PewDiePie - Bitch Lasagna (Family Guy Cover)

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armin stemmer : Who's here before 1Mio. views?

William Nash : Dude it disappoints that channels as talented as yours get passed over you deserve at least 1million subscribers. We must get pewdiepie to see this its important.

Kayo The Funny Bunny : I think I’m gonna just go subscribe now because this is my new favorite video.

Cheyenne Symons : You should have millions of subs

comi toons : How on earth has this man only got 820 subs get this man a million

Cal Livingston : Anyone that dislikes this video has obviously been brainwashed by T-gay

TheVerlierer : Stop these "before it gets to million memes". The true meme is before it hits pewdiepie's next lwiay.

Project : Who thinks stewie looks like hes a savage boy.

the master : Hi im a big fan my name is cadon hill and im 12

Mojosoyo - : Oh shi t

Daidalight : Impressive! I wish i could make such amazing imitation's like you.

200 subs without Andy videos? : This is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in years

ray gammer : here before the rest of the 9 year olds

Alex j : Clint Eastwood in the voice of the Simpson

Deadman8 : This vid is great!

Metal knight : I expect t series to delete their channel after see this.

yeetus : Yes

JustDont_ask : Glad to see this piece of art

Curly's Sketchbook : this is truly beautiful.

Orlando Maldonado : have stewie sing my friends on the other side

Leslie Guffin : Nice

Bob Dksksks : this is incredible!!!!

Bill G : Love it.

mystery Pika-player : This was birthed into reality for a reason

Shy Music : that was nice :)

Steven : Here before 1million views

Leslie Guffin : I came because in pews channel you said you posted dis

Doctor Crab : this guy is talented, amazing im leaving a like, well done.

Markel Bro : This needs more views

Loredex l Un Tipo Timido : How could it be possible that this video hasn’t even reached 1K views!? We definitely need to make Pewds watch this U-U

Øivind.m.berghom : Just saying 1:32

Jebus I : Here before it gets popular

Ejona Krosi : Oh crap I found your channel from pewds video, nice vid

Mr BadGamer : Nice

Subscribe To Pewdiepie : Awesome!!! I subbed

Max Rybinski : can you have peter to sing my superhero movie?

Excavice - AcTivHD : don't click read more you have bad luck in 2019! like to undo!

Axel F : Family guy fonny moment episode 39

Dinklepuffus : This is one of the best parodies I have ever seen

al ag : 👏 this 👏 deserves 👏 more 👏 views!!!! and you deserve more subs!

neko the small : Can you quagmire sings spongebob?

Tucker PlayZ : This is amazing

MeyZiK : Here before 800 Views ^^ And 110 Likes ^^

Frosty : Share this vid

alex : Where is everyone?? This shit is fire. lol 🔥🔥🔥

Skyfish Gaming : This needs more views

boiyaygod tmi : Stiches Shawn mendes

Maple Leaf Gamer : A true work of art.

Tea Possible : Deserves way more views

This Ho : Wow