STAR WARS in Public
Star Wars in Public

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We decided to become real Jedi's in the streets. May the force be with us. INSTAGRAM: @therackaracka VISUAL EFFECTS by TRASH PANDA Music from Star Wars Soundtrack. WE DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC! Ending Song:


Adrian Monroy : I can't imagine how dumb you guys looked without the effects

Ghosty : Star Wars: The Public Menace

3N3MY : This editing is absolutely brilliant.

Boy GiLiGiLi : 0:16"Excuse me guys,can you guys either purchase them or choose to put them down" Can't stop laughing😂😂😂

Jonathan Schneider : Why is this cooler than a Disney movie with a 200m budget lol

The Comment : I lost it when the golf cart gained lasers!🤣😂😂😂

Roy Cuffee : This was cool idk why people are so miserable as to call the police about everything little thing

Thomas Muller 7-1 : Never in my life did I imagine seeing Darth Maul vs Pikachu 1:17


Markus Huber : "Why is everyone calling the police" 😂😂

GermanyFan01 : Guard, “I’m calling the police” What the guy likely said, “The police? Why? Bruh we’re just filming a video for our YouTube channel” What guard likely said, “Can I be in it? Other wise I’m calling the police”

Jason Smith : What was Ronald McDonald saying at 2:16 and why? xD

JavaJiveGaming O.O : RackaRacka: *screams and runs through public parking lots in the middle of the night* Normal people: *calls police* RackaRacka: *surprised pikachu face*

RapidRussian : That.... was.... EPIC!! Finally YouTube recommends me something other than how toilet paper is made!

PhantomKiller76 : 😂 I died when chewie got taken down

nelson sy : Endgame is the most anticipated crossover movie ever These guys: *hold my beer*

Halo Master : 2:00 prayers for chewbacca

elias rodriguez : 1:21 Who is she????? Instagram or something

The Key and the Gate : "OI MATE, YOU GOT A LOICENCE FOR THAT THERE LOIGHTSABER?" -every security officer in the video

Alec Remoticado : God, how stupid do they look without the effects xD

drsingingeagle : That was wonderfully refreshing. Thank you. We humans (even aliens) should do more of this. Let me know when you're going to be in Mount Shasta...

Chrome Falcon : I wonder how dumb they looked without the editing

NikoWin : The best Star Wars video ever :D

DigitalPraise7 : While filming, they looked positively goofy. After post,..... Epic.

Cami Oliver Piesön : I didn’t know Jabba the Hutt liked Mountain Dew.

Artemus Over Easy : This is two words: Simply. Brilliant. Honest harmless pranks that show ingenuity and teamwork. Sad the public resorts to calling the god damn police for innocent stuff like this.

Marcus Worsham : This was soo EPIC 🔥🔥😂

Versus Music Official : Looks all cool and mental after the editing. But just imagine for a second how it all looked without the effects for anyone watching them lol

Captain Qwaz Caz : This is why order 66 happened.


Ashura : Omg ok that was a montage who deserve 50k like But what harry and spady do here^^``

Jake Bulette : So many characters. Looks instead like just a bunch of nerds having a mob fight XD vid was great

John Doe : Why can't people just have fun...."your having fun im calling the police" 😅

SwoodMan 127 : When the GOD-LIKE editing overpowers the cringe 👌👌👌

Pls subscribe 4 no reason : Me: *Sees thumbnail* Also me: *Thinks about that one RayWilliamJohnson meme*

Fletcher Franklin : I'm not going to lie whoever edited this video did an absolutely great job I'm so jealous I was not a part of this group fight lol

John Titor : “Why is everyone call the police” What kind the question was that lmao.

willow unleash : When i watch this I only think of one word😂total😔🤓chaos.......

john reyes : 1:36 da fuq happened to han solo

dustin n'guyen : STO MORENDO 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Greetings from f*cking Italy

Martin Mendoza : I love this hilarious! Lmao! You guys need to do an Avenger 1

Chuckqnit : I think every fan has secretly dreamed of opening a lightsaber's packaging and having the satisfaction of it coming to iridescent life in your hands. This takes that thrill, squares it, cubes it, and cubes it again. Brilliant!!!!!

Garett Salovski : LMAO 😂😂😂 is it wrong that I'm curious what spell dude at 1:57 is trying to conjure?

Millersaur 1 : 1:33 on our way to Geykumes circumcision be like

Rex The Leopard Gecko : "The Star Wars prequels are bad" Me: *Shows This Video "Never mind"

TIMOTHY ABBOTT : My inner jedi has been activated... MAY BE THE FORCE BE WOTH YOU

Chris Keo : I need the ig of the chick who summoned the x-wing

Marvin Vinas : People be like, "Execute order: 911"

God : Top 10 moust epic anime battles.