STAR WARS in Public

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RackaRacka : Who wants a new video tomorrow night?? PS: Follow dat insta ;) @therackaracka

Markus Huber : "Why is everyone calling the police" 😂😂

The Turtle : Remember guys don’t have fun because it’s illegal

Tommy Agosta : Still better than the last jedi! 😂

PhantomKiller76 : 😂 I died when chewie got taken down

Emperor Peter Lawlor The 1 Napoleon Bonaparte : Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever RacaRac : hold my beer

The Average Canadian : They just want to feel like kids again security

Cr0ssed Yt : Order 66 in a nutshell

Hengist CZ : 1:21 Boba Thic.

Dallenndra Seelan : This is why aliens wouldn’t want to make eye contact with us

Brady Kinney : Darth Maul: “Yo we hungry”

Lee Lanzini : It probably looked less cooler before the effects came in! 😂🔥

I'm dead inside : This is the most ambitious crossover

Spirit Valtryek : 1:36 I saw Harry Potter

Said Seyda : PLEASE DO A "DRAGON BALL in public" PLEAAAASE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Aced Deadshot758 : The store is legit selling the lightsabers and blasters and then they are telling them not to use them. Explain?

Pie Pivot-O : how many times did they get sued?

Mr.ScaryPasta : And thus the first Wookie was imprisoned on Earth.

Aztec Gamer : I didn’t know Spider-Man was part of the Star Wars community

Bobby Flynn : "mucking around"??? Who talks like that???

Finn jakd : Everyone is calling the police because they dont want order 66 to happend again

sWooZie : watched this 3x back to back

GrantKP : @1:50 he punched padme

Tripp Shaw : This shit had my stomach hurting 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Gina Tan : Order 66 in a nutshell.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : You should’ve gone into public with ultrasabers, this is just edited.

Fresh Freddy : This guys deserve more subs, #RackaRacka4life

Renegade : Jesus Christ you must of pissed so many people off

GXninja : How many times have you been close to getting arrested? I got say though the mall mosh pit was f*cking funny man, keep up the great work.

Dick Van Dyke : Why does Jabba have a nerf gun?

john reyes : 1:36 da fuq happened to han solo

TkyoSam : WHY DOES EVERYONE CALL THE POLICE?!?!? cuz they racist against Timani for being black hahahahaha

H20 King : You guys are such idiots... but I love it 😂😂😂

Teri maakichut : This was filmed at west lakes in adelaide south australia lmao. I go here all the time.

Akarsh mishra : My god the police were real

Ze Max : The electric power makes me crazy 😂

Elemental Jedi : Me during Black Friday 1:39

Nick Magee : 1:59 LMAO IM WEAK 😂😂

Dimo11577 : Who's the thick jango girl at 1:20 ??? @RackaRacka

Joe Hiles : Where the hell do you guys live? Those people are so uptight there. The customers were all laughing and taking video because they enjoyed the goofiness.

ThatOneChicken180 0 : You guys crazy... using a Pokémon against death maul?! Crazy

RowlWool : god I wish I could do this

Dallas : YouTube done right

Potato Lord Gaming : That went from 0 to 100 the back to 0 sooo damn fast

tiny rick : 0:12 hey be careful trying to cut my **** off

Fuz zevil : 1:22 if she breathes SHES A THOT

Star Wars Theory : Not a Jar Jar in sight..

tiny rick : How can these guys get out of trouble Whitout getting caught by the police

Siphils : 1:37 That Yoda is so creepy

Anakin Skywalker : My version of Starwars in public would be more serious