Tosh.0 - Qaddafi'd!

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TheFreePantheist : I really want to see the waver his staff has to sign

kalvin : A big thanks to Gaddafi for dying xD

VinylRecordsCareEtc : Wow! How things have changed! This video in 2018 would have resulted in 10 sexual assault accusations and several MeToo outrages.

jajesam sigurno : Actually... 0:59 ...she is ashamed bcos she just loves it

Seth Massey : Similar to Japan's "Thousand years of death" punch.

TheFastStealth : lol funny stuff. I feel like everyone on that set would be "jumpy" because Tosh is always pranking them. XD

Ed Hefele Jr. : I Gaddafi everybody now!

TheBazookap1mp : Isn't it.. Gaddafi.. ?

greymajickjedi : *Classic!* *Subscribed!* Is this show still on??

StephySon : Todays the anniversary of his death and I have to admit, Tosh is right, big thanks to him so they could do that bit and make me laugh XD

cptwiggles : Sucks

Daniel Hulse : Daniel Tosh is really asking for a Sexual harassment lawsuit

cptwiggles : He was a great leader

hector lopez : It must be amazing to work in a place where u can literally sexually haress/assault ur employees and not get in trouble

Starius2 : People actually think this creep is funny? Just wow...

Breaking news : sexual harassment much

Starius2 : Jesus Christ... People actually find this creep funny? Just wow...

obshaky : I wished I work there to sue for sexual harassment.

PIlotrcm : No sexual harassment suits at this show

The Angry Dudeist : Taint that funny...

g4ngst4crizz4b : HRun

David Barber : Qaddafi was tha man

Matt Appleton : HR nightmare

Paul Hazel : Or seltzer and lemon water

bigoldinosaur : It's funny how Tosh says he's not a fan of the state of Texas and yet he is wearing a Texas Longhorn shirt and sweatshirt.

Roobulator : Shove a utility knife up your countries leaders poop shoot just because he used the constitution like toilet paper? I don't want our Fearless Leader President Barak Obama to have a moments fear even if he broke his oath more times than even the CIA can count. No, we make sure no matter how vile and deserving of a utility knife enema he may be we keep him well guarded for the rest of Obama's miserable life. Thank you Secret Service!

Star cab : I like how the guys are good sports about it and the lack of female participation was interesting.

Connor McPike : I love his face when it's about to cut to the vid

Phillip Ochoa : I love the Longhorns attire!

joshua hand : With harassment claims everywhere you look, encouraging Tosh viewers to send in their clips seems like sound advice.

Babysitterul : f

Procast17 : People acting like Daniel Tosh was a good person until this segment😂. Or they are Pro Gaddafi, which is kinda worse. He made tosh look like a saint

A Perfect and Humble Guy : If you enjoy daniel tosh, you have my sense of humor and you will enjoy my videos as well. Wanna give it a try?

The American Gaddafist : Death to you and your family 😡😡😡😡😡

Rolf Hunt : like the set of jackass

Weedman : This is pretty fucked up to be honest. Not really seeing the humour.

Mireille Wapala : That's was not funny you fucking ass

Jacob Crowell : thats how i wanna go...

awesomecause2 : How is this taken as a joke? Does no one care? The shitfucker in the whitehouse tried to cover it up too.

Daniel Tosh : You might not want to admit that everyone in school wants to stick things up your butt. I don't even know you and it makes me want to Qaddafi you because you make it so easy.

James H : This got really big at one point, i was scared to go to school everday clenching my butt cheeks together as hard as a could ever where i went

Whipgreen123 : No, Jeff Ross looks like Qaddafi.

8azile8 : Holy shit, he does! Hahaha

Alex18ace : That woman in blue thought she was being raped lol I mean.......Qaddafi!!!!!

rdguitar589 : I feel like they have a very abusive workplace.

ArabBaller3 : I'm Libyan and this is hilarious

asbestosman : Good thing you jumped in five months later to take offense despite not one woman actually complaining about his very obvious joke

Karen''Darkbarbi3" : I wish he did that to mee

Clarissa Garcia : Because of this, I've been quadaffi'd , numerous times -.- .

exotic walrus : yeah we could tell by your picture... just saying