Tosh.0 - Qaddafi'd!

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kalvin : A big thanks to Gaddafi for dying xD

Seth Massey : Similar to Japan's "Thousand years of death" punch.

jajesam sigurno : Actually... 0:59 ...she is ashamed bcos she just loves it

TheFastStealth : lol funny stuff. I feel like everyone on that set would be "jumpy" because Tosh is always pranking them. XD

TheBazookap1mp : Isn't it.. Gaddafi.. ?

Ed Hefele Jr. : I Gaddafi everybody now!

Clarissa Garcia : Because of this, I've been quadaffi'd , numerous times -.- .

StephySon : Todays the anniversary of his death and I have to admit, Tosh is right, big thanks to him so they could do that bit and make me laugh XD

Angelica S : because we are hidden behind a dark curtain, we are completely ignorant of what is happening outside the U.S. and all we do is go to the movies and watch stupid movies... what this on youtube ALL AMERICA NEEDS TO SEE THIS! OBAMA'S DRONE WAR ON WOMEN AN

obshaky : I wished I work there to sue for sexual harassment.

Weedman : This is pretty fucked up to be honest. Not really seeing the humour.

Jacob Crowell : thats how i wanna go...

Solid Ocelot : Ass-Assin's Creed

scarpathica : Don't hate on tosh, he's mah fave comedian :)

John Reuter : :57, he was lifting that guy off the ground!!!

greymajickjedi : *Classic!* *Subscribed!* Is this show still on??

rdguitar589 : I feel like they have a very abusive workplace.

awesomecause2 : How is this taken as a joke? Does no one care? The shitfucker in the whitehouse tried to cover it up too.

Jesse Perez : 0:57 that guy got QADDAFI'd so hard, he actually came off the ground! And thats the closest thing Libya has ever had to a space program! hahaha...

Mireille Wapala : That's was not funny you fucking ass

Starius2 : Jesus Christ... People actually find this creep funny? Just wow...

Starius2 : People actually think this creep is funny? Just wow...

A Perfect and Humble Guy : If you enjoy daniel tosh, you have my sense of humor and you will enjoy my videos as well. Wanna give it a try?

T Blake : @DudeinThatCorner this needs to be a top comment

jrpludacrous : QADAFFI'D!!!!

ThatTransPooper : no.

Lysander528 : I did this to a friend of mine at work before she quit. She used to think it was the funniest thing XD

TheFreePantheist : I really want to see the waver his staff has to sign

bigoldinosaur : It's funny how Tosh says he's not a fan of the state of Texas and yet he is wearing a Texas Longhorn shirt and sweatshirt.

Cristóbal Sepúlveda Cornejo : Qaddafi looks like Jeff Ross.

athul rao : I Qaddafi'd once......till it got gay

jakep1979 : I qaddafid this woman on the train and she screamed at me that she would call the cops so I told her "u just mad cause you got qaddafid, now you need to go to the kitchen and make me a sandwhich bitch before I will qaddfy you twice" The good news is that I got a date from this, I will be arrigned to see her in court in 2 days!!

The Gaming Mack V : He must be a rapist!

Jamal Ali : Looks like a female friendly work environment.

dippyfresh : I like that his shirt and jacket both say Texas

VengefulBatz : You Qaddafi the wrong person, and youll get the QADDAFI beat outta ya!

VengefulBatz : @cbr0oks only if its

Daniel Hulse : Daniel Tosh is really asking for a Sexual harassment lawsuit

VinylRecordsCareEtc : Wow! How things have changed! This video in 2018 would have resulted in 10 sexual assault accusations and several MeToo outrages.

Emery Bowman : so my dad was always giving me quadaffi?

Emery Bowman : lol take it seriously

Emery Bowman : fake daniel tosh

Paul Hazel : Or seltzer and lemon water

David Barber : Qaddafi was tha man

asbestosman : Good thing you jumped in five months later to take offense despite not one woman actually complaining about his very obvious joke

TheSicKNightmare : You didn't even spell Daniel right.

DSROCKSSOCKS : my history teacher was talking about Qaddafi and people in my class were like, "what happened to him?" and i wanted to shout so bad: "HE GOT STABBED IN THE ASS!"

Rolf Hunt : like the set of jackass

TehYumehChan : I'm pretty sure that if you're working with Daniel Tosh, these kinds of pranks are to be expected. It's like wondering why someone hasn't sued steve-o.

thatswhatisaidyeah : @shadowraver100 This country IS a downfall