PewDiePie - Bitch Lasagna (Family Guy Cover)

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SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE: Support this channel on Patreon and get awesome rewards: Peter Griffin, Stewie, Quagmire & Herbert (Family Guy) sing 'Bitch Lasagna' by PewDiePie. Like, Comment & Subscribe for more impressions and songs. Character illustrations by me. I would love to see my cover included on LWIAY so please share this video so Pewdiepie sees it. FOLLOW ME Instagram Twitter Facebook MY CHANNELS Wirah Voices Wirah INSPIRATION PewDiePie - Bitch Lasagna PelleK - Bitch Lasagna Metal Cover (SO GOOD) Mikey Bolts Brock Baker Brian Hull Brizzy Voices Black Gryph0n #pewdiepie #bitchlasagna #familyguy

Comments from Youtube

PewDiePie Fans : Who Like PewDiePie 👇

Julia C : *Eminem left the chat.*

Demonetized : I was born in the right generation

Legendarul 69 : *FAMILY GUY DID HIS PART*

JustinPlayzRoblox Andmore!! : *Top 10 Rappers that T-Series are afraid of.*

Cyranek : ok guys this is friggin schweet

There's no reason Natu / TheFlyingEpicDuck : *im so proud of this community*

Demonetized : When I am a grandparent, I can say I was in a war

LunarBoy132 Productions : 1:16 gonna have a bad time

SAYSEAR TV : Send this to PewDiePie!

707 : Like father like son

Mintbaku Chan : I am think about Louis singing this... *_WHEEZE_*

A Barracuda! : You sound just like the family guy characters (I don’t watch family guy)

Sabin. : They deserve it... More then Hitler... Hitler : NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN STwPidd languGe NIEN


VINOS : Hey Lois remember the time I completely obliterated t series ehehehehe

Eduardo Castillo : *30 years later* Me: hah! And you thought wwll was the biggest war? My kid: yeah..isn’t it? Me: oh little billy look back at 2019 and you will know.

Steve's public nursery channel : whos subbed to pewdiepie | V

OP Lxrd : T series finally left the chat Family guy joined 😂😂🤣😈

1000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge : I like this version better

Siam : Stewie 9year old confirmed!

FazeWayz : Stewie's outfit looks sick

Mike TheReykjavik7 : Al over 90m but its getting Up and Down

Thunder Up : Top 10 Rappers that Eminem wouldn't dare to dissed with😎

Paws LPS : my face 😏😑🤭😱😅😂🤣🤣🤣 #THEBESTCOVER

Plexiate : You think Seth Green and Seth MacFarlane ever just sit here and think about what they've created?

GameKnight 101 : This is AWESOME Hey can u pin this comment

TheSuggestionChannel : It seems like It’s right out of Family Guy


ItzAaliyah Ph : How many times you watch this?? Me:I have no idea

iRAIDYOU : Go on America’s got talent

Natesha Walker : This is how much persons sub to pewdiepie 👇

Beta Bellz : Its good because it actually sounds like them

Izaäk gaming : Meg shouldve said subbot at the end and peter needed to say after that subscribe to pewdiepie t-series fan

DeadTrendLord : 90s kids: IMA GO PLAY OUTSIDE Now:

LutaCrazyBird : *why am I just now seeing this?*

1,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Even garfield doesnt want to eat that lasagna

Pewdiepies Sub Bot : I am SO glad I found this

Mosty Lol : I started watching family guy cuz of this

Xavier Saverimutto : Stewie is epic

Alisha Celeban : Pewdiepie needs to see this 😂

Alien Powder : Tseries fans dislike PewDiePie fans: like


brian Patterson : Do believe plezz are some rusty cages songs plezz

Metal knight : Do a cover of Asian Jake Paul next plz it would be lit.

Vuces GT : *This L E G E N D Did his part.* *Press F to pay respect.* *F*

Jay Frank : XD I didn't know how much I wanted this until now! <3

GalaxyBunny124 : petition to get wirah to host meme review | V

random person : Now it is time for American Dad and Bob burgers