They Sold Their Souls: Pink Floyd
They Sold Their Souls Pink Floyd

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A video excerpt from Good Fight Ministries' popular documentary "They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll." Pink Floyd Music Career: 1964 - Present To learn more about our ministry, please visit:


dycusburgkid : Ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse your mind and remove any influence that is not of Jesus Christ.

Rebecca Abrams : Thank you Pastor Joe Shcimmel and Blessed Hope Chapel!!! May Christ Jesus be praised for the Holy Spirit's leading all of us to the Lord.

NUTMEG FOREVER TRIBUTE CHANNEL : I'm done with music, I used to hear these musicians sold their souls when I was young, but I didn't believe it, but now I see it and believe it...I should have listened to the lyrics, thanks to Youtube I've learned the meanings and will only hear music from non demonic musicians if there are any.If not I will listen to the sounds of nature.

Jeffery Black : At one time, I played in a band.  We almost made it big.  When I personally was faced with the blood proposition to sell my soul for fame and money and sex for 7 years, I knew I had to turn that offer down.  Now I praise Jesus Christ for saving me from hell where I would be tonight had I made a pact with hell.

Susanna Jacobi : 25 years ago i liked them much...but as I turned to Jesus I destroyed all this stuff!!

Jode Ville : I have been a musician and a song writer all my life. You do not know my name, but I still have a soul. And there is so much power in that.

skyzzalive : this was my favorite P.F. album,,i listened to it for years ,,i hope God forgives me and even though i threw it in the trash yesterday the music is still in my head ,how do i deal with that....for Jesus Christ ,,our Lord and saviour.

Christiaan Baron : all pop culture is at its core african voodoo muti murdering mumbo jumbo boogie woogie

20alphabet : John Todd was RIGHT! Jack T. Chick was the only man strong enough to publish it.

Cody Charles : We can't rearrange our past my people. We set down and mature. We put childish things away. Then in the holy Spirit. We become like children again. Seeing the Father in everything. We laugh with joy at the rising of our spirit. Knowing we need not worry anymore.

FIREFOXXX777 : Oh wow! And I liked their music.

TheDieselbutterfly : keep up the good fight.thank you brother

zane 2707 : so is this the reason why david g.and the new pink floyd without roger never performed animals live ever only roger w.did play animals songs on hes tour ,maybe they have diferent wiews about earth and god and roger just move on on a diferenent level

Stinky Pete : What music can I listen to!? uGH

Rainbow Bridge : “Sold their soul to the devil” Yeah because you can’t be succesful without selling your soul

The Narrow Way Broadcasting : Jesus is Lord praise Him forever....

a. banks. : Pink Floyd... Wow!!! Keep on fighting he good fight....

Juan Herrera : awww not Pink Floyd I love them and also their "Dark side of the moon" album I thought it was incredible

FIREFOXXX777 : Not no more!


NycBeauty : Wow, the devil really blinded them. They think the are stronger than God? Satan knows he isn't , but they think they are? They will see when they die.

Be kind kiwi : As a Christian I have to admit this video has gutted me because its my fav music :( ..but Jesus has to come first!

Caleb Sanders : You're a loser if you reject God and/or his Son Jesus Christ

SuperFreeamerican : I had no idea they perverted the psalm like that...

De Luboya : And i used to like their song "Wish you were here"

sldeyo : I don't know who Pink Floyd is but I've seen the tshirts. Pure evil.

Oscar Lemon : Just look at they The Dark Side of the Moon album cover. I can't believe people listen to this...

Barbie Sioux Cherokee Sparrow Hawk : This world really sucks so bad, the day is coming so very soon we won't have to worry bout these sons an daughters of hell, ETERNAL DAMNATION FOR ALL OF THEM ! So thankful for the Times were in now the more prophecy that happens the quicker our Lord An Saviour will be here!

KIT Verity : I see that now. However, there was some kind of notification from youtube saying the copyrighted music used in this video was muted. So when I tried to play the video it had no sound hence my comment!

II : this video is not muted. maybe you watched too soon, when the video was just uploaded, and youtube had not yet finished some stuff.

KIT Verity : does google mute every video with copyrighted audio tracks in it!? This does not make any sense!

Jon Schuck : anyone notice that eye in the album cover?

xamericanwomanx : I never liked them My soul always rejected this kind of music.. thank you Jesus

Rachel Lalite : Satan is the spirit of music as he is a musical instrument very careful with music he knows every single aspect of it

Clinton Post : The stage lights up to look like the all seeing eye

Tom Acosta : The movie The Wall is the most depressing brainwashing movie I ever saw. It is suicidal. I was depressed for days after watching it. I can't listen to their music anymore. Now Roger waters walks around like he is some savior socialist.

gregory hudson : god bless us all. Everyone 😀

charles morrison : one song their satanist they had tons of stuff

Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey : Why are some on these fantastic videos only short clips? Where can I find the whole thing?

Jennifer Perkins : DANG..... My all-time favorite band. Ugh

CREWDOG289 : I never picked that up I have been heavily into the music because of the guitar the last couple of years

Damon Hunter : Like many of the commenters below, I also was unaware of the satanic undercurrent behind the bands motives..............I was vaguely aware that some of the albums were refefrencing a flat-earth i.e. a saucer full of secrets and the wall..............I even had (what I now know) to be a visitation from a demon/evil spirit one night at around 3:00am while listening to 'live at Pompeii' while on my own lying down on my sofa with my pet dog Cain. It was the most intense 25 to 30 seconds I ever had in my life and seemed to go on forever.......all the while I was holding on to my dog like my life depended on it while he (Cain) was going berserk trying to get 'at it'...........anyway! All this to say that I now thankfully realise that Almighty God and Our Lord Jesus Christ are The Truth, The Way and The Light.......................Amen and Amen and May Almighty God Be With You.

LightHeaded777 : What clinched this conclusion for me? In 1987, as a backslider, I ate some acid (yet again), and while examining the artwork and lyrics if Pink Floyd's album, "Wish You Were Here," I discovered the actual reason why the "man on fire" on the cover was shaking hands with another man. It's quite simple, especially with the lyrics from the title track: "So... so you think you can tell... Heaven from Hell....Blue skies from pain...." It's a business deal with the devil. Look into it yourselves, you doubters. I lie not.

Sarah Tonen : waters never misses a moment to drop socialist government ideology at his concerts. this is probably why Ocasio-Cortez thinks she knows anything about Israel and Palestine. She's a Floyd fan

fatcatbuzz : Anyone who has listened to Pink Floyd knows this already.

Rosie Thorn : i know that! even when i was blind, i was feeling very empty-souled after listening to pink floyd. i hate this music so much and i can't understand why people loves it? in their music is no traces of these pleasure melancholy atmosphere, but only the emptiness and some kind of destructiving human's soul. i feel it very clearly and i can't believe that i am the only human with that feeling. once again: i HATE pink floyd's music and i used hate it for long times ago.

JIMMY PATTERSON : From what I hear the members of Pink Floyd could not get along .Roger Waters wanted to control every aspect of the group,and this was the leading cause of the friction in the band.What idiots.

Mellis Asamoah : My God forgive him😳😳😳

Monorail Beyond the Veil* : I never cared for Pink Floyd, and had NO idea they had such blasphemous songs.