What kids really do on Musical.ly

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Gus Johnson : God damn, this video is top-tier.

DeSinc : glad to see the vid's back up. when it got removed I got a bit worried that YT was still like that, but looks like it might be better than I thought. I guess they have someone there at YT who made the call manually after seeing there's no grounds to remove it on that basis. also people are saying this video is being "hidden" as in not recommended.. I don't know if that's true, if I incognito search musically it shows up but I haven't seen it recommended yet cause I dunno how I would get it to recommend a particular video besides maybe searching 100 musically videos and idk if I want to have 100 searches of young kids doing the pussylick gesture showing up from my IP

L0st_ Prophet : "No one does this. That's like the shit homeless people do to scare you."

Matt Lowne : Still a great video, and now a boat load more views are inbound thanks to the takedown, classic streisand effect.

Gerard Haran : TJ Miller and Jonah Hill had a baby and that baby...just got my sub! good on ya!

laxpors : Video is back, NOW WE'RE COOKING WITH PEANUT OIL BOYS.

Oddpoke : Dear youtube, we want proof of repercussion against Musical.ly for their blatant attempt to abuse the system.

TeeJ : Get fucked musically

Jordan Strayer : Oh look, conveniently the video is back up after the story of it's removal got kinda big... Must just be a coincidence.

Austen Summers : This is like h3h3 back when Ethan was funny Papa Bless Subbed

Chris Dichmann : Is it back? Have we brought this video back alive from the depths of hell itself?

VINOS : 1:12 oh yes penetrate these kids Interests


Flynn Richardson : I don't even get the point of Muscal.ly, it's just kids doing poorly lip synced videos of popular songs whilst acting sexual as hell. It's essentially an app for paedos.

MrConnorater10 : I see TJ Miller has decided to make a YouTube channel

RaGe Spectr3 : We did it Reddit!

C Adamek : Note to self, if you want YT to grow a spine and get your video back, make the front page of Reddit

Captain Salty : There is no point anymore, these kids are the future, they will cost the Apocalypse. Embrace nihilism and run down the streat streaking as there is maybe 20 more years left before it all comes down.

Kevin O'Connell : Here comes the Streisand Effect! Musical.ly tried to remove this, and now FAR more people are going to see it!

Jimmy Turner : Just clicking on this video has put me on 3 different lists

EpicWott - : God bless reddit

Tarif Adib : 10:55 "comment: his voice melts me wubby: what are you, cheese?!"

Tesla : 9:22 "we all on a list now" LOOL 😂

PaseoDeLaEstrella : That's it. We have to burn the internet down.

Von SpicyWiener : It’s back up baby wubby! This watch without ad blocker is for you!

chance evans : It's good to see Louis Ck is getting back into comedy after what happened.

kidrfc : The zoom on the hat falling got me.

Taekin : Thanks Musical.ly. Because of your attempt of taking down this video, i could watch it. Otherwise, i would probably don't. :)

Duran Sok : You are the daddy that these kids need. Subbed

code ninja : I've never been happier to be flaccid

ReynLynxPSI : I have always hated Musically because of their extremely annoying and extremely loud advertisements, however I don't think I really KNEW what the service was like until now. Thank you for revealing this shit show to the internet.


Prestige Clips : we back?

Andrews Brian : Thats ten yrs son! Hahaha

ResigningRogue : *Video comes back* *Bytedance LTD spams copyright claims*

SClubify : Now this is going really viral

The Fallen Legend : This is what happens when your mom lets you use her phone

Cool Stuff : The video is back up! Great work to the people of Reddit! Don't let the companies win in removing fair use for good! And maybe Philip De Franco will discuss this situation in the hopes of getting this copyright fair use issue content creators been having more attention.

Leya Luti : 4:48 is no one going to point out that the little boy (or girl, at this point idek) is wearing what looks like a sports bra under his/her shirt thingy?

Taylor the weirdo : Is there a metal version of musical.ly

Nullsparta2 : "Who came, I came. Is that legal? Who cares?" Cause its music.ly

Just An Edit : Thanks Wubby, my wife has left me, she won't stop asking me to gain some weight, to change my hair style and colour and grow an orange beard along with wearing some bifocals.

Fed Ex : Ultralowpants challenge WTF😂😂😂

Lisa Simpson Liberal : IT'S BACK! CALL YOUR MOM!

Frank 10111 : This video was so good I watched it twice

Rhett Rhino : Neuter every musical.ly and tiktok user.

Witchy Twitchy : The tongue thing made me cringe so hard my entire skin turned inside out.

bluSPECTRE : We did it reddit!

justkidding : What a snouzer lol

Al Bundy : This is why I pray for a nuclear holocaust every day.