Do Animals Appreciate Music?

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Dank Matter : I sang my dog "Despacito" and she tried to bite me

Sebastian Elytron : My dog loves Scandinavian progressive rock. He's a Great Dane.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Gorillas love Gorillaz.

Software Man : Do Animals Appreciate Music? My neighbor's cat doesn't even appreciate the food i give her -_-

Res Art : My dog used to listen to justin bieber I had to put him down

Andreas Aristokrates : Thanks, now I want to let my cat listen to music and get my hands on that cat music for her.

RainAngel111 : My cat likes to listen when I practice the ukulele

A Bird Lover : My bird gets really excited and dances around when I whistle the jurassic park theme

Mother Of Oblivion : Dolphins like emo music, because their big brains allowed them to realize that their lives have no porpoise 🙂

It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. : Look up "Jazz for Cows".

Hunk Green : My music library is just 'The Final Countdown' in a neverending loop

David Kadonsky : Props to the video editor that blurred the [406] on his shirt when the "musicality" text came up on the screen to keep musicality legible.

Cassafrass Cubby : I had a cat that wanted to sit on my chest with her face in my face when I sang, and there she would stay, purring. A compliment of the highest order.

巨人の肩 : Humans are animals, so yes. Shouldn't we say *other animals* ?

Pikopati : Ok, now where is that " cat mp3 " to do some test with my cats?

Snowball Effect : Do Animals Appreciate Science?

James Burgess : My goldfish is going through a "punk phase". He just doesn't understand the quality of a Mozart piece yet.

LuappleSnapples : You can’t just tell us about a kitty remix without sharing a link!!

Sean Webb : Nobody tests with country western music. The grad students working on the tests placed an objection on health and safety concerns.

Paradox : My cat doesn't appreciate anything 😂

Antonio Alejandro AA : There are some videos of a men playing piano to elephants. His name is Paul Barton, you can search his channel in YouTube, it's beatiful :')

Conor Canning : you like jazz?

Cas B. : I'm not surprised cats seem to be mew-sic lovers 🐱🐱

ViviSectia : One shark week documentary showed that sharks are metal elitists. They hate melodeath so much that they violently attacked a shark cage to the point that the guy inside had to get out so he wouldn't be dragged to the bottom. I absolutely agree with their opinion.

Lukecis Andersfireson : credit: t-34-85? you trying to tell me the tank gave you this info?

Larr Y : Yo my cat loves some Slipknot

Duct Tape : humans r animals... this is discrimination... bad SciShow

colin Paterson : Do insects like Ant Music or Bee Bumble and the Stingers and is a dog's Bach worse than his bite?

Dan and Candace Parrott : My cat likes soft music and singing😻

Rob B : My naked mole rat likes The Residents

SkyVenomZero : My pokemon moshes to pantera, does that count?

confusedwhale : My cat doesn't... And she also doesn't like it when I some either... Everybody's a critic.

TheJaseku : Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz: "Music is a hidden arithmetic exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is counting."

DemonXeron : That t-shirt is simply not acceptable.

Simply Mike : When I played Gucci Gang for my cat he exploded. I don't think he liked it very much

poodlesusan : Of course they do. I had a cat that loved the harmonica.

sophia daniels : but birds tend to sit on their eggs and whatnot to keep them warm.... which could result in similar sounds to being in the womb....

James : Music is a mating ritual

biaroca : I'm glad you answered how to get the croc on the fMRI machine, it would have bothered me all day. MRIs take too long to make.

László Szerémi : We had a cat that liked punk music, or at least liked to sleep in front of the speaker.

Sean Webb : Your light source on the host’s left side is too intense. Perhaps bleeding from the instrument being used for your green screen.

fireaza : Lobsters are naturally, big rock fans.

S2ymi : Heavy Metal Doggos?

rotorlite : Seriously, I have a cat that likes for me to play the saxophone for her. I was surprised. When I play something that she especially approves of she will rub up against me and even rub up against the saxophone, purring all the while. She likes recorded music too. I think the tonality of the saxophone is similar to some vocalizations of cats. My Jazz Cat likes alto sax best, smooth jazz or slow blues, funk not so much. I have two other cats that go to another room. By the way, the Jazz Cat is an orange or ginger tabby. I've seen a couple of others do the same in saxophone videos.

Matt Jasa : My cat enjoys some Lynyrd Skynyrd but i switch it over to Jefferson Airplane and he just stares at me like "are you serious?"

Andrew Meronek : I suspect my cat likes the slow movement of Ben Johnston's String Quartet No. 7. Lots of thick, buzzy chords which sometimes might resemble purring.

Chris W : my bearded dragon loves when I play the piano for him, seriously. closes his eyes and relaxes

InsertUsername : Hmm, so now I know why my cat always joins me when I play melodic death metal.

Mexikodro : Haha that’s crazy I was just thinking about this the other day 🤔

Tim S : my cat likes death metal