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Pedro Ordonez : You should perform this at Trump's inauguration. 😂😂😂

James Bond : *camera pans around showing a cardboard cut out of Osama bin laden with holes everywhere

novenzef : This is the most America thing I've ever found in youtube HELL YEAH 'MURICA!

Aramis : yes that is how everyone in the world sees the USA.

WeirdoOverlord II : God bless America. *Sniff*

MrBoredom123 : My erection from this is painful.

David Martinez inbed : Some kid did this at my school once but without the trumpet...

Angel Z : GOD BLESS THE U.S.A!!! this made me shed a tear. BEAUTIFUL

shelley Freeemantle : This is the most America thing

Anthony Janas : USA USA USA

chris p : MERICA

will : So American I turned German

IWillTeachThem! : That was the most beautiful, got damned, American thing I have seen yet.

Happi Gamer : AMERICA!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

WolfDenGamer : Now all we need is an eagle... where's the eagle?

Eli : *Freedom Intensifies*

Sarah Ashley : I love this country so much.


The Orange Craft Gaming : The most patriotic thing I saw

ZephOfficial : this is as America as it can get


The Order : My boi needed to rehearse a bit more haha

Tate Adams : What the flip is he shooting at??

ren .ferguson : how much do you normally charge?

Haileyヅ : *God bless America* * camera pans to me dressed in all red, white, and blue with the American flag painted on my face and waving around an American flag while screaming the national anthem *

itz creeper78 : murica

gia : you got me at the one handed reload

Western Washington Rail Productions : Why I love America.

Aaron Hugman : Fucken Murcia

SirNugger : All rise to the most American YouTube video to exist

Lil' Tutorials : The only thing that could of made this more amazing would be cheeseburgers, cheeseburgers everywhere! 🇺🇸 America!!!

The Keanu : man you should do Tchaikovskys 1812 overture or the last moments of it anyway

Mr.Derpy__ Enderman : Do this at Trumps inauguration (Like Pedero Ordonez said), but aim at Trump.

O.J hakim : He got all the firework parts spot on 👌🏼

JBcaptian : Most American thing to ever exist. Just needs a bit more Jesus.

Emilio Moreno : This needs more views!

Fish Freak : Merica in a minute

Niccolo Paganini : one day you will die hahahahh be careful

Backwashed Milk : Marica!!!

Olly Wilson-Palmer : MURICA