What kids really do on Musical.ly

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Gus Johnson : God damn, this video is top-tier.

random person : "Thats what homeless people do to scare you"

Moose_Squirrel_Colombo : Im a lady out here and that V gesture with the mouth and the tongue makes me want to rip out my eye balls from their sockets :)

Spicy Memes : Im a 14 year old girl and I still don't understand Musically.

ColourSwatxh 13 : Idk who finds those guys hot coz personally I threw up at least 400000 times

Tyler77x : *Humanity Has Left The Chat*

marcus : New people, start the video at 11:19.

Ema Kate Silva : "Like, that's what homless people do to scare you."

Eivind Grimsgård : How isn't he at 10 m subs?

Aiyana Ruiz Ackerman : Common sense has left the chat

Austen Summers : This is like h3h3 back when Ethan was funny Papa Bless Subbed

April R. : *fuking paintbrush*

elie robinson : i believe gingers are the funniest. ever.

PotatoTrash0 : 8:20 Someone tell me why this grown man is humping his kitchen floor

Lara Mata : 7:44 Just my mother came to my room :V

L0st_ Prophet : "No one does this. That's like the shit homeless people do to scare you."

Erraticplays : Were all going to jail after watching this video

Mads Zaylen : Jesus Christ has left the chat

ZeroMast : This channel is a treasure

White Privilege : *hat has left the chat*

DeSinc : glad to see the vid's back up. when it got removed I got a bit worried that YT was still like that, but looks like it might be better than I thought. I guess they have someone there at YT who made the call manually after seeing there's no grounds to remove it on that basis. also people are saying this video is being "hidden" as in not recommended.. I don't know if that's true, if I incognito search musically it shows up but I haven't seen it recommended yet cause I dunno how I would get it to recommend a particular video besides maybe searching 100 musically videos and idk if I want to have 100 searches of young kids doing the pussylick gesture showing up from my IP

SadGayDog : 4:51 that’s a lesbian i think

• ChimChiChu • [Hoseok] : Im gonna say this as a 14 year old, I actually tend to act my age more than most people I know, like I dont go on snapchat or instagram posting pics of my self doing those weird poses and crap, and I act like an actual child(tho more hyper) yet people my age judge me for that and call me immature (me and my friends) but like, we are 14 that's so damn young, like I get it not go too overboard with the craziness and stuff but like??? And honestly I cringe when I see girls putting full face make up and crap like that and doing whatever people nowadays do, I just dont know, I don't like it, I tell myself maybe when I grow up ill wear make up?, since I dont want to ruin my skin at this age. Yet many people consider me as one of those kids and keep calling me this and that and it is getting really annoying sometimes I wish I wasn't even born in 2000's, like I may have similarities with them, like I have a phone at such a young age and stuff but like Im still not as equally bad as they are. Dont attack me for saying this please-

Wizard Cat : When i was that age i was killing imaginary commies with my friends. Social media has destroyed the world.

imdefinitely21 : I shook my phone everytime his hat fell off so I could take responsibility for it.

Jimmy Turner : Just clicking on this video has put me on 3 different lists

Montezuma /made in brazil/ : Thats what homeless people do to scare u: lulululu... AWESOME

that one girl : my opinion as a 16 year old girl. wtf is wrong with those people & who thinks those boys are hot? asking for a friend


BeatBoxer 395 : FBI OPEN UP!!

MrConnorater10 : I see TJ Miller has decided to make a YouTube channel

Emma Romanous : i discovered this guy today and i swear i've been laughing for two hours straight

cathrine x : Fucking paintbrush

Zaliyah Whitaker : Miss me with that gay shit Edit: to verify this is a vine reference

Nicolas Gascon : 10:21 - 10:28 funniest part lmaooo "schnauzer" also 10:56

Prestige Clips : we back?

julia bellei : "That's what homeless people do to scare you"

Todd Lee : This is the best thing I’ve ever watched

Ambethyst : But are you Ricky from Trailer Park Boys though?

Elaine Popfoot Vlogs : *I have **musical.ly** but its only for my dog yea my dog has a social media dont judge at least i am not showing my face to ppl I don't even know*

Matt Lowne : Still a great video, and now a boat load more views are inbound thanks to the takedown, classic streisand effect.

Pedro R : childhood has left the chat

Kaiedo _Huggan : Paintbrush has joined the chat.

Trinity Medina : *What are ya, cheese?*

Poetry Bailey : This is basically porn for teen-age boys and girls dealing with puberty

Gerard Haran : TJ Miller and Jonah Hill had a baby and that baby...just got my sub! good on ya!

cordel hanson : He’s olanRogers mixed with idubbz

Charlie Parker : probably can smell me from here 😂

PossumXL : This is my intro to wubby, thanks to a reddit post trying to explain tiktok. Good stuff here, instant sub.

Lil Dripp : 7:44 BEWARE