Don't bring a snowball to a water fight - Original Audio
Dont bring a snowball to a water fight Original Audio

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On 20th January this happened.Great fun! This is the original video and audio. Action starts at 1:10.


Random Insanity : This was funny.

Bertie Gallagher : Redditor here. This reminds me of when the big kids at school used to throw bits of bread at me while I tried to eat my lunch. One day I shook my bottle of 7up (we didn't have Mountain Dew back then) and opened the cap on them as they approached. The scoundrels scattered under the spray! I did of course get on my knees and lick up the puddle I had made on the floor. Can't let that 7up go to waste! Bertie Gallagher, mod of r/Soda and r/gingersgonewild, IQ of 308

Alexande r : Why haven't I seen this on any instant karma compilations

David Griffiths : We need to start banning chavs from town centres

Mima : This is so wholesome

Tony Music : How do you find Will Smith in the snow? You look for the fresh prints

MetroVerse : I feel like everyone in the comments are in on some inside joke.. from what I've pieced together, it seems like it has to do with reddit.. why does it feel like these reddit users are from a different planet or something? They seem to have a different language lol.

Krozar TAL : Who the hell let Reddit in here?

izzy B : Go home comment section, your drunk... 😑

Nafees Mustafa : There's only a month left till 2018 and I'm watching this here for the first time.

ghostofmars83 : Awesome!!!

Rick E : I represent a flea and wish to show my fellow circus this video. May I pay you in micro amounts of dung/shite platters so the millions of flea people can benefit from your Human culture and humor? Thanks. Daily Flea.

Jabikz : i represent the virgins of reddit

Desiree : Hi, I'm a representative of ! Can we pay you -$500 dollars in monopoly money for this video?

HL : i represent the GANG may we WATCH this SHIt?

Pagan Pilgrim : chav repellant!


TheMoskis10 : yo who tf is reddit?

eNaRDe : The Reddit Army is here and proud to be gay.

Dougie woolley : Vid starts at 1:10

LYT SOUL : LMAO... instant karma

maksim lukjan : lucky it wasn't me on cargo ships, real fire hose.

Nathan Lang : >184 subs >1.7 million views well played mate

Gatta : damn ww3 is tough... friendly fire happens at 1:34

BowlOfRice : I represent the Ninja Turtles may we share this Brodacious tubular spectorific video?!

Marijan Karaula : Public workers, raising your brats since 2013.

Doku : I represent dokusquad. Hahahahah Xdddf

Ryan Anderson : I'm just curious are these public sector workers getting paid to spray water into water?

ParinatorGaming : Is it me or is it that every time I get a snowball to the back of the head, you turn around and it's always a bunch of chavs? Then you throw one back they all try to fight you. Seeing this just made me so happy. Not saying they were chavs , just nice to see revenge :)

Erni Landia : dnot bring a sports car to a small economig suv fight

Hansy : Instead of standing there laughing, why didn't you go over there and beat them up?

assmatronix : Out of all the billions of videos I've seen on youtube, this is one of my favourites. Big ;DDDDDDD

S:7 Fernando Тигр : Are those kids were even taught how to do a simple responsibility called respect?

Alice Kuroame : It was just a prank bro. Chill...

The Mighty Dash : I'm a bit worried at the number of people who don't know what the boat is doing in the first place. You city folk need to get out more.

Chris Boshart : ABANDON SHIP! She's sinking!!

Xpanderr : skilled guy he knew he will repeak so he pre shotted that position

SUPER DUPERS : Older Patient Men. Brilliant.

sarcasmo57 : Oh to live in such a winter wonderland.

Andrei Simionescu : I represent... Nothing really, I just like being part of something.

s Script : i love how the kid stayed. if he ran off it wouldnt even be interesting

flamel397 : Best video so far on YouTube 😂😂

mr twollock : if that guy got hit by that nissan he never would of had to of worked a day in his life

Aerohk : REDDIT??

Trey Pohe : Lol, *INSTANT KARMA!*

Todd Smith : proper use of .gov smackdown on punks

Kaustubh Datta : I would have stopped the moment they started the machine. Did you see the water which came OUT!

Skankhunter 69 : Ik have to its still funny that one kid really is trying to play the game cause hé did like in the army

Truman Douglass : cheeky cheeky send one home to the boys for me