Joe Rogan Wants To Kill People With Bert Kreischer And Tom Segura Supercut Edition

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Joe Rogan admits he thinks of killing people and Tom Segura reveals a dark secret. You can support my work by leaving a one-time donation or a monthly donation. Get the official Pingtr1p Shirt! ****************************************************** Follow me Twitter @pingtr1p Instagram @pingtr1p Facebook @pingtr1p Minds @tripping Steemit @pingtr1p Edited from Joe Rogan Experience #1177 - Sober October 2 ****************************************************** *Disclaimer* This is edited for entertainment value only ****************************************************** *MUSIC* Crossing the Threshold - Ghostpocalypse by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Comments from Youtube

TheAllSeeingTruth : Dude this is gonna be evidence at Tom's trial

shai gie : Joe: "Rape and murder..." Bert: "AWWWW YAAAH!!" Hahaha!!

Doofy : LOL this is good stuff

Reece : Joe has defiantly killed people with elite rich Jewish guys

Rodrigo : The slight flick of Burnt Chrysler's head at 0:18 killed me

j-dub productions : "Hollywood Joe" has lost the plot...taking too much adrenachrome with McCaulay Culkin probably.

ShepCannaCures dgc.og.soldier : Joe would be the perfect actor for a slasher/stalker type role.He gives me the creeps on a regular basis.

Matt W : Could have been longer

Que 017 : This one was hilarious, good work bro I hope Joe Rogan sees this one. šŸ˜‚

Royal Zak : Wow Joe, it's a bit late for your edgy teenage phase.

rexman : Kidnap a baby elephant? lmao say wut du?

sNm SnM : I'll hit em with the shovel and make sure he's dead šŸ˜šŸ¤œšŸ¤›šŸ™„ Good shit Ping hahaha

Smooth Operator : I almost fell off my chair at the baby elephant part

Ben Simmons : Best supercuts in town

OnTheCusp Millennial : One of your best ones yet.

RiskinBisquits : LOL I knew when I was watching this podcast that someone would have a field day with it. Hilarious šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£

Riku : Seeing the podcast first and then watching this. I just laughed way before Tom said anytjing just knowing how pwrfect it would be

Switch Kick : This is the darkest one yet. Iā€™m way too uncomfortable for this one P1NG.

Conscious Robot : This is absolutely my favorite supercut, next to the Alex Jones one. This is just fantastic.

Bobby Knoth : Thats what's up dude..find your dark place...šŸ˜‚

axisapex : Joe need to chill out a bit ' less drinking his own hype , and more drinking his own urine .

Marcus Elgart : Nappin baby elephants

Louloe De'Palma : Think they have Bi Bert on to gobble their knobs after the shows? The "BK" Machine.

fyuk yiu : It's fun until you see the mess you gotta clean up

fryz R : Ping do you upload these to FB ?? Would be easier to share.

Lord Merihem : It Cleaves the Soul and starts a Fire inside you that cannot be quenched.

Super Soap : He should invite you. And then you do the Supercut of it XDDD

Chris James : Mad people biting Herr PingaTr1p's style nowadays I've noticed...

Syd Barrett : U should collab with SHAMIEN

The Ootsface : Excellent one.... fuckin love you for doing this.... best one since theo. Love these!

Waleed Khalid : For the love of Joey Diaz somebody get these to Joe. PLEASE

Albert Koch : Haha! I knew you would make an edit about this episode. Good stuff!

Aurora Borealis : T-Bunz has already been to the dark side. Did you see the nonchalance about Murr-Durr. #Toddisapsycho

eZnov : Soo gooood! I wanted to do something similar but im lazy. Awesome work dude these are fantastic!!!

psychedelic thoughts : Tommy posted this. You have been seen p1ng

Goronsquad : Keep it coming you da best!

Brian Seitz : Find your Dark place. Kudos Ping, nice Halloween feel. Top 3 all-time

Donald Pump : Absolutely genius, thank you

First Last : Joe " Find a Dark Place" Rogan

Charles Bostic : I was pooping while viewing this glorious supercut

nature freak : Mescalito is pushing Joe Rogan towards violence, including murder. Joe, the little goat men are not your friends!

Steven Allotey : Its so crazy what a creepy piano and some good editing can do

Psychotic Philosophy : Well, there it is- Joe Rogan wants to be a communist

Ryan Walsh : Please don't change the Start Tune ever šŸ˜‚šŸ‘Œ

Bat Fink : Joe's so ready to kill. So close he can touch it.

Johnmichael Martinez : Joe rogan could easily be on hostel 3. I think he murders ppl.

GloomyHouse : LMFAO! Fucking Awesome

Dead Disney : Too bad joe rogan podcast is the most mainstream thing on earth today lol

MRDOTASUSEE : HAHAHHA love the music it's just at the right time lol