Live Action Toy Story

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The Once-ler : best way ever to avoid copyright

Star Wars Theory : This is really beyond amazing. Wow.

The Beat Vandal : Some people have so much more talent, motivation, determination and focus than me that sometimes I feel like slime. Actual slime. In fact not even slime as that's having it's moment lately. Like dust. You people make me feel like dust. Smashing.

TuhanRock : It seems YouTube recommendations have brought us all together again

Enchilordo : The house is scarily accurate.

JP and Beyond : It took us two years.

Cassie Taylor ASMR : *_I dont now why this ended up on my recommendations 6 years after this was made but I do not regret it. I love Pixar movies ❤💚💜💙💛_*

Ajia Cuevas : I streamed this on my TV and told my sister that someone illegally uploaded Toy Story onto YouTube. We're five minutes into it, and she still hasn't said anything. She legit thinks this is the real movie😂

Lolencio Faze : They made an animated movie like this one

Jabberino : This feels like im on acid and we live in an animated world and this film is the version of animation

DragonRuler295 : Finally a movie I can watch for free on YouTube!

Atley Rawlins : I hate to know that so many people disliked this 2-YEAR work of art. And can’t just show some appreciation....smh

MLGPure RBLX : If Walt Disney were still alive to see this, he’d be proud. Well done!

FunForSameer : Uploaded 6 years ago and I'm seeing this now!? 😭😭 Well at least it's a good way to start 2019

ChrisTehMii : It was so good that Disney themselves gave it their blessing!

ArtofDylan : WTF i cant even dedicate my attention to something longer than 10 minutes this is fcking incredible

Rama Satya : Why there’s a lot of comments from a weeks ago (january 2019) ??? Youtube’s algorithm unite us

Furrykid 104 : I’m surprised this isn’t copyrighted (No hate just saying) Edit: Thanks for 100 likes

Shayawn Yahyapour : I don't know if it's the weed. But I watched this for 10 min before I realised this was not the actual movie

WALTERRIFIC : I watched the whole thing. It was super-charming, great job!

Leo Marvin Diaz : This is so good, i hope they make an animated movie from this

Odinology : Rather watch this than paying for it on YouTube movies

nowsoh : Amazing Production. This deserves so much more exposure. Me being 18 and into Cinematics and Videography, this takes so much time with perfection of audio to picture video-overlay, stop motion sections, and just the whole scenery reflections. Its Beyond anyone I could ever imagine going.. Perfection on a Budget I love this

-Gaming Down Under - : Who else watched the whole thing Like only

hmm yes interesting. : This is so wholesome. Me and my childhood is smiling so hard rn

MythSkills TV : I just spent 1 fking hour and 20 minutes watching this masterpiece

Chuka Ceresany : It’s been years since I haven’t watched Toy Story again and today I found this in my recommendations so I guessed I’d give it a chance. Best decision ever. It made me remember my childhood and how I asked my mom to take to the cinema to watch the movie over and over again and ended watching it 6 times! This, just as the original, is a masterpiece!

PachiReal : Toy Story in 1930

Shayla : I skipped right to the "BUZZ LOOK AN ALIEN" meme lol 22:52

Kyro Conure : 32:01 Buzz: "You are a sad, strange little man." Woody: *is taller than Buzz.*

CreepimusGaming : 22:53 Hey everyone, LOOK, AN ALIEN!!

Jin Mr. Worldwide Handsome : *When you can't afford to go to the movies, so you watch this instead LOL!! XDDDD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂*

chikm : *we're not aiming for the truck*

Jesus Rodríguez : Hay talento, solo falta apoyarlo. No sé porque, pero estoy viendo esto en 2019. XD


Patch Rodriguez : I Wish Do The Second And Third Live Action Toy Story Movies Too

Sound Wave : The new algorithm likes this Is good at predicting my emotions

Santiago xd : Lo mismo pero más barato jpg.

Sebi The Hunter : It scares me that someone actually have done it fully, and for fun

a x o l o t l : No way in hell im watching this but i trust that u guys did a great job 👍👍

Owen Denno : youtube copyright filter has left the chat

Osmar Tapia : Perfecto!!! Si la subes con el audio español latino te haces top 2019

Pablo Garcia : How can this only have 19 million!! This deserves at least 100 million!!!!

Woomy Dayz : Sid’s dog is actually cuter in this version. 😊

Oscar Aguilar : They Did Live Action Toy Story

westside1233211 : If all the toys took mushrooms

Daniel Gonzalez : I watched through the entire movie wondering how the rocket sequence was shot. Not disappointed.

mikey Rios : Cool video bro!!!! Toy story is my favorite movie of all time

Eric Maw : How am I finding this incredible video just now in 2019?

Koopa Goopa : Its better than the original movie itself