Friday After Class- Cough Syrup (Official Music Video) [Explicit]

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Jacks Off : I probably came at least 15 times watching this. Literally cannot stop jacking off.

Yukes.X : This is hilarious and catchy, if I was to go out and start singing this I wouldn’t regret it lol. This is so amazing! Love it!

Jared Buckendahl : That cough sounds more like a sinus infection. May I suggest Mucinex? Also you should really only take the recommended amount of cough syrup. That can't be good for you.

MrToucan : remember me when this blows up! great video guys, well done!

Nolan Adair : I'm actually impressed at the quality here. Didn't think you guys had it in you.

Jack Chisholm : wow this is good...

Gigi Lockard : Wasn't gonna say it but TBH this is a bop.

Lindsey Beck : 10/10 content

Samkayis : Haha that was a nice song, I like your music. You wanna collab? We can make some really fun stuff

SUPR1ME : The effort into making this was so great, keep it up lol. Had to sub cause it was stuck at "69" :/

Yehudit : Yassssss