Gov. candidate wants to fill his 'deportation bus' with illegals

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Miguel Spagna : When illegal aliens are freaking out and protesting the man you're voting for, you know you're voting for the right man

Bat Man : Mark Dice brought me here and I'm Canadian! Drive the bus here after and I can drive it too!

Astrro Astrro : This is awesome😂

Mrod 3499 : And just an FYI for everyone..Deportation of non-citizens isn’t racist but enforcing a law that’s in place.

Isaac Martínez : As a Hispanic, I’d absolutely vote for this guy! Send them back! Send those cheating, law-breaking goons back to where they came from!

Ben A : this is great, we need more politicians like this gentleman.

Jeffrey Bird : This is the funniest campaign ad yet.

Frontier Eagle Messenger : The deportation bus, coming to a sanctuary city near you.

Some Random Name : What a waste, this money should be going to planes, so we can fly them back and drop them back down head first.

Dr. Doom : Build a wall, deport them all.

herein mygarage : I hope he wins

Some Random Guy : I’m probably the only Latino supporting Williams here in Georgia

Logan Tidwell : This is amazing lol

Naughty Serbia : Definitely voting for this guy.

Come to Butthead - : We’re gonna need a bigger bus.

troy tucker : Damn good advertisement I'd vote for if I wasn't in Michigan we have to do something about all the illegals .

Yaeson Hwitt : Hell yeah! He has my vote.

BL Gerber : Please be my governor !

MsSensational Mechele : He should have done a spell check on his bus before going public. MOLESTORS is not correct Mr. Smart Man. lol

AllCommiesCanEatShit andDie : We have a word for this type of plan: OUTSTANDING :)

Yulisa Nope : To be honest, I disagree of all the people who say "deport immigrates" like I am Hispanic and although I was born here my mother wasn't and she should not be deported and all y'all all stupid saying we are molesters like no we aren't my mother doesn't drink or do drugs Nor smoke so we aren't all the same just because of our color of our skin. So that makes me nothing? Useless? Not worthy to be in a country of "freedom"? What Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant so that means he did bad in this country? NO! We disagree that slavery was worth it but we agree that immigrants should be send back? Wow give a hand to those! How we all get offended when people talk about blacks but are ok to talk trash about hispanics. What white people can't be serial killers? A Hispanic can't be smart even if she is in 8th grade taking physical science what I can't be smart? I walk to school looking down cuz all I hear is "send them back! Murders" what is that ok to say to blacks? No that's racism and y'all should be ashamed. I am Brown I am Hispanic and I am proud.

FER- CURIUM1 : Mexico hah? Lol So Asians, Africans, and other European illegals are going to Mexico?

Robert Banks : This is badass

n Vang : Love it lol

Gene Watson : I wish I lived in GA you would have my vote.

Julia H : if i didn’t live here i’d genuinely think this was satire. i’m disgusted.

Ashley Y : Can someone say psychopath?

86dieselman : This is wonderful. Send them back and keep them out!

Sammuel Parris : Look, I don't know where you love but I live in Texas, in a town where there are more Hispanics than Whites, and those legal immigrants stand with this man! They left places like Mexico because it sucked, it had a corrupt government, and cartels. They don't want the things that have ruined Mexico to ruin America and neither do I

Putin's Cock Holster : Not going to lie, I cringed.

Billy Ocean : Come to California please!!!!

Happy Happy Nightmares : Oh please God yes! Let this guy win! Greetings and support from SoCal!

G Ham : Haha love it! Bye Felicia

MultiEvil101 : I like this idea lol

Luis Felipe : Your momma has to be sitting in the fist row.


Gene Watson : GO MIKE .

kev mar : Fill that bus.

Hugh Mungus : Send them home!!!!!

Robert Siegfried : lmao what a legend

Juke Box Hero : Michael Williams 2024

StoneColdReznov : This is amazing

Francisco Valle : Scumbag, he must not heard of what happened in Nazi Germany. He doesn't have trains though, and he's trying to get the people's vote. He must be Hitler's brother.


Chuck : Great idea. Need a whole fleet of these buses all over the country!!

Joe T : Sounds like Trump ! Typical nazis

Ramiro : Viva Mexico 🇲🇽

APEX : This is amazing

sarge5000 : Pretty pathetic attempt to pander to the xenophobic and racist trump supporting element of the country.

Mark D : Maga