Live Action Toy Story

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The whole movie in real life! Thank you for watching and sharing this movie with fellow Toy Story fans. To learn more about us, and the movie, visit Subscribe and don't miss out on all the fun that is yet to come! We're not getting paid for this, but if you loved it, then maybe you'd like to donate to our channel! You can at Outtakes! Like the movie? then "like" the movie- Twitter: @JPandBeyond Business Inquiries contact us at: Thanks to everyone who helped make this movie a success over the years!

Comments from Youtube

MemeQueen : When you don’t want to get copyright striked so you make your own movie *modern problems require modern solutions*

FunForSameer : Uploaded 6 years ago and I'm seeing this now!? 😭😭 Well at least it's a good way to start 2019

Owen Denno : youtube copyright filter has left the chat

LovingKnives : *watches the animated version* Me: I prefer the real Toy Story *watches this version* Me: Perfection

JP and Beyond : It took us two years.

Evil Allies : This might be the most impressive video on YouTube.

hey its me patrick : Can we just appreciate he just saved us some bucks.

How 2 Animate : Why am I only being suggested this masterpiece in 2019

TheLucis : 1:09:28 how?

The Once-ler : best way ever to avoid copyright

Noble 6 Killer : Why buy the real movie when you can watch the real life version for free on YouTube, very nice 👍

Dilun Wu : this has more views then toy story 4 trailer lololololol xD

Marty Ray Project : This is amazing! The attention to detail is perfect!

supercrash2004 : How did they pull the dog straight out the movie

TuhanRock : It seems YouTube recommendations have brought us all together again

Chuka Ceresany : It’s been years since I haven’t watched Toy Story again and today I found this in my recommendations so I guessed I’d give it a chance. Best decision ever. It made me remember my childhood and how I asked my mom to take to the cinema to watch the movie over and over again and ended watching it 6 times! This, just as the original, is a masterpiece!

chikm : *we're not aiming for the truck*

Jabberino : I use to think Buzz's hair was purple when I was younger

Dr Whoa : They made an animation version of this!

SAVUFILMS : This proves that you dont need a million dollars to make a movie. Just a million dollar idea

Santiago xd : Lo mismo pero más barato jpg.

CJ Crawford : I sat and watched the whole thing cuz its so good!

susake : 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 1:19:59 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

Yakko Warner : I.... I can't believe I watched the whole thing... I couldn't stop, I loved it so much omg

Star Wars Theory : This is really beyond amazing. Wow.

Fesh : This. This is perfection

CattSmiles : When you have too much time on your hands

Rubix9595_Gaming : I wouldn’t watch stuff like this ,but this is great


Enchilordo : The house is scarily accurate.

Toga Oppai : This motivates me to put actual motivation into what I do. The longest I've spent on a project was 3 months... and I had quit halfway never to complete it.

Anthony Batista : bruh disney made this into a 3d animated film and made millions off this, y'all should sue...

Joe Denby : I can't believe I just watched the whole thing start to finish. I love the Internet xD

Weird troublesome truck Studios : This should get a up couple updates with shading and they should put this on YouTube red lol

Lolencio Faze : They made an animated movie like this one

Sean Anthony Sollano : *_When you realize someone captioned all of this_*

Hitokiri Battousai : Lmfao!!!! This was brilliant and I swear, I always thought Mr Potato Head didn't like Woody. 😂 "How come you don't have a laser WOODY?!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

Calvin kuo : Thumbs up if you watch the whole thing!

Dave Franco : Your video has been taken down. You have 2 options. ·live with it or ·go commit not alive

The Beat Vandal : Some people have so much more talent, motivation, determination and focus than me that sometimes I feel like slime. Actual slime. In fact not even slime as that's having it's moment lately. Like dust. You people make me feel like dust. Smashing.

Jerome Alday : Anyone who liked this must watch Shrek Retold too

Jeffrey Chua : this when people made the movie?

Dess Aragon : La persona ke ISO esta película no tenia nada que hacer

Annie Keever loves penguins and you : Wow! I'm surprised this isn't clickbait!

ChrisTehMii : It was so good that Disney themselves gave it their blessing!

FredTheOrangeCoalTruck 2004 : This is a MASTERPIECE! =D

Aidan O : Hreatest thing ive watched in my lifetime

Kayla Cat : This is creative genius. Thank you for sharing it with us! 😊💕

Ayden tv : Lol still better than watchin clips...