The Price is Right I don't believe it!

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Flying Eagle TV : 2:33 $580!!!!

kermit sewerside : *y o u v e u s e d t h e 1 t w i c e j o y*

AtLeastITried : At 4:44 she just gives up and writes her IQ on the board.

Drogheda Drones & Fun : Oh my god, how does she get through the day?

∞Music∞ : she used the one 21390 times

Maina woo bin : I can't believe it either 😂

Cliff D : God bob sure didn’t like Joy very much, did he?

J Klaas : Girl too dumb to even drive

Snapepet : When will people realize the zero almost always-ALWAYS is the last number?  That's what Bob said by "You're straying from the path, now...I thought you had it."  Even Drew kind of tries to very subtly hint at it.

JurgenCutters : Sees car, normal reaction. Sees kitchen toaster, totally loses it. Women...

Nina Marie Tenas : I think this is when Bob decided to retire!! I would after putting up with that!

GodlyTelevision : 4:26 me during the math lesson.

Logan Green : Bob “ you have three chances to guess how much the car is.” Joy’s thoughts” I have as many as I can write down”

Jason N : Bob was too old...he has no patience left lol

Catherine Gabriel : Bob said "I gotta sit down", "I'm too old for this $hit!!

Sunny Ride : a lot of people are saying how dumb she is, personally, If i was in her shoes and have a huge crowd of people yelling at me and having the pressure of getting the numbers right under a time limit, I would probably have made the same mistakes.

Byron Neely : Lol Bob had to sit down after that


Ronnie Nelson : I think he needed a drink after that one

Blaine elson : You've used the one twice

Zed : A disgrace to lefties..

puttputtking : Her name is Joy, but she sure didn't give any Joy to Bob, I can tell you that much.

D.A. Bros. : If bob could have he would have just beat the shit out of her 😂

Allison Brown : In all fairness bob was rushing her the whole time...expensive toaster lol

Go BlastNoise : He was getting so frustrated!!!

Twenty One Emo Trinities : N O J O Y

Makusuweru San : Aww she was so nervous

ricky99la : She does not deserve the car....

Julian Awari : Bob should have won the car.

Word Unheard : I'm surprised she didn't write *$11,111* for the price of the car.

aleksandrasteff : It’s Barney Stinson’s dad!

Retr0Beau : Bob seems a little pissed

Adriana's Future : You’ve used the 1 twice Joy lol 😂 she worn him out he had to sit down at the end 😂

Kristi : *19 T H O U S O U N D W H A T*

Clay G. : Bob is like " she doesnt deserve to win"

Stephen Fronda : WTF captions?!

rain73ful : I love this clip. I could watch it anytime.

todd krager : She is a typical California liberal. That explains why they are drowning in debt and think being a sanctuary state is a good idea.

Steve Kimble S. : Bob Barker is OG. I remember as a kid when I would stay home from school I would watch Price Is Right and hearing Bob Barker's voice really brings back memories.

Heidi Peterman : he's like joy what are you doing get your ACT TOGETHER

Ian XD : I could of found a rock smarter than her

zodiaccurse12 : I'm pretty sure Bob was saying How the Hell did that happen?

Saverdien : And women think they deserve more pay than men?

J Ochs : It's no wonder Bob has gray

Sebinator007 : Guys, I think she used the one twice.

Woody Zocker : Thank you I chose the Toaster.

William Scott : Thanks for uploading the full version of this.

Lagoleth : *Y O U ‘ V E U S E D T H E O N E T W I C E*

wii1245 : Poor Bob Barker. He was on the verge of rage quitting there.

Stephanie Joobern : After all that I don't think I'd trust her with the car.