Enhancement Drug - SNL

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Maurice Mitchell : Threaten your doctor for South African Xantrex. It works

Michael Lund : "When I wear gray sweatpants people cross the street"

Richard Motroni : I have been using Xentrex for three months and my family avoids me, I scare small children, my girlfriend just bought a gun and the priest at my parish wants to do an exorcism on me. Man, this stuff really works.

Prime : “Sometimes I wake up driving a stolen car, but my erections are fantastic.”

Ryuobbi : I wanted so hard for him to say that his erections are ROCK HARD.

Lance Goodthrust : Holy shit, I'm in tears laughing. I love how the Rock just played that straight. I thought this sketch was going to be predictable but fuck lol.

Healthy and Loving Life : "It could kill you!" "I think I still want it, though"

Justin McNeely : So I grabbed him a little

TheXalos : People freaking out he said Hail Satan but completely ignore he said othe batshit crazy things meth heads say. Dude just said "I can read minds, Sometimes i wake up driving a stolen car, I get a great erection, when i wear grey sweatpants people cross the street...which is fine, Xentrex gave my life back" all while showing the mood swings and other side effects.

DiaDeDiablo : I think this would be passed by the FDA, some of those side effects are right there with some other prescriptions lol

the8thcovenant : "You're hurting me, sir!" "Xentrex works."

Not Bill Gates : Increase in Semen Decrease in Semen 😂😂😂😂😂💩

Blur Sage : "Decrease in semen, Increase in semen." This is a masterpiece.

greenbeancom38 : I lost it at cold bones

carrotjuse : "When I wear gray sweat pants people cross the street!" Lolololol...

Ian Stephenson : "I don't really know him actually." The Rock ain't no snitch.

Michael Kennedy : I love the casual "Hail Satan" 😂

Spider Man : *"I could read minds..."* 😅

RAY RAYbat : My girl says I'm not allowed to wear sweatpants

Amber 180 : Lol I still tell people about this one

Rich Savage : If pill ads were honest

Christopher Jeffers : "Xentrex gave me my life back. Hail satan." XD

FutureWarrior23 : "And those are just the side effects they tell you about" 😂😂😂😂

Lorenz : I could read minds

Carolina Native Woman : Public service announcement.. Restricte food or drink until this skit is over it is a choking hazard...

LA Fresh Life : and it comes in an old school film canister

Matt Orsie : The Hail Satan at the end kiiiiillled me

Stephen Ison : Hahaha haw, IT WORKS!!!

Archangel Oger : LMAO! "Decrease and increase in semen"....

Mah Shetty : So threaten your Doctor or call your Ketamine guy today.......lol

macross25 : "I can read minds, and sometimes I wake up driving a stolen car." LOL

BlueGirly wow*wow69 : Out of all these dumb commercials we get here on YouTube, this is that 1 i didn't skip and im glad I didnt. LoL!! 👍💪

Jake Swinney : I was half expecting erectile disfunction to be one of the side effects.

Political_Princess : Hail *_satan_*

James Kaprowski : "My bones are cold"

thenormalstate : "When I wear grey sweatpants, people cross the street...which is fine." I'm deceased

loklo101 : One of SNL's best commercials.

ChompChompNomNom : He certainly knows about ehancement drugs...

SaskunOmoshiroi : 0:22 so we're not gonna question the fact that this man's heart is in the middle of his body? okay, i wasn't going to either.

Sheriff Burford T. Justice : Brilliant delivery! Love the casual Hail Satan. Ha Ha Ha! Zentrex works!

JB : Side effects include: -Decrease in semen -Increase in semen

Bat Jack Attack : One might say he’s now rock hard

Martin Lastname : Never gets old

Soumya Sharan : It works

welcoming ladies Bush since 2000 : And those are just the side effects we could tell you..

Behaimanot Sebhat : A good ending would be if someone walked up to him and asks "Who are you talking to?" We pull out and see there's no cameras, no commercial, he's just talking to a wall.

Nathaniel Garner : MY BONES ARE COLD

ΛΕΟΝΑΡΔΟΣ ΒΥΘΟΥΛΚΑΣ : man when i become angry i become the hulk,my family is dead,i rape people in jail and sometimes i become chuck norris but my erections are rock solid it works!!!

Sheila Brown : "Hail, Satan!" I've watched this about 8 times already !!

Slow_T4R : Hahahhaa *IT WORKS*