10 Ways To Tell if an Introvert Is Mad At You

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Phat Spheal : Just gonna say, I'm an Introvert and i'm always making excuses for having not replied to text messages and such, but it's not because i'm angry at people, it's just because i play video games and will ignore the alert and then just forget about it.

CyborgDraws : I'm not mad when I pay more attention to their pets than them I just love cats okay

CyborgDraws : Honestly, who calls an ambulance when they sprain their ankle? I just suck it up... just me?

Reza The Rizzler : I absolutely HATE talking on the phone :)

*Grumpy Yoongi* : *when introverts gets mad at you, they get more introverted*

Karin • : I'm so much of an introvert that I never answer calls anyway I'll only call someone if it's a real emergency

The Chosen One : All of these are true for me especially number 9. I've always loved animals more than humans.

Millie The Mouse-bat : We introverts, dont get mad....we slowly plot their deaths...painful and slowly.

Keira_ Bookworm : Who here is an introvert with anxiety?

Henry von Ballinger : Introverts are secretly stabbing you in their heads. I'm an introvert.

Damira Škoko : I found my people 😄 Introvert for life!!!!!

リリィ : Bruh, now people are going to start to know I’m mad at them.

Barter Kallingrad : When an introvert gets mad at you THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE

Adrian Jones : Imagine being the only introvert in a family full of extroverts

The forgotten Cloud : Why am I watching this video even though I'm the introvert who is mad at someone?

Psych2Go : Let us know what you think of this new animation style! And what other topics you would like to request!

Panda Car : I don’t answer calls anyways...I hate them

Sophie Udell : I feel like I can never keep friends because I’m such an introvert

Sparkblade 0 : My Mom got mad at me because I replied to her with a extremely bored "sure" while she was talking.

Frankie Frenchfries : (I’m an introvert) One time my friends and I were at my house in my room. They kept touching all my stuff after I told them to stop, then they kept bugging me, asking me to play a game I’m not aloud to play. I EXPLODED! I SCREAMED “SHUT UP!”, like shook the house scream. So uhh, yeah, that was a fun experience.

Amady Chan : Oh no, my secrets are revealed

*Grumpy Yoongi* : Me: if i do talk to you, do i sound like i want to kill you? Extrovert: mhm..? Me: then i probably actually want to kill you.

floopia lal : I don't know why this video pissed me off so fucking much. So many of these reactions are flat out childish, and more showing of someone who is so selfish and caught up in their own world that they have no idea how to handle normal social interactions. I'm introverted, there is nothing I love more than solace, and God knows there are times I need to just step away from people. But if I have a problem with someone, I'm not going to cut myself off from them because "I don't wanna deal with it". Many of my friends are also introverted, and they would attempt to handle the situation and smooth things over as soon as possible, to the best of their ability - not shut down and act like children in the face of adversity. It's a little tougher for them, but that's IT If every single introvert in the world acted like this, do you know how insufferable at least 50% of the human race would be? The same goes for anyone who's an extrovert. If everyone who was an extrovert started off every conversation with something like "GOD I HATE EVERYTHING DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THIS THING IS BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH" no one would bother talking to each other. Ever. Fuck it, if I ever met anyone who treated me the way this "introvert" in the video treats the people THEY know, you can believe I'd be cutting that person out of my life at the speed of light. I don't have the patience or time to deal with tantrums, and other people shouldn't have to deal with it either, nor will they - and guess who's going to start complaining when everyone starts leaving them behind because they're such an insufferable brat? The "Introvert" in this video. Introverts are people who treasure their solace. They're not freaks, they're not incapable of genuinely caring for others ("will accept help from people they *tolerate*", go fuck off with your 'I'm so distant and superior, I don't know how to form relevant interpersonal relationships' bullshit), and they aren't these "creatures" that need to be treated with the utmost care. They're people. Plain and simple. Fuk off m8

*im depressed* forever : I'm an introvert, I have PTSD, I have depression, I have anxiety, I have a little OCD in me. I have a hard life 😷

P TV : Yo wtf guys ur exposing all my tactics.

Jim Bertido : I'm an introvert but when i get angry i let the person know why in a calm manner.

OhakoCore : 80% of us in YouTube is introvert.

emlmm88 : I can think of two words that describe this entire channel: Citation Needed.

Rushi The Great : Yeh. I am an introvert The one more thing when introvert gets angry. 1) when an introvert create something, he uses his full potential to complete it. Never ever try to mess with their creation. Because introverts are sensitive about their creations. For example - In my school time I draw a painting and my class's bully come and throw colour on my painting. I made that painting using my all imagination, creativity and hard work. Then I stand up and beat down him badly. I hitting him until I saw his blood.

Jalynette : if I don't like someone I just ignore everything they say and act like they don't exist until they get the message. 😬

Angel Ky. : This is accurate as heck. But try to remember guys, some introverts (like myself), don't enjoy lying to others. So we might confront for 2.5 seconds to tell you that you pissed us off in the most calm and rational way possible, then continue to ignore you. I'm not proud of it but hey least the person knows why that way.

Ectos : Lol just relized how much i say that i have a lot to do when i reality i have nothing to do but just do it so i could avoid people lol

Sad_ZacEfronFangirl : My life in a nutshell.

pintobeanpintobean : I have 3 introverts upset with me now. Oh well....

Weird Kid : #9: I do that even when I'm not ticked off. I just get along better with people's pets for some reason.. Maybe it's because they don't mess me up like people do..

Kim Taehyung : 2:26 I've experienced this and it was not good

PonyPawGirl : I didn't know I could be THAT easily analized...

SkelebobTDP : I’m an introvert and I usually get triggered😑😠

Elva Light : 1. They don't talk to you much 2. they avoid you 3. you wake up and both your legs are broken

Fuck Off : Everything...EVERYTHING...E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G....it's all true...they figured us out guys


Στεφανια Παντελιδακη : I'm an introvert and I love it...And thank God my extrovert bestie accept this and she's always patient with me❤❤❤

Adwoa Asare Konadu : I used to be like this (probably still am) but after a few mishaps I've realized not all things can be dealt with this way, even though it's hard it's just better to tell the person. One of my own sayings is "if you don't tell the person what they're doing wrong, they're going to continue doing it." This is only when you can't get away from the person (roommate), cause I'd rather cut you out my life if I can then confront you.

Shubhranshu Shekhar : feels like someone narrating my character

Ginger Ninja : I'm an introvert and this is very true..

Raman M : I always ignore messages, especially phone calls when my grandma calls me i just ignore it, its not like i hate them, i just don't want to talk them, even doorbells i just pretend that im not hearing it, does that make any sense?

MagicalKitten05 : Us introverts don’t get mad... we get even. If u tick us off, we will plot your death. So you won’t know we’re angry until the last minute.

Ciel Moro : I think that most introverts decline phone calls. I myself am one and I find every way to be alone. but not too much so I feel lonely.

SenzaSenso Cazzate : Wow... didn't know these things -especially the ones with "bottle up their feelings until it ends up exploding" and the apathy- were because I'm an introvert. I thought it was just me being too sensitive. But I have to say, apathy happens to me just when I really deeply suffer, to an extention that I can't barely breath (so it's rare). Then, to avoid these feelings, I tell myself "close your heart, close your heart, close your heart" (I swear it works for me, like a real spell) and all of a sudden I truly become insensitive and I stop feeling anything. This trick helped me to survive some years ago. HAS ANYONE HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES? or is it just me?

Sans - male - bro papyrus : Stop exposing me