The History Of Emo Played On Guitar (1982 - 2005)

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Comments from Youtube

SpectreTom : Amazing stuff as always. Looking forward to 2006-2018!

SugarpillCovers : Let's all just try to hold back the 'why is there no ____ in the video' comments.

Jason Keller : I love you for playing Indian Summer. Really good selection of early Emo. I wouldn't be opposed to hearing "scene" stuff either, if you plan on doing another medley from 2005-2018. Lots of great revival, midwestern, screamo/skramz in that era! Not to mention Emo's weirder mainstream cousin that I think most people call Emo. Still think it ought to be on here. Regardless, this is fantastic. Thank you!

Frank Huang : 3:32 - One track off, that's "Do You Know Who You Are?" This is so sick though.

Megan O : Please do a full instrumental of "Cute Without the E"!!!

SundaysEnd : This is a great medley although I wouldn't consider Faith, The Postal Service or Bright Eyes to be emo.

Luke Rogers : Thank you for doing this, I'm a bit of an emo enthusiast.

WildTulipan : Since when is The Postal Service an emo band? xD

jake p : That for want of riff is so iconic to me

Sven the Fenn : Finally someone gets it

Danny Fernandes : everything after indian summer is not real emo

gordon : 2006 Ceremony The Appleseed Cast 2007 The Bird and the Worm The Used 2008 Some Kind of Cadwallader Algernon Cadwallader 2009 Gibbon TTNG 2010 I Saw Water Tigers Jaw 2011 Constant Headache Joyce Manor 2012 Head in the Ceiling Fan Title Fight 2013 Cinco De Mayo Shitshow Marietta 2014 Your Graduation Modern Baseball 2015 From Her Perspective Meet Me in Montauk 2016 Headache Tiny Moving Parts 2017 The cool Oso Oso 2018 Go Home Play Music Feel Better Michael Cera Palin

StaySkeptic : This is art

SeriousLee : This is Art

Hvalpikk : I don't remember stepping through this door but a twirl down the time tunnel later and I'm buzzing. You nailed these brother, well done. inspired. Liked +1

forever Apathetic : Your amazing at guitar and I like all of these bands

Xavier : What a video!!

Spicy Mikey : Why did I only get the notification for this two minutes ago? This was uploaded like a week ago

Joseph Grebe : Who plays angry son?

3D Printed Tabletop : Really great job - so much of this video was middle/highschool for me :) Always makes me smile when one or two folks recognize my ATDI shirt, too!

Рядовой Шутник : hey, this is not "Back And To The Left". This is "Do You Know Who You Are ?".

Vit Kip : Hey, is there a version of "sleeping in" with a trumpet or it's your idea?

Eric Guerrero : Thursday and Thrice were the 2 biggest emo bands at my high school

Rodrigo Urrutia : Great list, would've add Fugazi, Refused and Rufio

Static Voicings : These videos are great for recommendations on how to get into the genre


Rafael martinez : Can you please play do you're feet hurt by mxpx I can't find a good bass cover for that song anyway awesome you include a lot of my favorite bands :)

Smol BeAnZZ : This shall be history!

Royce Insanity : What about silverstein? hawthorne heights?

Gaetano lo Surdo : Great Job Dude!!!Like++

Casey King : <3 <3 <3 !!!!

Kyle Bercier : 4:25 kinda scared me a bit

Mutated Geek : Yes!

TheLozo23 : Nice Elliott Smith shirt. He's one of my favorite songwriters of all time!

opoto yem : Alesana

Mauricio Santoscoy : What about history of emo 2005-2018 ?

Justin Hagler : Tons of memories to this music!

Thomas Donofrio : Who was the band for 1997 Parking Lot?

Marcel Miagi : What drum VST is this?

Daniel Fourie : Really enjoyed this video! Not sure if you'd consider it, but would you ever make an emo-pop melody? Like songs from Hellogoodbye, Cute is what we aim for, forever the sickest kids, metro station etc?

Sanbox_is_a_studio : Back and to left doesn't sound like that

Ian Mainstream : Rial imo

Sir Henners : The Cure?

dingus : "Real Emo" only consists of the dc Emotional Hardcore scene and the late 90's Screamo scene. What is known by "Midwest Emo" is nothing but Alternative Rock with questionable real emo influence. When people try to argue that bands like My Chemical Romance are not real emo, while saying that Sunny Day Real Estate is, I can't help not to cringe because they are just as fake emo as My Chemical Romance (plus the pretentiousness). Real emo sounds ENERGETIC, POWERFUL and somewhat HATEFUL. Fake emo is weak, self pity and a failed attempt to direct energy and emotion into music. Some examples of REAL EMO are Pg 99, Rites of Spring, Cap n Jazz (the only real emo band from the midwest scene) and Loma Prieta. Some examples of FAKE EMO are American Football, My Chemical Romance and Mineral EMO BELONGS TO HARDCORE NOT TO INDIE, POP PUNK, ALT ROCK OR ANY OTHER MAINSTREAM GENRE (love the video, some great songs here)

Stephen Max : I kept waiting for 2006, one of my favorite years, and then the video ended, and I promptly reexamined the title.

Leon Phase : Nice.

Daniel Fourie : Who is the song Want by at 1:27? I can't make out the artwork name

Innit Though? : I don't like emo as a whole, but I've been getting into bands that could be considered emo. This is pretty awesome, I saw a few of those bands - Jimmy Eat World and Saves The Day and some other stuff.

Xesi : thank you for including Brand New my dude <3