? I have a coworker like that. I just found out how she talks behind my back about me. I'm never going to talk to her other than about work again 🙄

AshPlayz- Gaming and more! : *Nobody plans a murder aloud*

CyborgDraws : Honestly, who calls an ambulance when they sprain their ankle? I just suck it up... just me?

Psythr : The girl ive liked for years is an introvert someone should of sent me this a while ago

L T : The "nicer to your pet" bit comes off like the creator is mocking introverts....and contradicts the point made right before it. If we're avoiding that person at all costs, why the hell would we suddenly wanna come over and play with your pet? My need to passive-aggressively make you jealous will never run that deep LOL

Fuck Off : Everything...EVERYTHING...E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G....it's all true...they figured us out guys

Howler369 awesomeness : I do all of this in fazes and I rarely blow up at people cause I do it when I'm home alone and beat the crap out of pillows (poor pillows) A VIOLENT ANGRY INTROVERT IS SOMETHING YOU DONT WANT TO CROSS!!!!.....and we can hold grudges for FOREVER! But does anyone else have a social interaction battery? Were you can only hang out with people for a certain amount of time and then go to your room for days and then come back out for a couple of hours when your charged and just drain yourself again?😕

Eli Smirnov : INTJ are an exception. we dont avoid conflicts. we just wait for a better opportunity, to deliver maximum damage. of course all the drama is sacrificed, which sucks, but the results will be above average, mekeehehehehehehehheh.

Zombiekiller707 : you don't have to have made me mad for me not to talk on the phone. I could love you to the moon and back but I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE. I wil however message you like theres no tomorrow. You want to contact me message me. Oh and you can't leave a message if you call Never set up my voice mail soooo yeah text.

Noorja fasil : It's wrong introverts are not shy or hate speaking they speak more than extrovert when they speak or in a jolly mood

Galaxy Goldbox : Im a intervert..And i shut down alot...and thats it....😛

MerraTheGamer 10 : Lol anyone an introvert here ?

Jalynette : if I don't like someone I just ignore everything they say and act like they don't exist until they get the message. 😬

Liquid Swordz : Introverts do this to everybody wether they are mad at you or not. Don't take it personal we need our space. I have yet to meet another introvert by the way like feels like its just me. We do give a chosen few the time of day though no matter what keeps it real with a small group of people

lynxeyed 81 : Bottled emotion, then....baaam! Classic introvert, the house is on fire!!! This is fine! I can relate to all signs. Extrovert doesn't understand this, i wish they can watch this video. Thanks Psych to go, another confirmation that I'm introvert. Nobody in our lives understand us.

Felipe DBKO : Oof, so wonderfully relatable. There are some other things I've been thinking about; could other people who found the video relatable see if this proceeds (or not) too?: . You feel guilty that the person who ticked you off did good things for you in the past, so you're afraid of criticizing this person even if it could be what save your relationship (also, is this the main reason for you not accepting people's help?). . You just have the best arguments to why the person is being a huge dick in your mind that could convince even the person immediately (well, unless the problem is that the person is hypocrite and won't get convinced by facts or something), but it won't get off your chest no matter what. . The thing that ticks you off can be long-term - like something a person do with you everyday for months - and you keep unchanged for a long time rather than the way you treat this person getting worse with time, and then suddenly (not necessarily right after this person do the thing that ticks you off) you reach your limit.

Arcader_xeon YT : I am introverted, but here is an account from an pure introvert: this so called introvert video is so fake it's offensive. It makes us look like intolerable egomaniacal idiots and is highly inaccurate. I would refuse help in most cases, but we aren't willing to do so to the extent that it would cause self harm. Psych, please evaluate your content and make it actually relevant. We are just people who prefer solitude. We aren't people who think we are superior, so can you just stop offending us all?!

UnderratedBodyRoll : *when introverts gets mad at you, they get more introverted*

XXsummer llXX : I am an introvert these are so true xD

Black Roses : *Damn why they made a video about me..* 💀

Toupeira Gamer : Once i had a crush... i was doing everything to see her happy... even things i didnt like to (like socialize) and after some time she made me really sad... this video is literally everything i did. I got away, stopped talking, would ignore her and leave when she came... this video is just so accurate!

Peridot : If they death stare you constantly I do this I also will be passive aggressive while talking to them

Elva Light : 1. They don't talk to you much 2. they avoid you 3. you wake up and both your legs are broken

Zer0Rebel 4 : So true!!

Sierra Morris : OH LORDY WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT ME. Though #9 is a whole mood. A. Whole. Damn. Mood.

The Joker : True...

SHEEKO TM : Why is this video celebrating passive aggressive people??