STAR WARS in Public

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RackaRacka : Who wants a new video tomorrow night?? PS: Follow dat insta ;) @therackaracka

The Average Canadian : They just want to feel like kids again security

Star Wars Theory : Not a Jar Jar in sight..

Alexzander Garcia : that female storm trooper though😍❤

Dark Ren : 1:54 - 2:02 best moment

Antarctica Countryball : Security must of been Star trek fans

RowlWool : god I wish I could do this

Matt012763 : Seriously don't understand why people would call the cops on ya. I'll be honest with ya'all if I saw ya'll doin' this, I'd join in.

Adam Ross : 2:16 does anyone else hear “stop raping me”?

The Doctor : Chewbacca Running away from Security: Pure Gold.

Matthew Lo : 1:12 Me playing Pokemon Go.

TheOmegaOne : LOL IM DYING

South-East Queensland Emergency Vehicles : 0:38 - It went from Green to Purple LOL

Cold Penguin : Still better than force awakens

DEI-WAN- GREY : Great video Guys✨⚔️✨⚔️✨

Savannah Kynoch : this is the best thing to ever exist

Hespi : The new Star Wars looks great. :)

kennedy072 : Land of the free am i Right Edit : 1:22 who is she

A loud Italian : Chewbacca's worst day ever. Got his ass kicked in the mall and got tackled down by security.

Facender : what the heck is wrong with humans

John Weaver : Fuckin weeabos

Pie Pivotmontier-O : how many times did they get sued?

Jacob Adams : 1:22 THICCCC

DirtyDan : These people could defeat thanos in a snap

Nathaniel Currelley : Who is that girl 1:22

Creeper Cortex : Lol more like me in public

Studio Lemon : 😂😂😂 Good video 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Dean Montgomery : Top Ten Anime Battles

Cachorrera Games : Guetto battle

Matty Feldermann : 1:58 is the best

Rei Tombiling : Everyone thing your are is crazy

Markus Huber : "Why is everyone calling the police" 😂😂

SANTI ANCA : 1:49 haaaa!!!

りゅうたな : 日本人でーす

FlexDE : The guy with the Blaster XDDDD

TheJosh LegoLab : Nice Star Wars video guys I would like it at 10 out of 10 boy.

WolfiePlayzGames : Lol this is so funny!!! Also #SaveChewie!!!

FAIRY LAW : Aahhhh so idiot hahaha

dixon sebas : it's better that ready player one

Upside down Gravity : When you take Star Wars to the next level...

Lykose Crest : People just don't understand what nerds do for fun youtube videos.

sWooZie : watched this 3x back to back

JURRE Van Der Wal : McDonald's never open for good times am i right?

Edwin De Jesús : Larping at its finest

Ronaldo the Dingodile : Ronaldo : 😂😂😂😂😂What You Cop!!! 😂😂😂😂1:58

SovietKia : I'm dead LMFAO

jose david asprilla rivas : Es lo mejor que e visto

Tiedyed Owl : I need to get some crazy Star Wars friends, (preferably with at least one with great video editing skills). I want to do this!

Matthew Fudacz : Whoever did that editing on the lightsabers is a motherfucking Jedi Master

Russ RedCloud : Never thought I'd see an Albino Han Solo...