Rory McIlroy’s squirrel encounter at Travelers 2018

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SiLo Mixing and Mastering : This is nuts

Elisha North : I love how he froze completely mid-waggle.

Andy M : Where's Bill Murray when you need him.

reuk : That's Scratch. He transported through time from the ice age. He's chasing his nut. His one and only nut

Sean D : little guy doesnt know where to go lol

ron tubo : The squirrel owned this place and used to roam around this area where Rory is standing before they turn this place into a golf course. Now the squirrel is pissed off to see a bunch of hackers around.

BarkingDeathSquirrel : The lesson from this? Squirrels improve golf.

Reuben Dukes : CADDYSHACK 😂😂😂😂

ScrubberDawg : The most exciting thing to happen in the history of golf.

iriyabran : there's crowds and walls everywhere and he's confused, what do u want from the poor squrrel

Thimble : I don’t like this tournament. I usually watch each round every weak but this course isn’t interesting to me.

Leonardo Kwak : Gotta love Rory

mow : Good smile

Bengals Cards : 100th like

Andrew Gala : When an animal runs through naked it's funny, when I run through naked I get tackled by security.

Fuckpaxton : lmao rorys a funny guy

Richard-Anthony Gilbey : Two shot penalty for squirrels on the tee

Core52 Rivas : He's just looking for his nuts....

Cole Stevens :

Joel Talusen : Wowww a squirrel!? Wow thats unheard of!

that70sgeek : Squirrel !!!

aj dileo : We never have any golf streakers

Michael Stothard : Man there are some depressing folk in this world !. Nice vid, put a smile on my fat face. Ps don't take life to serous.