Reuben the Bulldog: The Monster Under the Bed

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mklein5179 : This looks like a prison cell extraction.

abe frohman : I think he secretly likes you blowing on his butt. 🤣😂

Ramona Q : "He's going deeper in!" Oh my sides. lololol

Phillip Lopez : This one is so funny that I had to watch a third time .

Jacqueline Hagedorn : He is full of personality! Now I've seen his stubborn side of it😄

Adam C : he sounds like a little gremlin when he's being stubborn

Barney Rubble : If he chews on stuff you don't want him to give him a finger covered in tabasco. I will stop the chewing on stuff. Ive had shoes remotes tables destroyed by my bully. Now he doesn't chew because he doesn't want a hot mouth with no water for 5 mins! It was the only way to stop him chewing on everything.

Connie McFeely : reub what's are really going to get a spankin 💞💞💞

Phillip Lopez : You really must get Rubin a kitty cat . I am certain that it would change him in many ways . Plus it would occupy his time .

Post Disclosure World : Wouldn't a dog treat solve this? Or is blowing on his butt more desirable?

Redbones Honeypot : I had to come back and watch it again. Yup...still hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

A Jo : Hmm so when he's being good he's daddy's boy but when he's being bad. "Carol come get your dog ".... 🤣🤣🤣.....even when he's being bad hes still cute...❤

Tonya Sims : 😂😂😂😂😂Reuben says Ah Ha you can't get me

Vi B : Roo has developed resistance Dad 😂 . Ily Roo🐶💋💜

BIG GEE : At the very end of the video, he charges at the camera like a mob boss pushing reporters away that are taking photos of him in front of the courthouse while screaming, "NO MORE PICTURES!" lol! REUBEN IS JUST TO MUCH.

Ulle Bishope : You have to blow your dogs ass out?? lmao 😂😂 good ol Reub

Janet Hoffman : I am not certain I will ever stop laughing! Maybe, someday 🐶🐶😂😂😂

robert ingram : I think Reuben would rather blow wind 💨 than have wind 💨 blown on his backside. Lol 😂

Leslie Craig : Naughty little stinker 🤣

Jey Lee : Looool 😅😂 we love Reuben😘💗 cute and lovely Reuben!

Panda YAS : Lol he doesn’t want to get out from under the bed 😂 I love bulldogs so much

Leigh Florkevich : He knows you're all about to leave for work and school and being naughty is one way to keep you from going!

Mishele Lesser : Good night my little Gremlin. Sleep tight, don't let the wrapping paper bite. 🎁🙊

Konapiliahi Kelikoa'elaka'uaikekai Aki : Oh my god I love you Reuben. Cuddle buddy. He's so adorable.

tuskawilla : CAROL COME GET YOUR DOG!!!

Joanna Brown : I wonder if a can of compressed air would work...

Lucinda Cronin : Showing our passive-aggressive side, are we? What did they do to piss you off? Isn't herding dogs and cats what God made vacuums for?

Linda Harner : I'm not sure who won that battle, but it was sure funny! ❤

Brandi Williams : I laughed so hard I almost peed 😂😂😂😂 disclaimer: I'm 31 weeks pregnant

Susan Kwan : I see who the alpha is in this home! Hahaha.

bambi crandy : Wow 🤣🤣🤣 funny but not funny. Gemma had a chewing problem, but I fixed that. But they have the same issues of not listing. I was laughing but kinda not cuz I feel for ya guys. Just wow ruben

Sun Child : Roo has lost his damn mind!!! The next step is a psych eval.

sara jacobs : I had my mom watch this. Her dad died Sunday, but this video made her smile for the first time in 5 days. Thank you for being ornery, Reuben.

Katie Bell : That was hysterical. Thanks for the belly laugh! 😂💝

BB猪 : Imagine a big guy lying prone on the floor and blowing on a bulldog's butt every morning.

Jim Hightower : Get a can of compressed air.

Night Owl : It’s an awesome day when there’s a new Reuben video !

Ashley Ervin : What a cute little brat

David Kanyan : “He’s going deeper in” “You’re tunneling now” “Carol, come get your dog” H I L A R I O U S ! That is some odd behavior. If he’s gonna tunnel you should get him a miners hard hat. Probably with a light.

Kathleen Sheridan : I hope you were not late to work. Your reply at work," I am dealing with alot of "BULL **IT" at home." Rueben is saying," Blow it out of your A** dad. Rueban, be a good boy. Good luck Mike and Carol! 🐶🍀🍀🍀❤💕💕💕

Truth Seeker : Rueben is out of control and doesn't really listen..:) Then he gets rewarded for his bad behavior and trying to bite you guys.

Kathy Baird : Love this. We get all of the fun but none of the work, or mess. Like being a dogie grandparent! 😄😇

Tango's Mom bell : Aaaahhh bulldogs. They never got the memo about how dogs are man's best friend. They think men are dogs' slaves 😋 Our bulldog does the same thing whenever he's caught. Tries to either get one last chew of whatever it is he's not supposed to be chewing or he runs away with it.

Gia Sharry : Whole new meaning to blow

Mike Idsinga : Carol, come get YOUR dog 😂😂😂 That made my day!

BELLA THE OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG : Lol he is not going down without a fight

Laurel : I love how hes flagrantly chewing in front of you lol

Casey Yesac : It's like a family intervention up in there lol

Ronnie Smillie : Hillarious...hahahahaha : ) ...A leaf blower might be effective for swift evacuation : ) So U bought a ramp for the SUV to save your back, then have this 1st thing in the AM!

MrShoebox21 : "I'mma chew this." "Don't chew it!" "...Okay. I'mma chew this." " "NO!" "Okay. ...I'mma chew this and go under the bed."