Kurt Cobain.
Some rare backstage footage taken by a friend of Kurt Cobain before a gig in Portugal 1994 just 2 months before he took his own life

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Kurt Cobain meets Punk Legends Buzzcocks backstage in 1994 on the Nirvana tour(Unseen till Nov 2010) In 1994 I was invited to take my video camera on tour and film Buzzcocks, this was filmed on the 1st day and is previously unseen footage of Kurt Cobain meeting the band backstage before the show at Pavilhão do Grupo Dramático e Sportivo de Cascais Portugal, Febuary 6, 1994 FILMED BY MARK SLADE. Kurt Cobain R.I.P. February 20, 1967 April 5, 1994 Visit mylittletellys channel for more Buzzcocks and Nirvana


Mara Lerner : Kurt was sooo handsome

ChernovFan100 : Easily one of the most photogenic people ever haha.

Stephen West : He doesn't look happy or sad. He is just hanging out.

Max : He's Beautiful.

Clare Carroll : It's both sad and crazy to think that two months after this video was shot he wouldn't be alive

911Gameover : Could you imagine if they tried to put the "ultimate rockstar" axel rose in a backstage area like that? He would flip out! That's really what separates Kurt from other rockstars

Hxileyween : Stop over analyzing how the heck Kurts feeling. Just enjoy the freaking video.

Lion Soul : This video is so strange. The man that was recordering this video, did it in secret or what? I say it 'cause Kurt doesn't looks that he know that the man was recordering him and the others.

Lu Dj : poor little pisces.was so in love with courtney not knowing about her possesionate side when it comes to money.I'm so sad that he didnt stay longer with us,i feel like i simply need more of his geniousity.rip genious.

Nintariz : Doesn't look suicidal at all.

Julia M : and the award of sweetest smile goes to kurt

InfamousMedia : kurt had excellent taste in ring selection 

ALEX MARTINEZ : He was just cool......

keithrig : Kurt looks happy.  I still don't know what really happened when he was found dead.

Kevin Gill : we love you kurt always forever in our hearts the music plays

Kyle Staff : you only notice how amarican people are until they are around true cockney geezers

Catherine Guillén : Kurt Donald Cobian 😢😢 you are and will always be the best Your memory will always remain 💓😢

TheGarden : No ones mentioned the buzzcocks, guessing people on here don't know who they are

cv m : Kurt:( ❤

Vanessa Idarraga : mi amor cuánto te extraño!

Gonzoidzz : he was murdered for cash

douglasdog1 : So this is 2 months before his death. Hmmm, doesn't look very depressed or suicidal to me.

Chapzino TheDon : I just finished the book Heavier than Heaven about Kurt. It seems like his drug use was way worse than anyone knew. I still listen to Nirvana everyday since I was 12 in 1992. The guy was amazing

Dan H : He mentioned the beastie boys

iarekaty : I don't think he looks sad exactly...Just tired. And maybe isolated. It's boring. 

Manu Oliveira : ★☆Cara, como o Kurt faz falta :( Mas ele sempre estará em nossos corações ♥♡

smokymountaingirl Betsy : Kurt:    People pee in the shower all day.   LOVE!   He is eating & hanging out with nothing to do....Geez, ppl are analytical...

Iris Lin : he was always smoking .___.

Steven Fallon : Great footage, wish there was more Shelley and Diggle but very cool. Buzzcocks are one of the greatest bands of all time IMO, thanks for sharing.

numbgore : i just really want to know what he was thinking about

ThreeWellsProven : 4:29 you can hear him mention doing Lollapalooza.

Messylin : It's almost like Kurt is holding court here. the Grunge King!

Stephen Davis : Almost seems annoyed that he was being filmed but was trying to play it cool and act like he didn't notice. Just my observstion.

derp derr : Kurt in 3D? Baha

Vibes 165 : that look when he lights up that cigarette

Benny Fields : Kurt is and will always be the best..end of story. Myranda

Demondrug : aw man, I'm so excited to reopen the case

Carlos Santos : Not look like a guy who is going to kill himself in a few months :(:(

bandobsessed slytherin : He is just wonderful.

Gabriella Diamantina : Can someone explain me why this film has never been shown before?

CookeryBook2 : i thought kurt cobain died in 1993 and nevermind came out in 1993 didn't it?

Spaggazz : Kurt said they were going to tour Australia and then do the lollapolooza festival in the states. Rip Kurt :(

fairyrocker01 : OMFG... This makes my chest hurt.. There is too much beauty for me to deal with. He is God of every God.

Dillon Adams : interesting! scribbles the juggalo

FeRGan fressness : Kurt mentioned The smashing Pumpkins.

patrick : Holy shit 2 months until. Thanks for uploading man

Brilliant : ...youtu.be/rBSrkznG3IQ... Professional take of "On A Plain"

Mara Lerner : He was such a handsome man! So beautiful

saboteur31 : Ah. Not a cellphone in sight.