Enhancement Drug - SNL

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Lance Goodthrust : Holy shit, I'm in tears laughing. I love how the Rock just played that straight. I thought this sketch was going to be predictable but fuck lol.

Prime : “Sometimes I wake up driving a stolen car, but my erections are fantastic.”

Richard Motroni : I have been using Xentrex for three months and my family avoids me, I scare small children, my girlfriend just bought a gun and the priest at my parish wants to do an exorcism on me. Man, this stuff really works.

Michael Kennedy : I love the casual "Hail Satan" 😂

Healthy and Loving Life : "It could kill you!" "I think I still want it, though"

Maurice Mitchell : Threaten your doctor for South African Xantrex. It works

Justin McNeely : So I grabbed him a little

Ryuobbi : I wanted so hard for him to say that his erections are ROCK HARD.

Not Bill Gates : Increase in Semen Decrease in Semen 😂😂😂😂😂💩

carrotjuse : "When I wear gray sweat pants people cross the street!" Lolololol...

INTROVERTOMEGA : "You're hurting me, sir!" "Xentrex works."

Amber 180 : Lol I still tell people about this one

Blur Sage : "Decrease in semen, Increase in semen." This is a masterpiece.

Spider Man : *"I could read minds..."* 😅

Patrick Krott : The Rock is worth every penny he is paid. Dude is hilarious.

LA Fresh Life : and it comes in an old school film canister

Jake Swinney : I was half expecting erectile disfunction to be one of the side effects.

FutureWarrior23 : "And those are just the side effects they tell you about" 😂😂😂😂

roneilsivanandan : Why it gotta be South African man😂 we just out here minding our own business

BRETT WHITE : Lmao *YEAH, I THINK I STILL WANT IT. JUST WRITE THE PRESCRIPTION.* I think The Rock should be a full-time cast member.

MEET Magazine : 2:08 He says HAIL SATAN!

Carolina Native Woman : Public service announcement.. Restricte food or drink until this skit is over it is a choking hazard...

Mah Shetty : So threaten your Doctor or call your Ketamine guy today.......lol

Slow_T4R : Hahahhaa *IT WORKS*

loklo101 : One of SNL's best commercials.

Ian Stephenson : "I don't really know him actually." The Rock ain't no snitch.

Archangel Oger : LMAO! "Decrease and increase in semen"....

Martin Lastname : Never gets old

Sheila Brown : "Hail, Satan!" I've watched this about 8 times already !!

ChompChompNomNom : He certainly knows about ehancement drugs...

macross25 : "I can read minds, and sometimes I wake up driving a stolen car." LOL

Lorenz : I could read minds

BlueGirly wow*wow69 : Out of all these dumb commercials we get here on YouTube, this is that 1 i didn't skip and im glad I didnt. LoL!! 👍💪

Jeff S : 2:11 that aint even a pill bottle thats a film roll case

Lorenz : 0 to 100 real quick

Rich Savage : If pill ads were honest

Political Princess : Hail *_satan_*

Black Phoenix 89 : When the doctor's computer freezes and starts swarming with popups. LMAO

tominator3 : The ROCK needs to host SNL more often

James Kaprowski : "My bones are cold"

Feven Tewodros : " that's what in meth right?"😂

RAY RAYbat : My girl says I'm not allowed to wear sweatpants

SamBam : This is straight up golden.

Mariano Bautista : The rock always makes me laugh good acting thnx for the laugh

paul divito : The Rock still got it this is hilarious I couldn't stop laughing.

limptera13 : my erections are fantastic.. hail satan

Michael John G : I wasnt leaving . 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

R B : Dude, I love how many people don't understand how subliminal messaging works yet speak on it like they're experts... Great job, Dwayne; this is freaking hilarious!

Kevin Joseph : The Rock should be a full time member of S N L, dude’s hardcore funny! 😂😂

IamSly409 : You could say that now he's 'rock' hard