MAD TV - John Madden PopCorn Commercial
Man I miss Mad TV

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MAD TV - John Madden PopCorn Commercial


weegee hates the blind : emperor lemon... anyone... okay...

igotanM16 : When he did the play breakdown at the end with the prompter I lost it. Lmao

Edward Acevedo : Blocked r u kiddin me??

KENNYIZZY : Omg no one is gonna buy it once they see this commercial lol

Mark G : Fcking butter pocket DX< lmafo

Paudsta117 : Fuckin brilliant xD

lunospeaking : that-is-hil-lar-ie-us!!!(i know i spelt it rong...)

maszlagma : Wow, Good acting!

Gamer4672 : lol this is one of the best mad tv commercials lol GO F*CK YOURSELF

XxShadowStarxX : -John Madden: Hey folks its John Madden here with a quick pop popcorn popper, its simple Fred -Fred: i didnt say it yet -John Madden: GO F*CK YOURSELF lmao that was the best part XD

freedomslastflight : The Second Funnest skit they ever did. watched last nite and i laughed so F**kin hard i almost fell off the chair

Prodigy Bronx : lOL THIS IIS CRAZY FUNNI!!!!!

ajslashsd : "If I find out who's responsible for booking me in this show, I'm gonna KICK'EM IN THE ASS!!! -- Hey, folks. John Madden here with the Quick Pop Popcorn Popper. It's simple, Fred." "I didn't say it yet." "GO F*** YOURSELF!"

madeofamethyst : help Öö

Kuro Hoshi : actually its not ROF, supposed to be ROFL (rollin on floor laughin) and then combine with LMFAO with L's, for XD look at it on sideways, its a sign of persons face laughin so hard (X is eyes, D is da mouth) lol

Gamefan113 : I unerstand OMG stand for oh my god, I understand that OMFG stands for oh my fucking god, I understand that LMAO stands for laugh/laughing my ass off, and I understand that LMFAO stands for laugh/laughing my fucking ass off. I kind of figured out what those letters stand for on my own. But what does XD and ROF stand for?

Kuro Hoshi : watch it carefully again ppl, when john opens da popcorn popper lid, he actually closed usin da lid when his face got burnt, although after that squence, da lid was left on da side XD ROFLMFAO!!!

ranchdressing : You can just tell one of those high fives was really painful XD

Ky9010 : LMAo. these guys are hilarious. I love the end..

Journeyman : man, thats what you call talent

luso2kx : Good lord. That MAdden impersonation was so similar to the real thing it borders or scary.

Starkweather : I want one!

Pikmin2468 : That's great.

David O : One of the greatest parodies I have ever seen till now :)

DrGateway : lol.. I should watch mad tv more often

Jay : The timing at 2:19 xD

The Dollar Guy : WTF! Now on PC only? What's the difference between mobile and a god damn PC!!!