How to wash a car with a baby

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RJRacers : I'm a little bit dyslexic so I thought it was washing a BABY with a CAR

ZacSeg : For a second I thought it said "how to clean a car using a baby" oh god....

Kids Diaries : What a cute baby! This video made my day!! :D

Daniel Johnson : Doesn't that baby know your not suppose to use a brush on black paint mate. For crying out load baby! Get with the program.

Sha・Ne・Ru : This child will look back and be like "yeah I spent so much time with my dad" 😂😂 washing cars, doing chores... the normal stuff hahaha Love these videos

Str805Speed : My next video "How to wash a motorcycle with a baby" and I'm serious lol

I’m a disappointment. Period. : 1:04 “Bye” *just dangles there and looks dead* 😂💘

Kels Ivi : If you dislike this video, you do have a problem!

TIsaacs : I remember washing the car with my dad when I was a kid. I would wear my firefighter helmet and coat over my swim trunks when I went to help. The best part was when Dad would hold me up and I would spray the hose to douse the "flames" at the top of the car! (It was really the soap.) Those were good, happy times. Good, happy times.

ObViOsPillow : I like how she just goes along with it lol

NotSoSilentBob Z : 925 weirdos who actually wanted to see him actually wash the car with the baby.

Butt Sagget : 0:27 when ever I try to do something and life hates me

TheAliLife : So glad to see you getting the views you deserve XD

Joseph Borne : Don't you have to soak the baby with dawn or bleach before cleaning your car with your baby?

Hamish Webb : From one kiwi to another...Congratz on another successful video!

Oliver Juhadi : Only in new zealand.

How's That Thing : Can I borrow that baby to clean my car? I only have cats.

Archer973 : Great video! Too much fun and too cute! I got a kick out of the repeats of child sitting on chair hosing one spot continuously.

XxTGGamingxX : Very kiwi

Emily De La Rosa : It's so nice to see these videos. They are just sweet and funny. You are a wonderful father and you bring a lot of smiles and laughs to parents everywhere 👶🏻

Half Asian Toronto Kid : finaly watched all of your videos. I think I'm ready to be a dad :D

eerereps : this ticked all the requirements of a viral video. Good Job sir!

Sho Nuff : Ford needs to sell this SUV in the states! Right meow

Umar Rasheezy : 100k subs been here since 2k classic kiwi🇳🇿

riverw007 : They don't soak up much liquid and scream when you try to wring them out.

40 FK : Instructions unclear baby stuck in the exhaust pipe

Ngarino Tetana : Best Kiwi Intro

Dont Blow It Keep It Simple Count Your Money : instructions unclear, how do I wash baby off of my car tires?

drummerfella 55 : Man, just adorable. cute video! from America...thanks for the Smile!

Theme Park Enthusiast : Congrats on getting 2nd on top trending


Avolto : I don't know why but this is very entertaining

Nano Mine : I remember you from your video that got famous, of How to hold a Baby.

ZSG : How to wash a baby with a car will be up next week

Corpsgrinder360 : Up next washing you baby with a car. (tires not included)

GalaxyLanee : hey How to DAD your licence plate is showing. just pointing that out

Brad Rothschild : And after watching through all of your videos, you have gained a new subscriber. Keep it up!

Amoryaj : James Franco's doppelgänger

VerifiedAndy : Like if I should post fortnite videos

FrootLoop : she's getting so big!

Andrea Monte : Where do i go about finding an awesome dad like the one in the video?

Mark Cerbo : I saw you and your daughter featured in Sunrise show this morning which led me to your channel. LIKED your FB page too and best endeavors ahead Jordan.

kiwigirljacks : A shout out by Philip DeFranco ... YES!!!!! So deserved, you are hilarious dude! Gone viral... YES! ;)

JKL : Found your channel thru Phil's channel. Pure genius. :)

JanEn3 : I was watching this yesterday and just saw it on the trending page now. like WOOOW ITS TRENDING?!

Justin Wisniewski : Ford needs to bring the Everest to America.

Stew F : Bro. Ka pai :) Subbed all the way from NYC

Jason B : Funniest thing I've seen in a long while roflmfao

Quantum Nebula : New Zealand is sooo beautiful!😍