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Jonathan Villa : never stop making content

JXMMY : It's funny how yall went viral on twitter but not on here lol , hopefully yall do soon tho

trevorbronson : used to have a lambo NOW IM WHIPPIN IN A BANJO

Patrick McDonald : This is easily the most underrated channel on YouTube right now.

Roymer Perez : Only 1k views? get ready for 7 figure views boys 🔥🔥🔥🔥

ZachICT : you stole brad pistoniks lambo got dam

astronatical : now i'm watching harry potter

me wike dumpwing noodle : actually salty not 1 million views.

Crazy Critterz : I GOT CABLE ON MY LAMBO

Vundrey Studios : Found this and subbed, ready for you guys to get big famous

Aroxx : you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

Evil_Ninja : Why was this released on my birthday

Naman Bhushan : This is my favorite video now. How did you get the Lambo, though?

Hamish448 : damn this was posted on the day that stefan died

MuHtEşEm vİdEoLaR : Your rap is good

Just And : incredible

Dan Dobi : Damn this is lit 🖖🏼

NorthernWheelies : No.

Ryan Crews : Is no one in the comment section nostalgic for 2006 crunk, mixtape era rap?

Ashton Atwood : I love u guys so much

Nik McIntosh : Best. Music video. Ever.

Sean Walsh : This is so important

Gay Taco : Best video ever😂

KiA 777 : this is gold

RoadHeads : BIRD UP!

Saboth : The video is hilarious and...damn, the song is actually pretty fire. You guys can rap.

ChaoticCorruptor : I...don't hate it

fredgarvinism : Is this Wichita?

WorkWhale : Daaaaaamn

dynicksty : Hilarious

No trespassing On me : Love this

Roymer Perez : I approve of this

Kream : Apple Music???

TaegangerZone : 🔥🔥🔥🔥

fighterbrony : I NEED MORE!

Astromamut : I was here at 23k views. Waiting for 10M.

Tedward : haha im in. dope.

hairlesheep : OK. This is really good

Dimondravens GT : I JUST SAW YOU DRIVE PAST QUICKTRIP AT 21st and ridge, lambo looks dope, I saw it and I looked to my brother I’m like umg it’s da green screen lambo

Kaylee Sutterfield : I’m crying. This a bop.

mspider12 : In the world of supercars lambos are rather cheap. Nothing like being behind someone in a benz using coupons to order chicken at kfc.

OfficialSouthSoul : Quick Question, how much hp can i get if i green screen my dodge Durango to a Lambo?

OfficialSouthSoul : love the energy, keep the awesome work going family!

Justice Gutierrez : Your smoke detector needs a battery change

gee skin : Da bizomb

Watts : Bob from bobs burgers droppin bars

wanderer1955 : Turned it off after 10 seconds.

CyberLykan : This video will become viral purely because of the green screen effects. Here on 2.8K views.

Half-Beard : Video concept? Damned clever, and well executed. The song? Pure cancer.

Industrial : dfjgdkfgdjfkda