Zelda Music on Synths

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barnabydixon : Great left hand work! Rhythm and bass with one hand! That's killer! Well done!

Fede : man you really need to develop that dark world cover, it's amazing

Adventure Shop : That was so good! I really loved when you played fairy fountain

Elijah Flowers : 0:14 Fairy Fountain 1:16 Zelda's Lullaby 1:55 The Dark World 3:35 Zelda's Lullaby 4:06 Lost Woods 5:32 Midna's Lament

rakkazoid : the coordination some people have amazes me. i bet you can tie like 50 shoelaces at once

James Higgs : Impressive left hand technique on bass n drums thing.

Brent Guillen : *Hey Listen!* ..... To these awesome Zelda songs on synths :)

Cheeseboy2251 : Can someone make a 15 minute extension of the Dark World theme? That was absolute gold

MusicalFool 909 : This is what the Great Fairy Fountain needed. After all these years.

video games : This version of Zelda giving me energy at morning lol . I'm ready to go to work . Metroid cover please .

sonichaven : Woah, I've never seen that thing during midna's lament that was letting him bend the pitch like a violin vibrato. Whatever it is that's awesome.

mariomasters1 : Uhhhh, why doesn't this have more views??? This is super cool man! Incredible work!

Jared McCray : That Dark World theme was sick as hell.

Dan B : Would love this on spotify

Gary Clark : Your playing was on point at all times, even while bravely shifting pitch and start times of notes, as well as playing a bass track, earned yourself a fan for solid composition and staying true the character of the material.

Edward Hyena : I can't even tell you how happy I was to hear Midna's Lament at the end.

shlups : so, so, good man, really awesome shit. I am a huge zelda fan and these covers were fantastic. The synth choices were perfect, and the whole vibe was jammin. personally I think that if SMG3 ever comes out these instruments and sounds would be perfect for the game. Totally awesome.

Matt Dubov : Super amazing, I need everything you do on Spotify ASAP

Maverick Hunter Z : i love this so much ughhh thank god i found that sponsored post on ig

PiercingSight : Zelda's lullaby works so well in 5/4... that's awesome!

dheonix : Bro that independence you got between your hands, WITH the drum pad on left is wild. Maaaad props

SoteriosGaming : Holy shit this is all so good. 10/10 would Zelda again

Captain BolleBoi : wow this is all live. incredible

The Sunshine Group : Congrats you just gained hundreds of more subscribers for Zelda music. That's where all mine came from. Gamers are very supportive on YouTube ;)

Ricardo Bato : Great Job ! It's amazing the cover of the Dark World. Please make the cover of Castlevania.

Parker Lowe : good thing this was in my recommended

The Animated Gamer : Just discoverd this video and realized this was uploaded the day before my birthday. This is beautiful

Grassy Harkins : My fav was Dark World. Could've listened to you riff on that for a while. Incredible work!

Kasterborous : *Never thought I'd live to see such beauty*

Duhemsounds : I love these synths, my fav is the dark world theme from ALTTP

AadmM : That's some God-given talent if I ever saw it. Amazing!

harthur : put this on the list of things I never knew I wanted. Thanks, great work

The Not So Funny Show : I felt like a kid again. This is amazing!

undergroundindy : This came up in my recommendations.... Omg so good! Subscribed

Russ Meyer : god damn that dark world cover, well done!

Draven Stedman/Tsunxmi : The 1-bar key change towards the end of Fairy Fountain made me audibly go "Oh!"

heuxheux : You just earned yourself another subscriber .. I mean Zelda AND synths in one video... what else is there to wish in this world

Branden Treacy : Waiting for more.

Josh Burns : Zelda's Lullaby in 5/4? Interesting. Edit: these are dope though, good job.

Miki Narok : Legend of Zelda: A Link to the 80's

Frank Sinatra : This is wonderful

Matt Dearing : That Dark World theme! Holy shit!

Samuel MUDKIPz : Wow! Great work! You should try a star fox snes synth! For the nostalgia

Eylstar : Please wtf? Wow. Just wow

Archez39 : Beautiful playing! Lost woods was the first video game sheet music that I learned on piano as a kid, hearing your rendition and seeing the notes play out was quite moving, it makes me want to get back into playing the piano.

jake mckown : Wowza neato

Phil Andal : Fantastic work, like always!

ronaldjenkees : WOW!!!!!!! Amazing work man!

Skull : This is how I always imagined old video game music to sound when it evolved

Sam Haupt : Hot stuff. Keep shredding