Reuben the Bulldog: The Monster Under the Bed

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mklein5179 : This looks like a prison cell extraction.

abe frohman : I think he secretly likes you blowing on his butt. 🤣😂

Ramona Q : "He's going deeper in!" Oh my sides. lololol

Jacqueline Hagedorn : He is full of personality! Now I've seen his stubborn side of it😄

Phillip Lopez : This one is so funny that I had to watch a third time .

Barney Rubble : If he chews on stuff you don't want him to give him a finger covered in tabasco. I will stop the chewing on stuff. Ive had shoes remotes tables destroyed by my bully. Now he doesn't chew because he doesn't want a hot mouth with no water for 5 mins! It was the only way to stop him chewing on everything.

Connie McFeely : reub what's are really going to get a spankin 💞💞💞

Adam C : he sounds like a little gremlin when he's being stubborn

Phillip Lopez : You really must get Rubin a kitty cat . I am certain that it would change him in many ways . Plus it would occupy his time .

Post Disclosure World : Wouldn't a dog treat solve this? Or is blowing on his butt more desirable?

Redbones Honeypot : I had to come back and watch it again. Yup...still hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

A Jo : Hmm so when he's being good he's daddy's boy but when he's being bad. "Carol come get your dog ".... 🤣🤣🤣.....even when he's being bad hes still cute...❤

Vi B : Roo has developed resistance Dad 😂 . Ily Roo🐶💋💜

Tonya Sims : 😂😂😂😂😂Reuben says Ah Ha you can't get me

BIG GEE : At the very end of the video, he charges at the camera like a mob boss pushing reporters away that are taking photos of him in front of the courthouse while screaming, "NO MORE PICTURES!" lol! REUBEN IS JUST TO MUCH.

Jey Lee : Looool 😅😂 we love Reuben😘💗 cute and lovely Reuben!

Janet Hoffman : I am not certain I will ever stop laughing! Maybe, someday 🐶🐶😂😂😂

Ulle Bishope : You have to blow your dogs ass out?? lmao 😂😂 good ol Reub

Leslie Craig : Naughty little stinker 🤣

Joanna Brown : I wonder if a can of compressed air would work...

Lucinda Cronin : Showing our passive-aggressive side, are we? What did they do to piss you off? Isn't herding dogs and cats what God made vacuums for?

Mishele Lesser : Good night my little Gremlin. Sleep tight, don't let the wrapping paper bite. 🎁🙊

Leigh Florkevich : He knows you're all about to leave for work and school and being naughty is one way to keep you from going!

TAMMY RY : Awww. Under the bed. .blow on his butt LOL. The more you blow on him he kept moving. LOL. I use little water squirt gun, it works every time...he's so cute. To think. I almost. Got a dog like Reuben. I. Chose the pug. Lol.

tuskawilla : CAROL COME GET YOUR DOG!!!

robert ingram : I think Reuben would rather blow wind 💨 than have wind 💨 blown on his backside. Lol 😂

Linda Harner : I'm not sure who won that battle, but it was sure funny! ❤

Susan Kwan : I see who the alpha is in this home! Hahaha.

Brandi Williams : I laughed so hard I almost peed 😂😂😂😂 disclaimer: I'm 31 weeks pregnant

Sun Child : Roo has lost his damn mind!!! The next step is a psych eval.

Katie Bell : That was hysterical. Thanks for the belly laugh! 😂💝

bambi crandy : Wow 🤣🤣🤣 funny but not funny. Gemma had a chewing problem, but I fixed that. But they have the same issues of not listing. I was laughing but kinda not cuz I feel for ya guys. Just wow ruben

Night Owl : It’s an awesome day when there’s a new Reuben video !

Jim Hightower : Get a can of compressed air.

Ashley Ervin : What a cute little brat

Gossip Queen : Oh my god I love you Reuben. Cuddle buddy. He's so adorable.

BB猪 : Imagine a big guy lying prone on the floor and blowing on a bulldog's butt every morning.

Kathleen Sheridan : I hope you were not late to work. Your reply at work," I am dealing with alot of "BULL **IT" at home." Rueben is saying," Blow it out of your A** dad. Rueban, be a good boy. Good luck Mike and Carol! 🐶🍀🍀🍀❤💕💕💕

sara jacobs : I had my mom watch this. Her dad died Sunday, but this video made her smile for the first time in 5 days. Thank you for being ornery, Reuben.

Truth Seeker : Rueben is out of control and doesn't really listen..:) Then he gets rewarded for his bad behavior and trying to bite you guys.

Gia Sharry : Whole new meaning to blow

Kathy Baird : Love this. We get all of the fun but none of the work, or mess. Like being a dogie grandparent! 😄😇

David Kanyan : “He’s going deeper in” “You’re tunneling now” “Carol, come get your dog” H I L A R I O U S ! That is some odd behavior. If he’s gonna tunnel you should get him a miners hard hat. Probably with a light.

Ronnie Smillie : Hillarious...hahahahaha : ) ...A leaf blower might be effective for swift evacuation : ) So U bought a ramp for the SUV to save your back, then have this 1st thing in the AM!

saff patel : I love ruby. U should get him a female bulldog

Lu Kaplan : Rooooooooooo, you naughty, naughty boy. I still love you anyway. That's why your mommy is always laughing you are just too much. Your daddy almost cracked up too.👍😆💜😆💜😆💜😆💜😆💜🐶💜

Gazzlo : OK, canine cell extraction. What's that? The con IS a canine? Now what? Got it, send in the cat!

Grizzleback07 : Looked like Smeagol with his "Precious"! 😂😂😂

Eclpselatin 022 : Roo Roo you make made my ❤️ sing so spoiled ily💖💖🐶🐶🐶🐶🙏

BELLA THE OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG : Lol he is not going down without a fight