What kids really do on Musical.ly

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Gus Johnson : God damn, this video is top-tier.

Jimmy Turner : Just clicking on this video has put me on 3 different lists

Austen Summers : This is like h3h3 back when Ethan was funny Papa Bless Subbed

HyperlordXP : Earned yourself a sub, funny af m8

Donut Operator : Ooooh getting close to that 100k subs!!

Rafal Basker : never heard about musical.ly.... Maybe that was better

Pseudo Poise : The tongue thing made me cringe so hard my entire skin turned inside out.

Do It With Dan : Neat

Dolores Does : My god, what a deep dive. Btw, pink looks good on you.

The Lonely Viper : If I pay money, you give me wubby?

MrConnorater10 : I see TJ Miller has decided to make a YouTube channel

Up Against Thieves : I don't have a daughter, but she's already grounded from the internet.

Bogdanoff's Servant : These are the hordes of degenerates I have to constantly ban from my Christian minecraft server.

at bl : You look like a more attractive and slightly more gay TJ miller

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu : they're sexualising children and its getting to the point where even I have a problem with it

Just An Edit : Thanks Wubby, my wife has left me, she won't stop asking me to gain some weight, to change my hair style and colour and grow an orange beard along with wearing some bifocals.

GeniusGT : Democracy was a mistake.

Nakeye Omar : great.. now I'm both grossed out and on some pedo list

Dudensky : How's "Deadpool 3" coming along?

Esan Zebardast : When her ass is a 10, but so is she

Amit Nag : That flick with the Tongue made me sub

Paul : Holy sheet! These little dweebs are gayer than Disneyland. Why is musically even allowed to operate?!!

Sam Fleischer : Pay money looks like an orange gecko

Jeron Artest : I know about musically because my little sister uses it all the time. I might need to secretly block the app on her phone now.

Jane Dope : This solidifies my decision to not let my children use the internet until they're 50.

Meg Corner : thats a really big ice cube

Josh Lee : this video was the perfect amount of bottom shelf and top-tier.

Radiospit : 0:00 music?

TheHaddockbanker : I like how the popfilter on your mic barely even covers 1/2 of your mic.Yes, this will be my excuse for when the FBI interrogates me, I'll say I was really focusing on the mic.

TalkShowHost : We expect kids to be way more mature with their phones than their age. Way too much power and no clue how to use it safely.

SHIZAAA : What is that song in the beginning?

goofykillerbunny : "She's got a Snouzer, probably smell me from here."

Rob Mulally : Hahahahhahaha makes me so uncomfortable commenting but I must. Makes me ashamed to be on musically

EpicDonutDude : MY boy Paymoney on front page of /r/Videos, you deserve it my dude!

Jeb Car : Nibba you blew up just remember what's your original fanbase, depressed,cynical and lonely teens

WebNinja : 0:34 who put semen to your mouth? lol

Terrible Gamer : Dang, last I checked this video only 27k views and you had 56k subscribers. Maad what one viral video can do.

Jacob Ruiter : Your video was hilarious, but what you showed was totally Fucked. Parents need to watch their children more. This stuff is not okay

dietotaku : I don't know if these tears are from laughing at your commentary or in fear for the future of my children, they're both officially banned from the internet until age 27.

bitchyrayne : I’ll eat wubby’s ass for two corn chips

a Nurchin : We got to be right there with him as he went on that adventure of discovery and severe discomfort

PhoenixFires : Drew Durnil is the only real Gay Paintbrush.

barmadelic : What are you? Cheese?

Doge Charger : *FBI OPEN UP!*

Victor Bui : Jail is just a room guys. Remember.

Stephen Thomas : Is the boy at 4:55 wearing a sports bra?

Nicholas Mawhinney : Anyone have a link to the intro song?

Communist Kanna , : Here's a question, are you allowed to wank to 12 year old's if you're 12?

Herman : "I was hard on the boys, but ladies now its your turn, im gonna be hard on you to"...

WWE Almanac : No more reading comments videos from PaymoneyWubby