Friday After Class- Cough Syrup (Official Music Video) [Explicit]
Friday After Class Cough Syrup Official Music Video Explicit

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Friday After Class- Cough Syrup Link to our tshirts and merch and such: For the times when you need cough syrup because you're actually sick. Also, Jack had to present his ID when he bought the cough syrup in the video. That's funny. Available everywhere music is sold. We made this ourselves. Thanks to Garrett VW for filming. Follow Jack on Social Media: Facebook: @jack_ontheweekends Twitter: @Jackchizm Instagram: @Jack_ontheweekends Snapchat: @Jackelmore Follow Nolan on Social Media: Facebook: @npadair Twitter: @npadair Instagram: @the_rapper_npa Snapchat: @npadair


Supr1meTV : The effort into making this was so great, keep it up lol. Had to sub cause it was stuck at "69" :/

Samkayis : Haha that was a nice song, I like your music. You wanna collab? We can make some really fun stuff

MrToucan : remember me when this blows up! great video guys, well done!

Lindsey Beck : 10/10 content

Yehudit : Yassssss

Jared Buckendahl : That cough sounds more like a sinus infection. May I suggest Mucinex? Also you should really only take the recommended amount of cough syrup. That can't be good for you.

Gigi Lockard : Wasn't gonna say it but TBH this is a bop.

Nolan Adair : I'm actually impressed at the quality here. Didn't think you guys had it in you.

Jack Chisholm : wow this is good...