Beasties Against the Machine - Check the Testimony (Dey-One Mix)

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Justin Wescott : OMG! Dat intro got me so fired up, I was already raging before the song even started!

Rawk4Life : There's actually two RATM songs in this mashup, Testify and their version of Renegades of Funk.

Ricardo Longoria : Thanks for all the feedback, erybody.  I'm glad it's reached so many ears.

Jonny Stroop : I'm 53 and this shit jams I love it!!!!!

Robbie Glover : I love how you used Ad Rock's interview within this also :-)

2HootHoot : THIS IS SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deaths 0079 : kILLED IT!

ex-PFC Wintergreen. : 430,000 people have watched this video Only 45 didn't like 👍

April M. : Beastie & Rage that's what's up. Love this remix:))

undertheblade1 : beastie boys for the win 

Swan Electro : This is verrrrrrry clean! great job! Just one minor, small, nothing, kind of thing; I don't think anyone would gripe if that harmonica loop you've got going around 3:00 were to have a bar, or two knocked off the end, to make the drum and bass really pop just before spock gets tazed.

sid555 : Beasties I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Oz d : beastie rage unreal right on

AJ Medina : Rage against the machine rules!!

Righteous Indignation : In my opinion, one of the best (perhaps THE best) mashups in music and YouTube history. From the edit where we read "Release the mutant now!" which (still brings goosebumps up my neck and arms!) isn't simply clever, but editing genius (as is the entirety of this killer vid) to the footage of Bush, Gore and the rest of the "team" we all took one for a time or two (especially the comical Bush shit; that is soooo damn funny still), all the way to playing (mostly) the RAtM track while Beasties rapped on screen, and vice versa (RAtM singing, not rapping, if anyone's offended). The Ad Rock interview clips are pure gold and absolutely integral. And that slomo footage of Tricky Dick is as priceless as it is creepy. If you're the creator of this, as old as the upload is, I'd like to think you got scooped up for this work by someone who respects your work through excellent pay. I've had this video saved for almost two years now and I've played it for every occasion/emotion one can think of. Always inspirational/motivational. Thanks heaps for it. Cheers!

April M. : R.I.P. Adam

mumerus : more of these please.

Rogue Element (Ravager) : :D

Callum Elsom : filthy!!

Richard Spikman : WELL DONE, SON!

Sideways 8 : you have done such an amazing job on this. congrats. this is gold

nil0bject : Zach 4 leader of the entire god damn universe

Jason Beamer : Please make more like this kick A$$ jam!!!

A P : Keep it coming. Real tight!

Kurt Darkholme : i bow to you sir, thank you.

Pausa Manzo : just fantastic


Prophet Zarquon : That.  Was.  Wonderful.

Glen Swan : This is perfect.

Alex Zandford : Awesome Mix Bro!

Brian Hayes : Mega Dopesauce 

Vinz Caputo : Amazing..... love it

VanderLuiz : Excelente!

Cristi C : I love it! :)

amit kasif : God ! Genius ! Keep up the good work!

monica mitchell : LOVE IT!!!!

Joe Sanderson : that was THE SHIZ!

Another comment : Respect

Elth ³ : This is fucking insane man.  Love it

Artificial Owl : This has been over the internet for 7 years, and I only got it today !?

Ohshii : Holy shit I accidentally stumbled into the best part of youtube!

Larry Cordova : Zach is my homeboy from LB CAL.DO SOME MORE B BOYS -RATM... PUHLEEZE?

drinner : WOW!  WOWOWOWOW!!!!   WOOOOOW!!!! THIS IS LEGIT!!!  WOW!  THANK you for ROCKING with style!!!!!   AWESOME!!!!!   Hip Hop is STILL ALIVE!!!

Larry Cordova : I have never heard my head sizzle like this...except on sherm.

James Swinburne : This is one of them mash ups that you wish happened live👌 love that 808 !

Righteous Indignation : du bist ein Genie!

rosshancocks : Dude! That is an epic mash!!! Kudos

Thomas Gonzalez : That was DOPE!!!!

Victor Léycegui : It´s 2017 and this shit is still O S O M.

Mr Ahhsum : L E G I T ---- Mad Respect.