Gov. candidate wants to fill his 'deportation bus' with illegals

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A Georgia governor candidate wants to fill his 'deportation bus' with 'murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters and other criminals.' **************** Humankind: Amazing moments that give us hope ➤ Humankind: Stories worth sharing ➤ Animalkind: Cute, cuddly & curious animals ➤ Just the FAQs: When news breaks, we break it down for you ➤ The Wall: An in-depth examination of Donald Trump’s border wall ➤


Jeffrey Bird : This is the funniest campaign ad yet.

Frontier Eagle Messenger : The deportation bus, coming to a sanctuary city near you.

Billy Ocean : Come to California please!!!!

Logan Tidwell : This is amazing lol

Mag Tinfal : When illegal aliens are freaking out and protesting the man you're voting for, you know you're voting for the right man

Napoleon : Maga

Alexei Dimitri Slavovich : I love this when i could vote i would vote you good luck Mr. Williams

Chimpy - : And just an FYI for everyone..Deportation of non-citizens isn’t racist but enforcing a law that’s in place.

Sammuel Parris : Look, I don't know where you love but I live in Texas, in a town where there are more Hispanics than Whites, and those legal immigrants stand with this man! They left places like Mexico because it sucked, it had a corrupt government, and cartels. They don't want the things that have ruined Mexico to ruin America and neither do I

Jay : And now Michael Williams has turned himself in for fraud.... Oh the irony. Dec. 26th 2018.

Bat Man : Mark Dice brought me here and I'm Canadian! Drive the bus here after and I can drive it too!

Turn For The Strange : This is awesome😂

mc4bbs : What is a MOLESTER? Ha ha ha ha -- your lack of intelligence astounds me. Oh, wait -- some of those are big words -- let me re-phrase: Ha ha. You no smart, makes me laugh.

Jack Booted Hug : Lou Dobbs used to do this on CNN and was paid handsomely for it. Oh how the political zeitgeist has changed.

we eating our breffiss dis mourning unfortunately : Get em all out. Time to enforce the immigration laws in this country.

Sao Salazar : Swear the rad guitar intro made me think it was a porno....

Shan Ogletree : This explains why he's is at -2% at the polls... It's funny though. Keep us laughing, Mike! LoL

Ash Ketchup : the U.S. has turned into a circus lol

Kenny Lopez : You also have the Alien and Sedition Acts Of 1798 which was signed into law by President John Adams. Prohibited French from speaking out against the government and Thrown into prison or sent back to France

Berg Fish : Preying on rampant stupidity always pays in politics. He's the Adam Sandler of Politicians.


LiveLikeYouFly : Michael Williams will be Govonor of Georgia!

Mr. Domo Toys : Hell yeah!!!! MAGA 🇺🇸

Ramiro : Viva Mexico 🇲🇽

ju5tinpyne : GOD BLESS AMERICA

jack1234 : KEMP's(also running)ad is even more non P/C.

Apollo Dog : You're being used. They're feeding your hatred and blinding you. And you're going to let them win. GG, I can't even be mad. The real enemy played us all. I just wish I was on their team lol, it would make things so much easier. CNS,LOB. UN++ MESSAGE CONFIRMED

w. ruse : How about a train ? ; )

Rob Lee : Does the most beautiful looking bus I've ever seen and it's going to be packed but the illegal aliens up the wet back stinky kind I supported 100% I am in love with the idea when it comes to the porting illegal aliens they all got to go I'm a big fan of the bus👅👍👍hahahaha hahahaha llolll bye-bye shit munchers we are all going home take your ugly as Thoughts with you as well hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha!!!!! Llllolllll=) the American people thank you mr. Williams and don't forget mr. Williams need to fill up that bus let me know I know a couple of areas guarantee to fill up that bus to the very last seat😸👌👍🚌💨💨💨💨💨 stop in the Name of the law I command you hahahaha hahahaha=)lllllolllll!!! You got my vote Jeff sessions is doing nothing but talking a lot of gibberish and no action he should step down elect the bus instead lloll

Caleb Owens : come to florida please

Rox Jeeper : I love it!!! Gonna need a fleet of buses though...

the777 : If you come to Seattle, you will need about 70 of those buses.

A men : Every city needs a fleet of these Awsome busses. Load them up with Demonicrats as well.☺

Bill D : I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

dsimpki : HATE SPEECH. Take it down, YT, the way you did the original.


1994CPK : I wish I could vote for him.

Robert Siegfried : lmao what a legend

J Kujo : >MFW you spell "molesters" wrong...

Barro the Broadcaster : He has my vote.

Edgardo A. Robles : Jajaja this is wrong in so many levels but funny af

Menahem Ben Ammiel : The Creator of the Universe, The God of Israel, Orders: "You shall not avenge, nor hold a grudge against the children of your people, but you shall LOVE YOUR PROJIMO AS YOURSELF" (Leviticus 19:18). We must do that.

Mozart : If this guy wins I'm moving to Georgia immediately.

Monty Shelton : I LOVE THIS GUY! I found you via MARK DICE TOO! Deportation bus , keep it rollin!!!

GWS : I would vote for him!

Poor singular : Absolute lol, the royalty free music in the background, was just icing on the cake

Ryan The Dog : Load them into a cannon and fire them back over the wall no comfort for these cockroaches and parasites.

Hack meh Sack Bitch : "I sawed this WALL in half"

Crow : I think trains would go nicely with the camps