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Pigeonhead : its not fan.tasia 2, but i approve

Lily Grace : it's not flippy lid 4, but I'll take it


aFFi : I knew staying subscribed to this channel would pay off. Indeed it did!

Bulman : I was waiting like, this isn't the editing skill that we saw in Fan.Tasia, then boom 1:45

joyehful : she is BACK thanks for re-upload and for this in general

Cupcake Drawz : It’s really sad that Stan Lee died, I bet he would have loved this! (I didn’t grow up with marvel but I really like this :D)

Scamspam : I subscribed for flippy lid vids, wtf is this

Kyubi : what happened to that Studio Ghibli thing you said you were working on?

Pep pi : 1:45 now this is epic


Lily Grace : okay, this is epic.

TheStwartt : Woooowwww!! THAT WAS SO DOPEEEE!!! People SHARE THIS VIDEO NOWWW WE HAVE TO SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS so They Brings us More stuff like this Lindsay you have Talent Bro

Austin Wang : Most underrated talent on youtube

KiddKoalaz : Balanced.. as all edits should be.. Doing great as always! :)) Seriously need a part 2 to that lid vid though lol

kerchak : why the song and the editing are different from ur version on vimeo

Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar : Wait a minute. You're the one who often posted awesome marvel gifs in r/marvelstudios? Man... No wonder.

Holbrook Stark : I've sincerely loved you on a deep level ever since I found Flippy Lid 2 and now after this video it's turned into something creepy. I'll do anything for you Lindsay. I want to see you become CEO of Disney or something even more epic. Sorry for being weird, but I bet at least 5 other people will read this, feel the same way, thumbs up, but still not have the balls to say anything. I speak for them too. I'm like the Lorax of obsessive fans out here

Bob The Otamatone : Thanks Stan Lee, And thank you for dedicating him.

Liesbeth L : holy shit, from 1:44 onwards is GOLD, you should do an entire video like that, LOVE

Sunzki : Ok but where is flippy lid 4?

Cameron Hart : Awe-inspiring. Stan Lee would be proud

Jeno C : It's been a long, hard, and sad work week, and this coming in at the end was so unexpected and made things feel better. Thank you so much.

dwinkleton : my brain , it is .melt

fredmcmack : Yikes. Vastly preferred the first version with the rest of the Ratatat song. Shame.

Pep pi : Yeeeaaaa nice finally

StrangelyQuarky : Thanks, this is amazing! See you next decade!

Lurf Jurv : where is floppy lid

ok then : 1:42 pure gold

Prestley : This was awesome! Seeing the test vid had me hyped and you didn’t disappoint. Thank you for this. :)

kaitiesnook : you are so amazing i hope to grow up to be u lol insane talent!!!!!

Define The Terms : rip Stan Lee

Lily Grace : yet another masterpiece, thank you for this ♡

PhatAct : Disappointed that this notification wasn't the flippy lid sequel we've been clamoring for.

TheMarvelStark : Best thing I've ever seen in my life.

HolyPorko : Awesome, but the original one that you uploaded on Vimeo is better.

Eggstealer : Came for fan.tasia stayed for studio ghibli, then was rewarded for this treat. Excellent work!!!

Ace Coordinator Mary : DAMMIT THAT LAST SHOT WHY?!

Sarah Davidson : this is art! what an amazing dedication to marvel!

beepboop : THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aggelos Back : What you do is awesome Lindsay, please, keep doing it! ;) Kiss from France.

JiordanoAsya : Why this is no viral already?!....

StuffNStuff AndOtherStuff : I love flippy lid but it seems to have screwed up the recommendation algorithm for this channel, considering this has the lowest amount of views on this channel and did not blow up immediately. Even the testing video gained viewers faster.

Spencer Armstrong : this ended too quickly!! simply fantastic. keep up the great work.

gotenks157 : Ok, that was dope as hell. Need to finish it once avengers 4 is out. You got a sub from me 👍.

Michael Fong : Personally, I liked fan.tasia a little more but i understand it’s probably easier to edit the animation rather than live action. My issue is with the somewhat sudden change of pace toward the bottom end. Other than that, still amazing work :)

Robert Gjestang : It's really sad your original edit got removed, i liked the music from the first version much better! If anyone want's to listen to it, she has posted it on Vimeo. Just google "vimeo marvel x"

CommentWriter95 : I was just thinking that this reminded me of Gen Ip's filmography before I read your description! Amazing work

LPS Collector 103 : Spongebob now lOl

Blue Tree : How inconvenient stan Lee died before this creation was released. But well done mate :)