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Marvel Cinematic Universe Mega Edit by the person who did Fantasia

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Celebrating 10 years of the MCU! Music | Nostrand by Ratatat Vision Vision by Loyal Divide (R/D Remix) Edited | Lindsay McCutcheon Software | Premiere Pro After Effects Audition For whatever reason the second half 'Nostrand' kept tripping YouTube's copyright sensors, so this is a re-upload with different music. If you'd like to take a look at the original you can find it here Thanks to Gen Ip's incredible Filmography series for song inspiration Dedicated to Stan Lee


Norkeys : its not fan.tasia 2, but i approve

aFFi : I knew staying subscribed to this channel would pay off. Indeed it did!

Bulman : I was waiting like, this isn't the editing skill that we saw in Fan.Tasia, then boom 1:45

joyehful : she is BACK thanks for re-upload and for this in general

Kyubi : what happened to that Studio Ghibli thing you said you were working on?

Pep pi : 1:45 now this is epic

Peep the Peep : It’s really sad that Stan Lee died, I bet he would have loved this! (I didn’t grow up with marvel but I really like this :D)

Austin Wang : Most underrated talent on youtube

Lily Grace : okay, this is epic.

Scamspam : I subscribed for flippy lid vids, wtf is this

Cooliflower : THE MAGIC RETURNS!

Holbrook Stark : I've sincerely loved you on a deep level ever since I found Flippy Lid 2 and now after this video it's turned into something creepy. I'll do anything for you Lindsay. I want to see you become CEO of Disney or something even more epic. Sorry for being weird, but I bet at least 5 other people will read this, feel the same way, thumbs up, but still not have the balls to say anything. I speak for them too. I'm like the Lorax of obsessive fans out here

Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar : Wait a minute. You're the one who often posted awesome marvel gifs in r/marvelstudios? Man... No wonder.

Mnxe : Oh my god. The transitions, the masking, everything. WOW.

Robert Glover : Yo, this is a next level shit Love this so much!

TheStwartt : Woooowwww!! THAT WAS SO DOPEEEE!!! People SHARE THIS VIDEO NOWWW WE HAVE TO SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS so They Brings us More stuff like this Lindsay you have Talent Bro

Kart : You shocked me with those incredible end bits, that was very well edited and the masking is on point, I absolutely adore your works <3

Colin Runge : amazing stuff! you're incredibly talented!!! your fan.tasia video brought me here:)

Zaxhys : Why doesn’t this have more views


KiddKoalaz : Balanced.. as all edits should be.. Doing great as always! :)) Seriously need a part 2 to that lid vid though lol


kerchak : why the song and the editing are different from ur version on vimeo

Prestley : This was awesome! Seeing the test vid had me hyped and you didn’t disappoint. Thank you for this. :)

Cameron Hart : Awe-inspiring. Stan Lee would be proud

Wendisnek : this is BREATHTAKING, I didn't expect anything less but you surpassed my expectations even still! Your editing skills are through the roof and continue getting better with each video! :D <3

dwinkleton : my brain , it is .melt

Laura Hale : This was breathtaking! I missed your edits

Bronson : Been a fan since fan.tasia you inspire me so much to become a better editor. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

twiceshy : :| Youtube recommended Fan.tasia again, but not this?! HOW DID I MISS THIS BEFORE?!

Mohammed Ali Fazal : Wow! The editing is great but the second half has been phenomenal. Awesome work. You should be proud.

Spencer Armstrong : this ended too quickly!! simply fantastic. keep up the great work.

Amber Chu : Now when can I get a tutorial on your editing skills

Aprilwindz : Love your work! Your edits are amazing, keep it up :)

Marigold edits : SO GOOD!!! The minute I saw that you uploaded it made my day brighter :D your edits are so inspiring!

Judah Harrigan : This is truly art right here. The scenes for "you rise, only to fall" hit real hard. So perfectly orchestrated! Well done Lindsay! Your GIFS were always great.

StrangelyQuarky : Thanks, this is amazing! See you next decade!

Happy Shadows : *claps* they did it again.

CommentWriter95 : I was just thinking that this reminded me of Gen Ip's filmography before I read your description! Amazing work

ChillyDown : The editing is so goooooood. Thank you for creating and sharing this!!!!

Liya Char : I want to appreciate every single edit, but there are so many amazing moments holy shit how do you do this

Xiomy Sam : Truly a marvel to look at after witnessing the goodness that was Endgame.

Jeno C : It's been a long, hard, and sad work week, and this coming in at the end was so unexpected and made things feel better. Thank you so much.

Kagura Nitrogat : Takes too long to get to the god like editing you're known for imho but it was still a fantastic vid.

Arpit Arora : Thanks for including Heimdall 🙏🏼

Crystal K : The queen is back! Here before this blows up👀

number5wii : Just found my way to the vimeo original. WOW. Even more spectacular!

Ivium : Hey, your work is amazing, how did you learn the art of mashup? Do you have an advice to give to someone who loves doing mashups too? :)

Daniel Hallinan : I'm glad you got this back on youtube! It's interesting (and cool!) that it's a different version from the one that's on Vimeo (once one gets to the Intense Edit Action at least). Doesn't make it any less amazing, though - it's like two different great flavours!