Kurt Cobain.

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Marisa Campbell : People always over analyze kurt. "He looks sad" "hes so angry" like no hes just sitting around doing nothing. Do you always have a bright freaking smile on your face when you sit at home?

ChernovFan100 : Easily one of the most photogenic people ever haha.

Stephen West : He doesn't look happy or sad. He is just hanging out.

Mara Lerner : Kurt was sooo handsome

Max Leola : He's Beautiful.

911Gameover : Could you imagine if they tried to put the "ultimate rockstar" axel rose in a backstage area like that? He would flip out! That's really what separates Kurt from other rockstars

Lu Dj : poor little pisces.was so in love with courtney not knowing about her possesionate side when it comes to money.I'm so sad that he didnt stay longer with us,i feel like i simply need more of his geniousity.rip genious.

Clare Carroll : It's both sad and crazy to think that two months after this video was shot he wouldn't be alive

Gonzoidzz : he was murdered for cash

douglasdog1 : So this is 2 months before his death. Hmmm, doesn't look very depressed or suicidal to me.

InfamousMedia : kurt had excellent taste in ring selection 

Lion Soul : This video is so strange. The man that was recordering this video, did it in secret or what? I say it 'cause Kurt doesn't looks that he know that the man was recordering him and the others.

Hxileyween : Stop over analyzing how the heck Kurts feeling. Just enjoy the freaking video.

Kevin Gill : we love you kurt always forever in our hearts the music plays

Kyle Staff : you only notice how amarican people are until they are around true cockney geezers

Chapzino TheDon : I just finished the book Heavier than Heaven about Kurt. It seems like his drug use was way worse than anyone knew. I still listen to Nirvana everyday since I was 12 in 1992. The guy was amazing

TheGarden : No ones mentioned the buzzcocks, guessing people on here don't know who they are

Alan Lloyd : you can't tell what's going on inside a person's head and heart. "He was not suicidal," and "he looked happy" are meaningless comments. Even depressed people have moments of happiness. A person can be feeling ok, then become despondent really fast. HE WAS MURDERED

Alex Martinez : He was just cool......

Dave Obsessed : I don't think he looks happy. he always looks to me like he really enjoys being around people for a little while and likes to talk, but not for very long. I want to go give him a hug while watching this, you can see how sad he is when you look in his eyes :(

Catherine Guillén : Kurt Donald Cobian 😢😢 you are and will always be the best Your memory will always remain 💓😢

Iris Lin : he was always smoking .___.

Julia M : and the award of sweetest smile goes to kurt

numbgore : i just really want to know what he was thinking about

Nintariz : Doesn't look suicidal at all.

ThreeWellsProven : 4:29 you can hear him mention doing Lollapalooza.

smokymountaingirl Betsy : Kurt:    People pee in the shower all day.   LOVE!   He is eating & hanging out with nothing to do....Geez, ppl are analytical...

Fernan Gomez : He hated the camera and the people around him. Not hate or somehow he was introvert or not really a socialite person. He lit a cigarette because he cant make those people go out of the room. Actually the Cigarette has crack/cocaine in it. Look at how his eyes became watery all of a sudden. Cocaine can ease up your anxiety and make your shyness go away. Makes you more sociable and confident about yourself What a troubled person.

derp derr : Kurt in 3D? Baha

Dan H : He mentioned the beastie boys

NoBullys 72 : I am 1 of the blessed ones to have seen them before they got huge,It was in PROVIDENCE,R.I. @ CLUB BABYHEAD, NEVERMIND got released on SEPT 23 1991 and they came to CLUB BABYHEAD  SEPT 25th,it was a small venue no more than 200 or so people.ALL the SEATTLE bands made it thru that venue,it had alot of history from ,PEARL Jam and SOUNDGARDEN AND all in between I can't remember AIC coming there.IT WAS LOUD and kurt was in good form.It's on YOUTUBE just audio.THE video is floating around THAT was a cool week they went to CONNETICUT and then played CRISCO twister at the AXIS in BOSTON.Fun times,I remember when they closed CLUB BABYHEAD down people were trying to get a piece of the hangout area where all the bands hung out dressing rm now and during, WoW,IF them walls could talk they would scream

Gabriella Diamantina : Can someone explain me why this film has never been shown before?

Stephen Davis : Almost seems annoyed that he was being filmed but was trying to play it cool and act like he didn't notice. Just my observstion.

Messylin : It's almost like Kurt is holding court here. the Grunge King!

Steven Fallon : Great footage, wish there was more Shelley and Diggle but very cool. Buzzcocks are one of the greatest bands of all time IMO, thanks for sharing.

edesport : So obviously suicidal. -.-

Screech891 : Those look like the same shoes he had on when his body was found :(

Manu Oliveira : ★☆Cara, como o Kurt faz falta :( Mas ele sempre estará em nossos corações ♥♡

Rentan Gain : По моему он под кайфом

Vanessa Idarraga : mi amor cuánto te extraño!

Justmiss jamey : I am nobody, but here he looks sad, and i want to give him a hug..notvsure why..if you notice his pupils are dilated,so i am sure he must be on something..but he has this sad aura around him here

CookeryBook2 : i thought kurt cobain died in 1993 and nevermind came out in 1993 didn't it?

Kurt Cobain 2278 : KURT COBAIN

Travis Smith : Kurts more awkward and the Buzcicks are star struck

Benny Fields : Kurt is and will always be the best..end of story. Myranda

cv m : Kurt:( ❤

Still Born : kurt looks like Brad Pitt in the thumbnail of this Vid

James Radski : I would guess kurt loved the lifestyle and the music as a "rockstar" but didnt care for the system, he did say he did not feel the same way say as Freddie Mercury did on stage connecting with the crowd.

FeRGan fressness : Kurt mentioned The smashing Pumpkins.

Gabriella Diamantina : Mark Slade film this, is he the same Slade of "Whatever Happened to Slade?" , that hard rock band produced by Chas Chandler?