Do Animals Appreciate Music?

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Dank Matter : I sang my dog "Despacito" and she tried to bite me

Sebastian Elytron : My dog loves Scandinavian progressive rock. He's a Great Dane.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Gorillas love Gorillaz.

Software Man : Do Animals Appreciate Music? My neighbor's cat doesn't even appreciate the food i give her -_-

Jobin : Of course, raccoons love trash

Andreas Aristokrates : Thanks, now I want to let my cat listen to music and get my hands on that cat music for her.

It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. : Look up "Jazz for Cows".

A Bird Lover : My bird gets really excited and dances around when I whistle the jurassic park theme

RainAngel111 : My cat likes to listen when I practice the ukulele

Res Art : My dog used to listen to justin bieber I had to put him down

Tim S : my cat likes death metal

Antonio Alejandro AA : There are some videos of a men playing piano to elephants. His name is Paul Barton, you can search his channel in YouTube, it's beatiful :')

David Kadonsky : Props to the video editor that blurred the [406] on his shirt when the "musicality" text came up on the screen to keep musicality legible.

Duct Tape : humans r animals... this is discrimination... bad SciShow

Pikopati : Ok, now where is that " cat mp3 " to do some test with my cats?

Sean Webb : Nobody tests with country western music. The grad students working on the tests placed an objection on health and safety concerns.

Mother Of Oblivion : Dolphins like emo music, because their big brains allowed them to realize that their lives have no porpoise 🙂

Hunk Green : My music library is just 'The Final Countdown' in a neverending loop

Snowball Effect : Do Animals Appreciate Science?

Rob B : My naked mole rat likes The Residents

Paradox : My cat doesn't appreciate anything 😂

ViviSectia : One shark week documentary showed that sharks are metal elitists. They hate melodeath so much that they violently attacked a shark cage to the point that the guy inside had to get out so he wouldn't be dragged to the bottom. I absolutely agree with their opinion.

Cas B. : I'm not surprised cats seem to be mew-sic lovers 🐱🐱

Lukecis : credit: t-34-85? you trying to tell me the tank gave you this info?

Conor Canning : you like jazz?

DemonXeron : That t-shirt is simply not acceptable.

poodlesusan : Of course they do. I had a cat that loved the harmonica.

Sean Webb : Your light source on the host’s left side is too intense. Perhaps bleeding from the instrument being used for your green screen.

Joshua Tupper : What about parrots?

SkyVenomZero : My pokemon moshes to pantera, does that count?

LuappleSnapples : You can’t just tell us about a kitty remix without sharing a link!!

D o g : Yo my cat loves some Slipknot

confusedwhale : My cat doesn't... And she also doesn't like it when I some either... Everybody's a critic.

Cassafrass Cubby : I had a cat that wanted to sit on my chest with her face in my face when I sang, and there she would stay, purring. A compliment of the highest order.

colin Paterson : Do insects like Ant Music or Bee Bumble and the Stingers and is a dog's Bach worse than his bite?

Nameless : My cat Toomi loves the goal horns played during hockey games, does that count? Pretty fitting since his full name is '2 Minutes for Trouble.'

TheJaseku : Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz: "Music is a hidden arithmetic exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is counting."

Dan and Candace Parrott : My cat likes soft music and singing😻

fireaza : Lobsters are naturally, big rock fans.

James : Music is a mating ritual

sophia daniels : but birds tend to sit on their eggs and whatnot to keep them warm.... which could result in similar sounds to being in the womb....

Bence Sárosi : If I had a nickel for every misuse of 'heavy metal', I would've built an inhabitable planet from scratch by now.

biaroca : I'm glad you answered how to get the croc on the fMRI machine, it would have bothered me all day. MRIs take too long to make.

László Szerémi : We had a cat that liked punk music, or at least liked to sleep in front of the speaker.

trebor trahrebe : Well I am a dog, and I can tell you that I like most music. Not rap. It's just horrid.

rotorlite : Seriously, I have a cat that likes for me to play the saxophone for her. I was surprised. When I play something that she especially approves of she will rub up against me and even rub up against the saxophone, purring all the while. She likes recorded music too. I think the tonality of the saxophone is similar to some vocalizations of cats. My Jazz Cat likes alto sax best, smooth jazz or slow blues, funk not so much. I have two other cats that go to another room. By the way, the Jazz Cat is an orange or ginger tabby. I've seen a couple of others do the same in saxophone videos.

InsertUsername : Hmm, so now I know why my cat always joins me when I play melodic death metal.

melodyofkanade : Did they test for example random piano keys when comparing to classical music or Bach? A lot of these studies are useless since using different instruments might affect them differently and thus they may not be able to differentiate musical piano from just random piano notes.

Bly Davis : Neato

Mexikodro : Haha that’s crazy I was just thinking about this the other day 🤔